Let Go and Feel the Love

Hey Valentines,

I know it’s the love week but before we can let love in, we have to make space inside to receive it.  I have been having more and more profound experiences of letting go and wanted to share my insights with you. This is longer than a lot of my posts to give you forewarning so feel free to skim and take what suits you; but if letting go is an issue for you, read on until the end. 

“When you walk away from something or someone, you walk towards yourself”

Letting to go is easier said than done
I see the imprints of my nails dug into my hands
As I say the words;  Let Go
Give it up, release it, surrender, move on
Any of those words have the same response on my nervous system”.

Ever notice as soon as you say the words let go, you dig in a little more and even your toenails curl under.
Shoulders tighten jaw clenches, muscles move into spasm.
Or maybe you say the words “I’ve let go” but deep down you know you’ve done nothing of the sort.
So why bother to try to let go at all? The real question is how do you do it truly, instead of just uttering the words.

It’s a lot like saying “don’t think of the elephant in the room”.  What’s the first thing you think of?
The elephant, of course and we all know this to be true.

So, how do you actually do it? 

There are so many self help books written on the subject and they’re all really good. It takes lots of practice and practice makes perfect as we know.  But friends, I’ll be the first to tell you;  it ain’t easy and if it was, there wouldn’t be so many books on the subject.

Here’s the list you’ll always see in books to conquer letting go:

  1. Visualize yourself letting go in your minds eye and releasing it up in a balloon out to sea etc
  2. Meditate by taking some deep breaths and stay in the present moment focusing on a candle or a mantra.
  3. Say your affirmations over and over in your mind
  4. Burn what you want to let go of
  5. Throw rocks in a pond 
  6. Do Yoga or exercise
  7. Write in your journal 
  8. Breath-work 
  9. Listen to music it changes your brain
  10. Go to therapy or see a life coach to find the underlying cause
  11. Go on vacation
  12. Move: Ever notice, wherever you go, there you are?  There’s even a book on this.
  13. Color or draw or splatter paint.
  14. Accept yourself right where you are and let go of self loathing.

Take a few minutes to add to the list so you can make it your own.

Home Games:

  1. Pick 1 or 2 of these and start practicing one of these modalities every day for 5 minutes and do it 2 or 3 times if you can.  Do this for a month and see this issue resolved.  Of course it truly depends on the incident in your life that you are trying to let go of.  There are obviously some that have a much greater pull on your heartstrings.  

2. The other thing is to just accept that you aren’t there yet!  We know Rome wasn’t built in a day but
we are so impatient.

Be gentle with yourself while you practice this new skill of letting go. Start letting go of little things first and say “as I let go, I free up space to be more of who I am now.  I am safe, secure and happy”.   Write that somewhere where you can see it everyday and make it your mantra. 

I promise you the more you practice the better you get, until you can walk away from the drama and upset of others you no longer need or want in your life. This is so freeing and a breath of fresh air.  We do our best to be loving and kind but we can’t please everyone.  Remember, people are processing their own internal issues and most often it has nothing to do with you. We are each mirrors for one another to reflect back what internal work we need to do on ourselves. People often can’t see the part they play and it’s easier to place blame and become victims, rather than take responsibility for our own shortcomings..

“When you walk towards yourself you might feel afraid.  Heart racing, temperature elevating, clammy palms or hands, throat gripping and that’s ok.  A part of you wants to flee, but can you just be with yourself like a mother holds her baby in a colic fit with no judgement;  just love? Love will set you free”.

Notice the sensations and just be with them and take a deep breath.  Become a silent observer of your mind, body, spirit and actions and hold yourself lovingly and kindly. It will pass but you have to face and accept your feelings as they are in the moment.  That is when true acceptance and change takes place. It will become second nature at some point but it starts with a simple shift of thought and  action.  

Start now, practice and celebrate your small wins.

