Passion Ignited

Antelope Canyon with Watermark 3-27-20
Jason Gotlib Photography

Dancing color of mystical enamored love 
Morphing together,
Hearts beating as one. 
Burning desire of passion in ebb and flow
Rhythms melding, heat flowing, psychedelic euphoria
Over and over again
Electric Fusion succumb

Copyright © Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved 

This picture evoked such a beautiful image of love and connection expressed in union. I hope you have a beautiful Valentines Day whether you are celebrating alone and your own hearts desires or if you are with your special sweetheart. I’m sending love and cupid to those of you who have had to endure a time in our lives where you can’t get out and meet people and hope that you can resume some sense of normalacy in the dating world. Keep the faith and trust our days ahead will be brighter and you will soon be back in the world of being in the world and dating.

A special thanks to Jason for again the gift of his incredible photography.

Keep the Faith and love all around to all of you, especially my sweetheart, devoted husband, best friend and lover,



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160 thoughts on “Passion Ignited

  1. This was so beautiful Cindy. But i think i have read this somewhere. 😍. How everything went in sync with this one. 😍 a very happy valentines to you as well. My valentines will be like always 😅😝😝

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      1. Cleared up perhaps, but I tend toward shoe-in-mouth disease (sole food) , This “Daddy” thing got me more excited than it should have—more emotion over a long distance, ,more opportunity to think one has followed prior history—I drive ’em away ! 😀 MAYBE nothing to worry about—the first time she attended to her business for two weeks—this idiot was frantic after the first week. MEN…MAYBE THIS ONE…ARE SO STUPID!!!! 😀

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      2. Foot in mouth… keep to food Jonnie-;) but I hear ya! I do that sometimes as well! The internet thing is an interesting medium for connection and maybe not too much like real life. Relationships come and go… some stay, others never to be seen again. The ultimate lesson in unattachment. I too worry when I haven’t heard from someone. Maybe it’s my rescuer coming in and I have to stop and breath and take care of me. Oh now I’m wondering g how Joel is doing We’re all the same here with “our kids”.


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      3. Don’t know if you know Donna…misspelt as Fonna—at least I got the blog name right Your joyous sarcasm is catching. Yes I do feel concern for Rue, but this seems to be her pattern—although I do pray that she speaks to me when she returns! In this, I act like a wuss! She has started to tell me her troubles, but I went over board in response. (via email) Silence. Perhaps sharing these conversations— perhaps not! 😀 If she wants to—barring something happening—she will. She and I and you are covered by God’s loving care! ❤

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      4. I don’t Johnnie and I can’t remember Joel’s last name only his huge beautiful grin and heartfelt comments. i had to learn sarcasm to survive in my family. She sounds good in her posts but I wouldn’t known otherwise as you have been privey to that. She is young and will figure it out. Parenting is so much about letting go which is never easy. Like you say she is blessed and so are we and once you let go truly, you’ll probably hear from her. Well, I can’t be certain but it’s often the case. It’s tough for caring hearts. 💖

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  2. Beautiful poem . Two souls meeting as one truly a supreme spiritual experience.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to a lovely passionate spiritual being in a human body.❤️💕

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    1. Thank you so much Marlene!
      Yes, when I saw the picture it ignited the visuals.. there’s a story there-:)
      I actually took some out from my original post. Thank you so much fir the nice compliment! 💕.


  3. Such a lovely love-filled treat, beautifully written Cindy❤️ Happy valentines day to you dear in advance, I will be celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary on this day😍😊 Your beautiful poem is such a gift, thank you so much😀😘❤️🤗🥰

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    1. Thank you soooo much Samreen! I’m so glad you liked it. The colors and Jason’s imagery prompted it. Oh wow congratulations and so much love to you and your hubby. Thanks for the wishes..
      xoxoox 💖❤️🤗🤗🌷🌷🌷

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are so awesome and you’re both so welcome. Give him a hug for me! Listen to my new post together when you open in on Fri-Yay Funday! 💖❤️❤️💖💖💖💖🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🌷🌷👏


      2. So are you dear (mutual admiration club} 😎😍❤️ Aw, I so will give him,thank you so much, 😘 Oh that sounds something too interesting then (it always is though) 😀🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️

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  4. Ah! I love this one, Cindy! Especially that last line, “electric fusion succumb.” That is magical. Lovely. I’ve not been to Antelope Canyon in a long time. I lived up that way for about 4 years. The high desert is beautiful. ❤️❤️

    Liked by 3 people

      1. You’re welcome, Cindy, my pleasure, always. Yes, a beautiful area indeed. I miss the high desert of Arizona. When travel is more safe, a trip there, for sure. Ah, bucket list, grand! ❤️🤗🙏

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  5. My husband is my best friend and lover.on valentine day,he has never given a Rose but Expressed most rosey love by his eyesight.😍😍😍and from this small gift is most vulnerable to me always.we both love each other with some time quarreling but be is not enough for a happy life.happy valentine day to me🤪😘 to you and all beloveds😜💞💞💞💕💕💕most enchanting post,dear cindy!!xxxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Aruna,
      How lovely to hear from you and your wonderful gift of love with your best friend, lover and husband, That is such a gift to have his eyes on you and attention which is the best gift we could aske for. Oh for the quarreling,, It wouldn’t be the same without some of that so we could spend time making up. thanks so much for sharing that and happy life and love to you both as well. thanks for the love and appreciation!!!! Glad you liked my post! 💖❤️🌷🌷🙏🙏🙏


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