Not much Sitting in Kitty Sitting; Cat Haikus

I told my kids when they were 18 wait until you’re 30 to get married, you have plenty of time”. They said, “what, no you’re ruining my life. We will be married with kids long before that”. That is, the girls said that but NOT my son.

They’re all soon to be 30, 32, 33 and 36;  none of them are married nor with any plans in sight. I say not a worry, some people choose never to marry and have kids and our planet is much better off for it but if you think you want me to babysit, then you better hurry up.  

I really don’t care or I do, I’m not really sure.  I hear once it happens it’s a bond and love you could never imagine;  but I don’t pine over things I don’t know about or might not ever happen, which has always served me well.  

A Quick Guide on How to Say Grandma & Grandpa in Other Languages

French: Grand-mere & Grand-pere
Italian: Nonna & Nonno
German: Oma & Opa
Spanish: Abuela & Abuelo
Polish: Babcia & Dziadek
Greek: Giagia & Pappous
Portuguese: Avo & Vovo
Irish: Miamo & Senaathair
Hungarian: Nagymama & Nagypapa
Swahali: Bibi & Babu
India: Nani, Dadi or Nana or Dadu
Danish: Mormor & Bedstefar
Japanese: O baachan & O jiichan
Russian: Babushka & Dedushka
Hawaiian: Kuku wahine or tutu
Korean: Halmeoni & Hal-abeoji
Yiddish: Buhbeh or Bubbee & Zahdeh or Zaydee

Nowadays, people make up their own names and the crazier or more endearing the better. Others wait to see what the child ends up calling them or what they can pronounce. A cousin chose to be called Babe. Everyone has a choice but I don’t want my grandkids calling me “Hey Babe” at 70 years old or however old I’ll be if I have any.

I called my one of my gramdmothers Gigi and the other Grandma. My kids call my mom Grams, Granny Goose or Goose Eggs. What am I missing?  What are you called?

And in my little world here with out any grandkids and my oldest daughter on vacation,

I am a Cat Grandma sitter.  

It’s a scratchy job I’m gonna tell you but somebody’s gotta do it. Besides, I’m known as the Cat and Dog Whisperer. I’m making progress.   

Here are my Cat Haikus:

cat bullies kitten
first born bites sibs when playing
Karma’s sweet revenge

a hiss and a spat 
all bets are off on friendship
the alpha cat wins

scratch, bite, hiss watch out
fur flies, friend or foe who knows
duke it out be done

Thanks so much for visiting today and have a great day. I hear it’s easier having cats than grandkids but I can’t attest to that, not yet anyway. My lip has healed from my first go around of things a couple months ago. See you Friday for Fri-Yay Funday. I’m not sure what’s on the horizon but it’s bound to entertain.

Meow, Woof, Ciaogotta get back to my training. Thank goodness she comes home tonight.



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133 thoughts on “Not much Sitting in Kitty Sitting; Cat Haikus

  1. Lol…. Loved this post Cindy. 😄😄 You call yourself cat grandma sitter… That’s right, you gotta scratch the cat anyway until your daughter is back 🤣🤣🤣
    Those cats would sure love your haiku’s if only they can read! And I sure did. 👏❤️

    1. hahahhahahh thanks Preethes. I’m about ready to swat it but I’d loose lol. And besides he’s so cute even though a bugger. Yeah you’re right. So glad you liked my haikus! ❤️❤️👏👏👏 🙏🙏🙏

  2. I lurve your cat photos and haiku 😻😻😻what better grandkids could you hope for? They’re already potty trained! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. Cindy,

    I actually have an interesting answer to your question.

    I used to call my father Papa and still call my mother Mama. My grandfathers were both Dedushka, and my grandmothers were both Babushka.. All of these terms of endearment are Russian.

    The diminutive of Papa is Papachka, and the diminutive of Mama is Mamachka. Russians are big on diminutives as terms of endearment.

    However, in Israel, Jews tend to use the Hebrew for mother and father, which are Ima and Abba respectively. Grandmother and grandfather in Hebrew are Savta and Saba respectively.

    When our daughter was born, I didn’t feel like a Papa ~ that term is too Russian for me, never having been born in, nor having grown up in Russia. Nor did I feel like an Abba ~ that term is too Israeli for me, never having grown up in Israel and being very American by temperament.

    So I came up with my own version, which my daughter calls me to this day (never anything else). I am: Abba’chka, the endearing Russian version of the Hebrew word for Daddy (I don’t know of anyone else who uses this).

    And ~ I think when I have grandchildren, I would like to be: Saba’chka by the same logic.


