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Happy Fri-Yay Funday and almost Valentines Day from me and Jay (an amazing poet and writer). This organic song originated out of a silly fun. See our post exchange below.

Lyrics to ‘Can’t Live with Them but Can’t Live Without’

Men and woman                                 
light years apart                                    
can’t live with them                                
but can’t live without                              

Reflecting each other                     
Neither right or wrong                             
Spring Moon and Stars                          
near yet so far                                       

Can’t live with them                        
But can’t live without                              
Can’t live with them                                
But can’t live without                                            

Raising each other                                      
To new heights                                                   
Made for one another                                             
Space bound lovers                                              

Can’t live with them                                     
But can’t live without                                             
Can’t live with them                                                
But can’t live without                                             

We give ourselves away                                  
As we move through the night                              
Hiding in the shadow light                                         
Come on let’s not fight                                                    

Can’t live with them                                         
But can’t live without                                                 
Can’t live with them                                                   
But can’t live without                                                  

No more playing games babe                        
Don’t run away                                                        
From our intertwined fates                                       
We can jam the night away                                        

Can’t live with them                                            
But can’t live without                                                   
Can’t live with them                                                    
But can’t live without                                                  

Through the planet venus and mars
For the ultimate high                                          
We laugh and love                                       
Where we always get by                              

Can’t live with them                                           
But can’t live without                                                     
Can’t live with them                                                       
But can’t live without                                                      

Whisper sweet nothings                                         
And come dance with me                                              
Stop this crazy igniting                                                  
There’s No time for fighting                           

Can’t live with them                                             
But can’t live without                                                       
Can’t live with them                                                        
But can’t live without 

copyright © Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved 
   © M. Jay Dixit, September heart-to-hearts, 2021                                

How this collaboration came about? (A True Story)

Um, in one word..by accident!

So, this is what happened—

Rewinding back to a month ago, I posted a poem/song set to the music from “Oh Love” song by Green Day, and Cindy said,

It’s so uplifting and love the stars shinning so bright with the music Jay!!!!!! I think you should sing it and post it!

To that I said,

Well I never thought of that! also I don’t have a very good singing voice. hehe I’m glad you liked it Cindy! Many thanks

Fast forward to exactly a week ago, I posted a rough draft of me singing a poem of mine: ‘Lyrics to Waterfall‘ and in it I mentioned Lillian, a poet-blogger friend, as one of the inspirations behind me recording it because she suggested earlier that she’d love to see ‘Lyrics to Waterfall’ put to song. To that Cindy said,

YAY Jay!!!! I love it!!! I told you it would be awesome for you to sing and it is awesome!!!!
Wait how did Lilian get the credit.. lol!!! Good job! Bravo

Then, I said,

Oh Cindy, you encouraged me too! that’s true! when I’ll record ‘Oh Night’ which I plan to do in near future I’ll surely mention you ❤
Thanks very much!

Then, she said,

Oh I’m teasing you ..lol!
No Need seriously… !!!
I’m just happy you did it!!! ♥️

Then, I said,

Ah well, I do often confuse being teased in real life! Never happened during blogging though haha you’re awesome!

And she said,

Well we will have some fun together like we often do:-)♥️

Around that time, I had a little romantic poem up on my blog, Cindy liked it and said

so beautiful….. that’s what makes the world go round.
There’s men and woman
sometimes light years apart
can’t live with them
but can’t live without.. … and there in lies my valentine rhyme … 

And so the fun began, I said,

Thank you Cindy ❤ “can’t live with them can’t live without” reminded me of a song by U2, you probably know which one I’m talking about *wink*
 And I’m eager to hear your full valentine poem!

Then, she said,

you’re so welcome Jay!!!
Oh I probs do.. but can’t think of it right now.
Well, I just might have to make one… lol. or you could add on and we can go from there..

Then, I said,

How’s this? I am liking it.. ❤
 There’s men and women
 Light Years apart
 Can’t live with them
 And can’t live without
 like the Spring Moon and Stars
 So near yet so far

Then, she said,

reflecting each color
neither wrong nor right.
your turn…

Then, I said,

Made for one another
Space bound lovers
Raising each other

Then, she said,

to new heights through the planets mars for the ultimate high

Then, I said,

THANKS cindy! It’s you who are leading this piece, you’re amazing too! ❤

Then, she said,

lol.. thanks Jay.. just bee boppin along with you is fun stuff.  ❤

yeah…LOVE THAT U2 SONG!!! thanks for sending!

And we give ourselves away
yes we give ourselves away
We move throught the night
hiding in shadows and light
Come on baby let’s not fight
Your turn…
Oh and then we’ll sing it together and you’ll play the guitar.
How fun is this?!!!

Then, I said,

Ah I can’t play guitar that well, Cindy! Still in the learning phase.. I play only A and D well.. mostly I play leads of the songs I love.

Lets not play any more games babe
Lets stop running away
From our interwined fates

Your turn.. 🙂

Then, she said,

and jam the night away in each others arms
no time for fussing and fighting and playing that game

So, that was the story of Cindy and me writing up a Valentine song in the comment section of a post! The process after that was really fun and exciting for me!! I’ll let Cindy continue this tale!

I had a blast with Jay since our post turned song organically transpired which came as a complete surprise for both of us. As writers we all know the deep satisfying experience when we create something out of nothing. This was truly one of my highlights and collaborating with him was so much fun. Thanks Jay for turning an ordinary week into a treasured memory.

Shout Out

A special thanks to my dear friend Rhonda for her help with her lyrical expertise of rhyming (which Jay has by the way) and amazing help with the tune and guitar. I tried to transfer to the Uke but only clashed so we substited with a tambourine and bell. If any of you know what cords we need in Ukelele to work with the song, it would be greatly appreciated.

Rhonda is a brilliant poet, song writer and musician and has won awards for some of her songs.
I will be releasing a hit of hers on Vetran’s Day that she wrote in honor of those that serve our country and her son, our family friend, a Navy Seal. We are sooooo grateful!!! 💖

NOTE: If anyone wants to pick us up for a hit single that has a great recording studio, we’re available. 🤣

Pua’s Update:

Our prayers and love is working for Pua and the family thanks us! Pua achieved some major milestones today. She started with some occupational therapy, sitting on her bed and following simple commands.
The Occupational Therapist said she is doing more than great at this stage and they’re very optimistic about Pua’s future. She’s improving at a fast rate.

Thank you so much for visting and have a great Friday and wonderful Valentine’s Day! If you’re single this song might make you glad you are! Lol! 🤣
Thank you so much Jay for the silly fun! It truly was a highlight of my week to play with you!!!!

Life without love and laughter makes for loooooog days.


Cindy and Jay


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so sweet & fun 🙂

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