Many of you know the heartache I’ve been going through with seeing our geriatric dog Harry, through his final days. Some of you might be thinking, “Gosh, we’re so tired of hearing about it, why doesn’t she put him down already”. Or others might be feeling the same thing about something in your life, so you empathize with what I’m going through. We only see through our own lens cap and know our own suffering.  

We had an emergency scare the other night when his legs involuntarily started flailing everywhere and we thought  he might be having a seizure and started panicking.  I called all of our vets including our emergency vet with no luck. We were beside ourselves and I suddenly remembered someone in the family’s ex husband was a vet.  In our desperation I picked up the phone and called his daughter to get his number.  In seconds I got a text from her mother saying “this made all of us uncomfortable; next time call me”.  I apologized profusely and explained we were reaching out because we were desperately trying to help Harry in case we had to put him down.  As you most likely know in Covid, they won’t let you go in with your pet and we couldn’t imagine not being with Harry during his last breath.  Her next text was “You made my daughter very uncomfortable, plenty of vets in the area” (her daughter is an adult mind you). My first reaction was anger and I quickly let it go.  Emergencies do that for us and in a split second I moved on to Harry’s needs.  I gave him some CBD and that did the trick and he slept soundly through the night. 

I dropped the anger instantaneously and only felt sad that she was still hanging on to such upset.  There was no question of me walking towards this drama and I simply didn’t respond back and walked away in love and kindness.  It was over for me and there was no pull to clear it up etc. I could just walk away and take care of me and Harry and know I had the highest intentions for my dog with no malintent to her family.   

In the old days, I may have tried to go back and clean up a mess that wasn’t mine to begin with, which could have made more entanglement and after all I did apologize.  If you are an empath, or you had to get approval from your parents so they would finally see you, you tend to think everything is your fault. We know when we hold anger and resentment, we only hurt ourselves and moving forward without casting stones is always the right answer and I felt good about that. 

“And when love sets you free, you can truly let go and you feel it in your bones, your psyche, your tissues and your spirit.  Something more beautiful will enter your life.  It always does. Let Go and Feel the Love”. 

Congratulate yourself for honoring your truth without creating more drama and upset that was never yours to begin with. There is something very powerful in sharing your truth in love and letting go. We never know how the other person processes things, nor is it our job to “fix others”. By caring for our needs deeply we give everyone around us a chance to resolve their own issues and heal whatever it is that they need to heal when and if they are ready.

As for Harry, I found out the next day that the vet will let 2 of us go with him to say farewell when the unfortunate day comes to send him to the rainbow bridge, but he’s not ready yet..this moment anyway.

Keep walking towards yourself in freedom and love! 

“When you walk away from something or someone, you walk towards yourself”.
When you walk towards yourself you might feel afraid.  Heart racing, temperature elevating, clammy palms or hands, throat gripping and that’s ok.  A part of you wants to flee, but can you just be with yourself like a mother holds her baby in a colic fit with no judgement;  just love? Love will set you free.
And when love sets you free, you can truly let go and you feel it in your bones, your psyche, your tissues and your spirit.  Something more beautiful will enter your life.  It always does, let go and feel the love”. 

Copyright © Cindy Georgakas All Rights Reserved 

Thanks so much for visiting today and reading. I do hope there was some useful information for you while you are getting ready to do some housecleaning so you can let go and let love in. You deserve it!
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Feel the love that you are and let your heart shine. If not now when?

Blessings of Love,



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196 thoughts on “Let Go and Feel the Love

  1. Cindy, a wonderfully-written and meaningful post. it is especially meaningful when you share your own experiences. Means a lot! ❤

    Robert and I are dealing with several of these types of issues. Driving is becoming a problem. Robert is feeling unsafe and considering giving up driving. I don't like to drive at night and get achy if I drive long distances. We drive so little that we are trying to decide whether to get rid of one car.

    We are in the process of changing to medical care close to our new home. It's too far to drive to our previous doctor, who we like very much and have gone to for quite a few years. It's a long drive, particularly when we are under the weather. I am driving Robert to the doctor for his checkup today, having already left that practice myself. Could be a bit awkward. I hope the doctor understands!