    1. Oh David,
      This is very interesting and I love that you adopted tradition to honor your heritage in a way that speaks to you. It’s amazing she was able to say that off the bat as it’s quite a long name but very endearing. I’ve never heard of it either. Oh I like your great grandfather name.
      My oldest daughter, calls me Cita for mamacita which is endearing to me and I would like to be Called Gigi Cita ( I think), if I ever have grandkids.. which I expect will happen at some point.
      Thanks for sharing that! 💖🤗

  4. I resisted being called Grandpa. I wanted to be called Old Wolf. 🙂 That didn’t go over. So I am grandpa. Sigh. Being a cat or dog sitter is infinitely easier. And pretty darn rewarding as well. And you can be Cat Woman, Cindy! Get yourself some black tights and purr or hiss a lot depending on your mood. If you really want to go all out, get yourself a tail. Then you can twitch it. Here birdie, birdie, birdie. 🙂 –Curt

    1. You Old Wof.. that’s funny Grandpa! Can’t beleive you didn’t boycott. 🤣. Oh man, I’m sure it is but you don’t know me.. I take my jobs seriously and treat them like grandkids. I’m crazy yes.
      LOL Honey, I was Cat Woman this moring and I think that will tie into my Fri-Yay Cat Woman Day nicely. For now, I’ve been shaking in my boots. yikes. I was a Lioness of the Jungle so I’m going with a main screw the black tights and hiss. It’s all on Roar… Hope your day is going better than mine Curt! ❤️🐆 I AM WOMAN HERE ME ROAR! 🗣

  5. Love this Cindy 🤓 I was suppose to be called “grootje” as a bit of a Dutch family joke … but my grandson decided he liked “go go” better so that’s what I am … and I’m planning to see him at the end of March 🤗 it’s the best! Have joyful and happy day ~ hugs hedy 🤗☀️

    1. Thanks Heddy!
      Oh that’s soooo cute ….go go.. I imagaine that could have been hard for hin to say. Oh I bet you miss him and I’m sooo glad you finally get to see hime! Oh, that’s sweet, I bet it is so awesome!
      Oh Hedy, I’m trying trust me… it’s been one of those days but I’m teaching Yoga tonight and I know you know how that helps. 💖💖💖❤️ xo

  6. Lovely pictures….enjoyed the haiku, Cat Grandma sitter 🤣✨….plus I saw Indian & danish words for grandparents….cool….Great post my dear friend, Cindy ✨

    1. Oh Thanks, Glad you liked my haikus and pics Navin!!!! Yes, indeed you did and I’m sure I left someone out inadvertently.. oops.
      Big hugs xo always love 🤗❤️ Thanks for visiting! ❤️

  7. Loved the pictures your daughters is certainly beautiful and her kitten looks adorable in that harness. .remarkable how you have them all together. Just a matter of time before you have them all playing with each other. I know you will not rest until you have accomplished that.ha ha

    1. She really is beautiful and her boy is adorable. Never thought mine would be soooo territorial! Time, energy and work for sure and I’m just glad she’s near home!!! Fingers crossed they will get along eventually or learn to tolerate each other.
      But you’re right about that.. won’t rest till then. 🤣
      Thanks for your visit and glad you’re back up and running! ❤️💖

  8. Awww Cindy what a genuine glimpse into your heart. No matter what, you care for and love all of God’s creatures around you whether human or animal and that is true love in its most pure form❤ I loved the addition of the different names for grandparents. Mine were Nana and Pop-Pop and Nannie. My kids call my parents Grandma and Grandpa and my ex-husband’s are Nana and Papa. The cat pictures are adorable and the poetry at the end was the gift bow to it all. Wonderfully sweet Cindy ❤
    See you tonight🤗

    1. Oh you are very dear to see my love of my furry friends and human mankind, thank you!
      It’s fun to see them all. Oh nana and papa is what my kids call my husbands partents. My daughter calls Gregg popsicle. Such sweet rememeberences of yours. They are so adorable and I was hoping to have things be a little bit more underway before she comes home but pandemonium struck which you’ll read in my email.. 🙀. Sooo glad you like Haikus!!!!
      Big hugs my lovely friend! ❤️🤗🤗🤗🌷🌷

