Billowing Branches on Fri-Yay Funday!

Billowing Branches
Heavy eyes
Snowflakes dancing
Turn warm

When they hit my head

Warm slumberland
Starry nights 
Softly kissing my checks
Lying in the powder sinking

Eyes fluttering 

Billowing Branches
Images floating

Warm but shivering
Real or fantasy

Body suspended on a magic carpet ride.

Over valleys and hill tops, my heart skips a beat
Flying so high, I may never come down
Peace beacons

light shines
everything is right

Billowing branches
Do I stay or go back home?
And before I can decide

My eyes pop open inside my cozy bed

 I look around
And close my eyes to finish the story but
Billowing branches kiss my forehead

Saying it’s time to get up from slumberland
I see my daughter playing with Frosty the snowman

We have had sunny beautiful days with a little bit of much needed rain. I wrote this poem about a week ago and I got the above pictures a few days ago of my daughter who is living in New York. I did change he last line when I saw her with Frosty. They got 16 inches of snow in their backyard in Manhattan. We all thought she was crazy when she paid for a bigger place in N.Y. for her 2 cats so they could have a yard, but it turns out that it was worth it’s weight in gold during the pandemic. It’s been a Godsend as she works from home and barely leaves her apartment. I’m curious how the cats like it now.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping in! Stay blessed and make sure you get out and move a little, play some and chillax!

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183 thoughts on “Billowing Branches on Fri-Yay Funday!

      1. Gotcha!!!!
        Have a great day Alex and enjoy Word Press… we have an amazing community. I’ll go to your site later.. 🤗 Again, thanks for the follow. Where are you based out of?


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