    Thank you for this helpful post! Hope your day is happy and peaceful! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you so much Cheryl! I’m glad you found meaning in my words. I just have to share my honest truths. I did tailor it after reading it to make sure I wrote what was important for my lessons which is the main thing. If we aren’t honest, what do we have!

      Oh boy, that’s a tough one and I so empathize with you. It sounds like giving up one car makes sense if he doesn’t want to drive anymore and I agree being close to your medical team is of utmost importance. It’s soooo hard to leave our docs that have seen us through so many things. Mine is our family doctor and came to my house for exams for all of our children after birth and sees us all. He is a couple years older than me. I ran into at the store and said “How are you” and he said ‘prettey good for an old man”. I told him he wasn’t aloud to say that because that would make me an old woman..lol.. I dread having to say goodbye to him and so we have a pack that we will go at the same time.. lol. Out town is small and he’s a friend in a sense as well. Oh, I’m sure your doctor will understand and I hope Robert will move closer as well. My poor dad doesn’t drive Thank God as he really can’t see and I’m so relevied he came to his senses and gave up his car before I had to make the decision for him. My almost 95 year old FIL will be driving himself to our house for a celebration in a couple of weeks however. Good luck navigating all of this!

      You’re welcome and thanks for taking time to read it… and your kind reflections. You have a wonderful day as well! ❤️💖

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      1. Thank you, Cindy, for your response. I took one of my books to our doctor and thanked him for being my doctor. He was very supportive and understanding and said he looked forward to reading the book. Robert and I are discussing ways to be safe in driving. Fatigue is an issue for him. If he will let me drive when he starts to feel tired, that will help tremendously. We will keep that conversation going and figure it out as we go along. Wow! 95 is pretty old to be driving.
        Hope the celebration goes well! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      2. You’re so welcome!!!!
        Oh what a good idea and what a great gift for him as your work is treasured wisdom!!!
        That’s a good plan and hopefully everything will be closer in the future. Timing is everything and working at our optimum energy cycles.
        I know, is that not something?!!!! He will live to 100 I have no doubt and probably drive. He’s a great driver too! 💖❤️

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  2. Thank you Cindy for sharing this today. ❣️ This is definitely a reminder to me and I wish that I should practice to let go even if it’s harder for me. Love and hugs to you for sharing this today 🤗😍❤️

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  3. Oh, this is a tough one, isn’t it? I love ‘The language of letting go’ by Melody Beattie. I have things in my life that I know I need to let go of but can’t quite do it…yet! The important thing is to be willing to let go when the time is right. I hope when Harry’s time comes you are able to let go without too much sadness 🌈

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  4. ♡ Keep talking about Harry ALL You like, here You ARE Amongst Friends; as to Helping Others Heal I would Add that The Healing Space Held is Their Healing Space, Held until They ARE Ready to Step In To It and Heal ThemSelves, a bit like taking care of someone elses possessions then returning them when they ask


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  5. This is a wonderfully written and a well thought post. Letting go is never easy but practice is all we need. It may be harder at first but definitely it will put our mind at ease. Thanks for reminding us that.
    I hope things will be easy for Harry and for you and your family ❤️

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    1. Oh thanks Yeshu for taking time to read it and your lovely and meaningful comment. You’re welcome and you’re so right… one day we turn around and say.. wow, did i just do that so effortlessly and we know we have changed.. It’s beautiful.
      Oh thank you. I appreciate that.. It is my deepest wish for now.. xoxoxo ❤️❤️💖💖💖

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  6. “Congratulate yourself for honoring your truth without creating more drama and upset that was never yours to begin with. There is something very powerful in sharing your truth in love and letting go. We never know how the other person processes things, nor is it our job to “fix others”. By caring for our needs deeply we give everyone around us a chance to resolve their own issues and heal whatever it is that they need to heal when and if they are ready.” You bring such wisdom for the world thank you Cindy may you be blessed all the time thanks so much for this post. 🥰🥰🥰🥰 love the amount of information you’re giving thanks if we really need to let go, you are giving us a path here. Thanks ❤❤❤❤