  9. This post made me smile and giggle. I love how much you wrapped up in it and the pictures and videos were pawfect. About kids and grandkids. I was actually shocked when both my sons found wives just a year or two into their AF services. I was happy. I told them to wait until after I was 50 to have children because it seemed I needed to be older and wiser (😂). I was a young Mom; had my first right out of college at 22 and teaching first year~my 2nd at 25. Dad was 8 years older and wanted to begin quicker lol. Well,…I’m tickled to be Grammy K. One is in Alaska and the other in Washington state. I’m a dog Momma and Grandma to the dogs too. I have friends who have two sons, ages 38 and 40, that are certain they will only be grandparents of pets. I’d say the cats might be easier ~but we’re just scratching the surface of the subject 🐈🤭😂 they won’t talk back but I’ve known some rough situations with kids~but seeing the love all around you, I’m sure it’s a win no matter what! ❤️💛💜

    1. So happy you liked it K. and really appreciate your visit with such great stories. Wow, who’da thunk you had grandkids as you look and are soooo young. Wow, you are a young mom. There is 20 years difference with my mom which is actually very cool so that’s lovely as you move into the years. Oh I love Grammy, that’s very sweet and I bet a great dog Momma and Grandma to the dogs. Scratching the surface … I like that and yeah who knows what’s in store for all of us. Time will tell but you’re right, it’s always something. Thanks a lot, feeling the love and so appreciative. ❤️❤️❤️🤗

      1. Thank you too, Cindy, for such sweet comments! My goal is to always stay young (and active!). If I’m going to visit my family, as military doesn’t afford them the time as I have, I have to continue to stay healthy and always be young in my heart ❤️. I have to be active Mom and Grammy. My parents, 79 and 75, chose at 50 and 54 to raise my niece with Cerebral Palsy. My oldest sister’s daughter (long story). I had volunteered to raise her although I had two young sons (one just 3 weeks older than her), a teaching career, and working on my Master’s. I’ve learned that all my experiences in my young life has proven to help me get through the tough times and near despair when health made me say goodbye to a career I had banked on (I left at 23 years but was only going to do 25 and out and then hope to work for State Park or Conservation Dept). Now, I feel I’m at this perfect age to dream and am doing what I feel is a purpose straight from my Heavenly Papa. There’s 24 years between my Mom and I and we are so close now. Life can be a wonderful joy if that’s what we choose. Even after and through all the muck! I’m glad you feel the love! You deserve it and that’s what the whole world needs more ❤️❤️❤️🥰💚

      2. You’re so welcome K. Yes, I agree we have to stay young at heart, spirit and body to keep up strong physically and mentally to maintain our health and dreams. That’s so awesome you can go to them since they don’t get the time off.
        Wow, that is comendable of your parents to take on that responsibility and what a big heart you have as well to want to try to help. But with 2 young kids of your own how could you. So sorry for your sister but so glad her daughter / your niece has such love in her life.
        Wow, our health is everything and it sounds like you had quite a struggle to have to deal with and I’m so sorry. Oh what a nice gift to feel aligned with your dreams and be so close to your mom. That’s lovely. You are a great example of choosing joy no matter what our circumstances are. Kuddos to you and yes, I feel it.
        Thanks so much!!! 💖💖💖🌷🌷🌷

    1. Thanks a lot … glad you liked it. This is very true and I hear different things on the studies. Who knows but choice is everything. Right?! Glad my daughter picked him up though.. lol.. xoxoxo❤️

  10. Well, our eldest boy became a father at 16, so Grandpa (or Grump pa as I am called) and Grandma it is! We went to a psychic dinner recently (a very good fun thing to do) and our daughter was told she was going to have four children – we laughed at the terrified look on her face as she recounted her reading 😂 The cat haikus sound just like our two cats who are brother and sister.

    1. Oh this is so funny Sean or Grumpa I should say. Wow, that’s early, my Grandma was 14 but that was in the “old” days. Oh wow, that is funny about the pshychic! 2 sets of twins maybe? or hogwash.. lol. time will tell. That’s too funny. Oh golly and I thought I might get a handle on it. 🤣 Your cats tell me otherwise. Thanks for the visit!!! 💖

  11. Wonderful post, Cindy! Cute pets! Your narrative is hilarious. Don’t worry about becoming a grandma. My mother-in-law was anxious to have grandchildren and all three of her children had children when they were close to forty. I have three children but don’t expect to ever have any grandchildren. Robert has twin grandsons living in Memphis. Wish we got to see them more often. We told them not to visit during covid19. Hope we can get together soon! have a great day!

    1. Oh, Thanks Cheryl. Glad you enjoyed the story here with the cat escapades.
      That’s funny and good to know. It’s a different time these days. I do think they will be sad not to have their parents meet their kids if they finally ever do decide to but they’ll deal with that. They will for sure miss the babysitting.. 🤣 Good not to have expectaions. Awe how sweet to have twim grandsons. I bet you’re hungry to see them! Working on it! And you too, thanks! ❤️

  12. First of all…i love you haikus…and second, wow you have really grown up kids…yay congrats for raising excellent children Cindy❤❤💕💕💕

    1. Oh thanks Mich… so glad you like them. I sure do and thanks for that! Yes, I am lucky to be their mom.. they teach me a lot! ❤️💖 and they’re lucky to have me too.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Awesome post as usual Cindy!
    Growing up I didn’t have a lot contact with my grandparents as the surviving ones lived far.
    My parents have no grandkids. Her 3 kids never had any kids. They never said anything. Actually, my mom always said that she would not be a babysitter. She got her wish lol
    In Brazilian Portuguese, the words are the same, except for the accent that determines the pronunciation:
    Grandmother, grandma: avó, vó, vovó (open sound, as Oscar)
    Grandfather, grandpa: avô, vô, vovô (close sound, as in open)
    The cats Haiku were great, but I need some dog Haikus 🙂
    Blessings to you! ♥♥

    1. Thanks Ana Star!!
      Glad you liked it. That makes sense with the distance. Wow, that’s interesting to here and maybe the 3 of you were too much of a handful…for her to consider… 🤣. Actually, I often think.. there’s so break around here and still trying to figure out my “me” time but I know I’d rally.
      Oh I like the the sound of the Brazillion Portuguese names.. very cool. I’m going to have to google this to hear it and then update the post.
      Oh happy to hear and thanks for this idea for tomorrow with the dog haikus…That’s perfect, I’ll get my brain clicking as you’ll discover my wed. chaos then. I could easily call it F___ Fun on Friday but I’ll be a little more discrete than that.
      Thanks for the blessings today which are coming in handy. You too my friend! 💖

  14. This made me smile. I’m not yet 30, but I have a few friends who are, and those that are single are increasingly frustrated by that fact. Even so, they have lived very meaningful lives and have invested in people in ways they might not have if they had their own families by now. And for that, I am very grateful. 🙂

    1. Oh I’m so glad and I’m really happy to hear it made you smile. It’s a good perspective to have and enjoying our lives is so important no matter what we choose. I choose happieness and I love that at your young age, so do you! 🤗

  15. Aww.. your every post brings joy and uniqueness. My kids are too small to imagine myself as Grand….ma but I miss my Nani❤ the kindest person I have ever met. She lived for 102yrs.
    BTW Cat Grandma sitter is awesome 🤩😍 your cats are fortunate to have you😇

    1. Oh glad you like it Rosida! Oh yes I’m certain of that. Wow your Nani sounds amazing!!!! What a great life and so awesome you love her so.. sad 😢 i’m sure.
      Why thanks so much!!! ❤️

  16. In India, it’s Naani for grandmas (mom’s mother, mom’s mother’s sister etc..) on mothers’ side and Daadi is for fathers’ side.

    My naani is the only one who’s still alive, she’s very sweet and fun 🙂

    Loved your post, Cindy! Taking care of cats is sure a big responsiblity, “cat grandma sitter” is an awesome title😂 and I’m glad that your lip is healed.
    Nice haiku too, I liked the “bullied kitten” one the most! It’s so cute and true too haha
    Take care ♥️🤗

    1. of very sweet Jay. Glad you have your nanny and I bet she enjoys you as well!

      I’m so glad you liked it Jay! You know all of these animals are starting to take their toll.. You’re right, they are a lot of work! Me too… darn cat.
      So glad you like my Haiku! 💖💖
      Big hugs 🤗🤗🤗❤️

  17. Such an adorable post Cindy, you brought a smile to my face and my son is super happy to watch the video of your cats and dog, 😍 He is still saying, ‘mama take it’ 😂 Loved your Haikus ❤️❤️❤️ 🤗🤗🤗

    1. Oh that’s so cute your son watched the video. He sounds sooo adorable. You will have to succumb to his wishes at some point 🤣 Glad you liked the Haikus but I’m hardly a queen of them but they’re an easy go to.. xoxoxoxo 🤣💖🤗😘

      1. Yeah dear, he looove cats as much as I hate them 😅 Am sure I won’t 😄🤣 But yeah you never know 😀
        I so did ❤️ you are a 👸 😍 🤗🤗😘😘

  18. Cindy, I cannot imagine why you wouldn’t want grandkids calling you Babe! (OMG that sounds so inappropriate!) We called my gram MawMaw. It’s Cajun, I learned in recent years. I love the cat shots & clip! We need to get one! As for your older unmarried kids, at least they’re not living at home! Have a great week! 😘🌞🌻

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