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    1. Oh I’m so happy to see you here Calu and glad it was helpful in your life path as you continue on your journey. I thought you would find it helpful and I’m glad I didn’t disappoint.
      Blessings dear Friend. You’re welcome and thank you. Have a great day.
      Big hugs.. xo xo and love 🤗🤗🤗❤️💖🤗❤️💖

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  7. Very good advice. In my experience I have found it much easier to detach with love 💕 and work towards getting the ego out of my way .Giving myself permission to do things I want and need for self care has been very freeing . You are so right it starts with self love and self acceptance.being able to laugh at ourselves is also important. Getting the mind out of the body and into the quantum field is very freeing

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    1. Thank you so much Marlene. Your experience has taught you well and that is the gift of listening to our inner wisdom that is always available to us if we tap into these truths. Laughing sure does help. You sound like a writer yourself… Perhaps you should consider writing as well! ❤️


  8. This is one of the best posts you have written! You are a wonderful person and I didn’t realise this until now. Apologies.
    I had terrible problems with vets’ indifference, even cruelty to the creatures that I loved.
    Thank you for your wise, compassionate advice.
    I hope your companion stays with you for much longer as every day now counts.



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    1. That’s so nice of you to let me know your feelings Joanna. It is very heartfelt. We know love often through our animals and I can tell you have that same heart and love of yours. I am soooo sorry to hear that you had such hard and difficult issues with your pets in the hands of insensitive vets.
      You’re so welcome and thank you for taking time to read it.. I know it was long so it’s nice to know it was well received.
      Me too.. I’m just going to take him on a stroller ride now.. Hugs and love 🤗🤗🤗❤️🤗❤️❤️❤️


  9. Yes, yes YES Cindy! So beautiful and gentle. I loved watching your video as you are a shining example of how to be kind to our body for it is our vehicle for love in this life. What a fabulous post with humor and important reminders that tell us all that in order to receive love we must first give it to ourselves ❤ This is the Universal law, attraction and manifestation all starts from within. Happy early Valentine’s Day my dear sister friend. See ya Wednesday night 😘🙌

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    1. Sooo good to see you here Maria and so glad you enjoyed it as I knew you would!!!!
      Awww glad you liked the video. and the humor imbedded that comes naturally to me thank goodness. It is sooo true and easy to say but our life long mission of acceptance. You know and uou are sooo right about the Univeral law that aligns when we are ready to manifest!!! Happy Early Love Day to you to dear sister of the heart and friend. Yes see ya Wed night!!! ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗💖💖

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  10. Cindy, this is so well written and informative. Letting go was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I don’t think I am 100% there yet.
    I am like you and after I hung up would have immediately gone to anger. Now I have adopted the policy, “They can get over it or they can take it to their grave.” I’ve already moved on.
    Take care. Scott.

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    1. Thanks Scott, master Inspiration.. I truly appreciate your sharing that. It truly is a process from one situation to another and it’s not cookie cutter.. or you and I would be rich. lol! 🤣 or we are actually! 🤗
      I love when we can just drop it. I like that one and my other is F___ em if they can’t take a joke. Whatever, works. xo 💖

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      1. I have pinned this post so that I can read it again easily, Cindy. It addresses those issues that many of us deal with on daily basis. Those points about letting go, they look easy on the mobile screen but it’s tough to commit! You have really laid out the true meaning of letting go, which is to look within and love yourself.❤

        I’m sorry about Harry, I remember the lovely poem you wrote for him on his birthday, I hope you feel better.

        About us being on same wavelength, I guess there’s some truth to that! The thing is that I know that my GATE exam which is on 14th is not gonna go very well and since I don’t want to compromise with the university from which I wanna do my masters from, I’m planning to take a drop and give this exam again Next year after full 1 year preperation. Right now I’m in my final year of engineering and until now in my life I haven’t taken even a month off let alone a year! just to study.
        So I am a nervous wreck these days. I get angry easily over little things, etc.

        That poem of mine about letting go was a self help post in a way. But after reading your post about the same I am finding more depth in the concept.

        You’re a great life coach yourself dear Cindy! Take care🤗🤗

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      2. Wow Jay, I am truly appreciative of the time you took to read my writing today. I know it was long and yet when I write I think if I could help just one person then I have acheived my goal in writing.
        It’s a daily job from the inside out so there’s never a there which is the exciting part really. And YES, it boils down to loving ourselves for sure.

        I remember your kind comments about Harry after the poem I wrote, it still warms my heart. Again, it’s a daily check in with all of us and I’m doing well at the moment and so is he with so much love around him, thank you for your concern Jay.

        Engineering is NOT for the weary and I commend you for having the forsight to look at your future from the vantage point that you are young and want the best outcome for your future. I’ll send you the poem I wrote to my daughter who graduated as a materials engineer, ventured off into being a Product Manager at a 3 D printing firm and now is in business school getting her NBA.

        I am really glad my post spoke to you and you are giving yourself the break you need and can pick it up at a later date.

        Thank you so much for your kind compliment. It truly is dear to me.
        Thanks and we’ll talk soon… we have to perfect our tune.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️

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      3. Yes please send in that poem, Cindy I’ll be waiting🙂
        Your daughter’s an engineer too, that’s so awesome. Another coincidence!

        You know..my mother is very much into yoga too.. just the other day she was talking about starting teaching it to others.. with diet plan and everything..make a business out of it and all.. And that reminded me of you as you are a great yogi!
        Amazing coincidences one after another😂😂😂

        Talk to you soon, yeah that tune is gonna be awesome❤

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      4. I sure will… know it’s very rough! I sure will.
        Yeah right!!! so coincidental!!!!
        You mentioned your mother did yoga.
        Yes, she should do it.. she would be awesome and adding the food component would really be a wonderful contribution.
        Awwww thanks Jay, I do love teaching!!! ❤️❤️❤️

        Be bopping our tune right now. lol

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  11. Whew … a lot in this one, so I’m unsure where to start. Dealing with ailing pets is so hard … no … make that extremely hard. Peace and strength to you with your beloved Harry. Many good things in this post. My next beach walk is about Love … and it will host for Marsha’s Wednesday challenge. Hope you visit, comment, AND paste the URL for this post.

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    1. I know right Frank. I just get messages and I follow them.. maybe like I follow you to the beach. 😊
      It is hard and yet their gift lives on and I see each one to the end and move on never with regret…. always sadness but life continues in beautiful ways.
      Thank you for your kind wishes for me and Harry.. so heartfelt.
      Oh I’n sooo excited you will host with Marsha… she is a dear and I will someday take her up on the offer but it’s tough to get more time. Of course I will visit and especially on love with you and Marsha at the helm. Oh geez Frank that is a little self serving but feel free to use it if you would like! ❤️🤗

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  12. Very well written post Cindy 💖💖💖
    The incident of finding a vet, you did a great job at letting go, thereby not extending the matter further 👏👏👏
    As- you remember you have to do a post on valentine day about you and your spouse’s love story😛🙈 because I am waiting for that

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    1. Thank you you sooo much for that validation Vani!❤️ It’s always nice to here that and it really felt good to honor my own truth. OH YOU ARE SOOO CUTE.. to remember that.. I wrote a poem sort of and a collaboration with someone but maybe I’ll sneak a bit in. Thanks for your astute awareness and remembering and reminding me too!❤️💖

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  13. Cindy i cried a bit reading this. It’s like going through the same feeling when this happened with joy. I felt so helpless and so depressed that I couldn’t do anything. I remember searching frantically for doctors that might save him. I know the exact feeling Cindy. It’s so hard for people like us to let go. The people like us that care too much and that feel too much. The worst thing comes to us when we can’t say it loud. I can understand how you must be feeling Cindy. Hope the pain that harry feels subsides soon.

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    1. Oh Kumar,
      sorry to bring up Dear Sweet Joy again but she is obviously still very close to your heart and I know how much you love her. I remember how distraught you were. Remember, I was even calling my vets in the U.S. We both went brain dead for a bit on that one. I think my vets thought I was crazy, “Hi, I’m calling for my friend in India”.. 🤣 Well, duh.. if that’s not crazy.. 🤣 But, I so understood your pain that I wanted to do what I could to help. Sadly, Joy just couldn’t stay and if love could have kept her physical presence she would have still been her but it was her time to move on. You’ll move on in time but it sure is sad and painful when we awake to missing their physical presence. Joy came as a shock too which is really hard. Harry has had a long life and as much as I know that, he is my family and I love him more that a lot of people I know. Thank you for your wishes Kumar. I am appreciating the moments we have and I’m so relieved I have a plan when the time comes!💖😘😇❤️ You are an angel! Hey, you’re finally caught up with my posts.. Damn straights about time.. 🤣 You’re working too hard… keep going.. 🤣💖😘

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  14. Journal writing. That’s my best approach, Cindy. I’ve been doing it daily for 20 years. The more I write, as a general rule, the more I need to let out. A 10,000 word month is usually a low stress month. !5,000 things are cranking along as normal. 20,000 and there is definitely a problem. Hiking up mountains is pretty darn good as well. 🙂 Sorry about the woman’s reaction, especially after you explained the situation. The family obviously had problems. You were right to leave it behind. –Curt

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    1. Oh what a great practice you have maintained for mental clairity and stress relief for all these years Curt!
      That’s awesome, I’m laughing…. the more you write the more you have to let out.. what do you do at 20,000. I think I’d get an ice cream.. 🤣 Good for you!!!! Yeah I bet those mountains do it for you too alright!~. 🤗 Hey, thanks for getting the situation and reaction. It was such a liberating feeling. Oh, you got that right. If we could only hike the hills the stories you and I could tell and leave etched in the stone left for no other would be entertaining and a good letting go alright! Thanks for your support. Can’t wait to hear your tale today-:) ❤️


      1. Grin. That’s a lot of words in 20 years. 🙂 Sometimes, just for fun, I go back and read entries, like what was I up to on this day 17 years ago. That practice is somewhat telling in itself. Like am I still dealing with similar stresses. Or joys.
        As for story telling on the mountain, I’ll bet they would be interesting. 🙂

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      2. That is a lot of words alright over rthe years I should say. It’s funny how we process and change and yet fundamentally the same triggers show up for us. Such enlightened ones🤣❤️
        Oh they sure would be but I tend to forget all of my for Hippa reasons… that’s what I tell myself anyway. 🤣🤣🤣🤗💖


      3. Yes, that’s so true Curt!
        Well, I think that the revisit is an great exercise in seeing how far you’ve come and yes, the past is the past and dwelling in it dies no one any good!! Not easy but nothing worth having is! 💕🥰


  15. A wonderful post Cindy. Loved the video. It’s hard to Let go but not doing so hurts us more than anyone else. I like to think of worries that keep me awake as balloons and I let them float away , if they are important I can bring them back the next day. 🎈🎈❤️🌹

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  16. Thank you so much Holly! I’m glad you enjoyed the video and I really appreciate you letting me know 🙏. That is the truth for sure!!! I love that you think of balloons floating away. I especially like that you can bring them back the next day as a choice. Big hugs and floating away balloons.

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  17. This is such a wonderfully written, full of positivity (as always) and wisdom we get through your post is such a treasure Cindy. ❤️ To still hang ourselves to our past is really not worth while, this way we can never ever move forward. And life is all about shedding and then wearing and abiding by new promises, hope and contentment. I so lobed how you decided not to be angry and show reaction to that phone call. And I feel so sorry for Harry, may he go in peace, when his time comes over the rainbow Bridge. Take care, lighthouse “Cindy”, btw you look so beautiful in pink 🥰😍 Love and hugs❤️❤️🤗🤗🌺🌷✨✨

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    1. Thank you my dear friend Samreen! I am so blessed to have you to reflect back at me such possitivity and joy yourself. That is soooo true and I too feel bad, I didn’t think another thing about it, except to write this which reminds me but there is no angst only love.
      awwww I know , he is such a doll!!!!
      I do pray for the same thing and to know the right time! He is sitting right here as I type.
      Oh thank you.. Big hugs and love dear one! 💖💖💖💖💖🤗🤗🤗🌷🌷🌷


      1. When we write it out, our anger, sadness or whatever feeling we have, doesn’t it calm down a lot and we feel love around? ❤️🤗 Love and hugs to you as well dear always 🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️

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  18. So much wisdom here. For so many it is difficult to walk away from the drama. Or from someone making us get in a defensive mode. But what a wonderful blessing it is to let go and walk away from the drama and walk into ourselves.

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    1. Thank you so much!!!! you so have that right. It was as though all my work just showed up and I went “hey, you are doing this, You just let go”. Like looking over my shoulder and saying “Wow, you are really growing” and walking the teaching you do…. thanks for the validation and seeing that! ❤️💖💖💖

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  19. Great post! I have a hard time letting go. I sweat the small stuff. Can’t let things go. I deman apologies. Want to see remorse in their eyes. Feel offended when they let go while I’m waiting on an apology. It’s exhausting and I want to stop. I really do.

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      1. Keep being really kind to you even in your irritation. It’s soooo great you know what your feelings are as that’s a start and lots of people aren’t even aware of that! And it’s so great you know you want to shift that. Someday you will awake and just walk away and it won’t pull at you as much. Happy Valentine’s Day! 💖


  20. Cindy, this is a really lovely post. (Although I am still pissed at the ex-inlaw for being such a bitch. Give me a few hours, I’ll let go of it . . .) Poor Harry. Glad you thought of giving him CBD. Please give him a big hug & kiss from Aunty Lisa. I’ve been doing quite a bit of letting go lately – of relationships in which I’m feeling taken for granted. Let go and forgive seems to be my current mantra! Is it just me, or have you or others you know been experiencing this? 🌞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG … how do you do that.. you have me in stitches right now…. thank you!!! Those would be the words I would use or could have on any given day. Yes, I know but he’s a trouper and he thanks his Aunty Lisa for her love ❤️! Yeah me too… nevermind it was that cats and it knocked him out cold.. he’s pretty happpy i gotta say. Good for you!!! house keeping is definitly in order when you feel taken for granite!!! Glad to hear that. I think everyone on some level is feeling it right now. I’m just in the can’t bother zone right now. My brother said it’s his son’s b.d and I said, tell him I said H.B. few days later did you send him anything and I said “no, lot’s going on here but give him my love”. Waiting for the hate text but so far nothing. 🤣 I just don’t have it in me to the one who always doles out the goods.. xoxoxxo ❤️🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘🌷

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You sure are loving. You just have to stop…. I tell ya, once you do, there’s nothing to be mad about anymore. It’s waaaaay cool.. lol. I totally get it as you are talking to the queen empath. We are soul sisters for sure!😘😘🤗

        Liked by 1 person

  21. This was so beautifully said. I’m so sorry to hear about Harry, I’ll be praying for him. The Rainbow Bridge is such a heartfelt and lovely poem, it always leaves me on the verge of tears.
    “When you walk away from something or someone, you walk towards yourself”
    This is so true! Forgiveness and kindness are all parts of love in a way!
    Wonderful post as always!!🤗❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I’m so glad you enjoyed the read! I so much appreciate your continued support of Harry! Thank you sooo much! Oh I know the saddest. He trudges along with us carrying him of course. I’m glad you liked that line.. its just so true. Yes, they are very much part of love. Thanks for catching up and have a wonderful night! I know how busy you are! 💖🌷

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah it’s been life changing for me in a lot of ways because it’s one of the few things that really helped me improve and grow as a person. Meditation takes a while to get the hang of but it’s so worth it.

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