Fun Fri-Yay: I Am Woman; Hear Me Roar my Dog Haikus

Happy Fri-Yay Funday Ya’ll!

I seriously thought I would bring you some amazing history from Filoi House and Garden’s where I entered my Haiku contest today but as I was posting my Wednesday Cat Haiku post, I almost had a heart attack. I was just sitting down to post and my husband ran into the house with guttural shrieks screaming “Hunter, (our Huskey Sheppard) is in a fight with a coyote and ran off after it”.

Hunter, who you might know if you’ve read any of my posts, is as sweet and demure as you see in the pictures I take of him with our cats. It wasn’t always like that but with a lot of training and clear bounderies, he came around and accepted them as part of our pack. He’s 7 and sits around most days and will hike on a cool day but on a hot one, will stop cold in his tracks like a mule. He has a job to do and walking isn’t one of them.

We met Hunter when we were visiting a winery and a dog came out ferociously barking and then wagged it’s tail when we got closer. The next minute she was rolling over for pets and licking our hands. She had 11 puppies and Hunter, who was Nate at the time, was one of them. A puppy wasn’t on our radar but he choose us and we him because he looked just like his mom and we hoped he would follow in his mother’s footsteps. He didn’t disappoint so this wine puppy came home with us and the kids named him Hunter because they knew he had a job to do which was to protect our small 4 legged furry kids.

Our vet said he would get to be 40 lbs give or take but I said “oh no, he needs to be 60 lbs cuz he has a job to do”. I fed that boy prime food and sure enough he is 60 lbs. He is the sweetest dog but don’t cross him or he’ll take you down. We live on just under 4 acres and one day he saw a deer and chased it all the way down to the corner of our property. We were so happy because after our Moluccan Cockatoo, Cinnabar, got eaten by a coyotee on our property, we were sick to death and didn’t want anything to happen to our 2 beloved King Charles spaniels, one of whom is Harry. But when he wouldn’t come on command, we ran down after him and we heard the crying of the deer and saw Hunter’s teeth clenched around his neck and he wouldn’t let up. We literally had to pry his jaw off this poor deer’s neck, who escaped without much damage, thank the lord! It really worried us but our vet assured us he wouldn’t hurt other dogs and he was just faster than most. It happened another time and I’m happy to report the deer have been pretty much non existent. About 8 months ago, 3 coyotes showed up at the top of our driveway and tried to lure him off but he didn’t take the bait. Thank God because if you know anyting about coyotes, then you know they will send a pack after the dog and lure them into their den for dinner.

 As soon as I heard my husband screaming, I tore off my robe, threw on my shoes and ran down the trails with a crow bar and a bell in hand, screaming his name with tears running down my eyes. My friend wondered what the blood curdling screaming was all about when I ran past her house next to the creek. My husband went in the other direction, my son ran after me and I couldn’t hear a word.  My heart was in my throat, adrenaline pumping and I near had a cardiac arrest. The visions in my head were catosrophic and my thoughts kept racing to the stories of people lifting cars off their loved ones simply by their will. But my legs were rubber as much as I tried to defy my human limitations and I even fell a few times. By the time I got back to the house, I was drenched with sweat and tears dripping down my face, scared shitless. I opened our family room door and there he was rolling on the the rug wagging his tail to greet me unscathed without as much a a scratch on him. Thank God! 
The sheriff was there too who had gotten a call from one of the neighbors no doubt and cuffed me for indecent exposure. Honey, let me tell you this wasn’t a pretty sight!  🤣 Ok, kidding there but I need a good to laugh.

I finally sat down to a cuppa published my post had a zoom with a client and then thought I’d research some things on the web. I accidentally pressed a link and a big warning came on my screen saying, call Apple Support right away or your computer will be locked and comprimised. Panicked, as if I hadn’t had enough drama for one day, I called the number who started to take me down the path of no return, just like the one I had just come from. I immediately called my husband who said “hang up immediately”. I didn’t but I should have (sorry hon, you were right) but I did put this guy on hold. He looked up Apple Support which was not the number I had called. I got them on the phone and they confirmed I was getting hacked by this scammer and said “hang up now” which I did. I spent the rest of the day doing damage control, changing passwords etc.  This is all to warn to to NEVER call back a number that poses as Apple Support on your computer. They DON’T leave these messages nor do the call you. Well, duhhhhh….. I knew that or so I thought, but my brain was scrambled from my morning nightmare. And YES, listen to your husband when he says “hang up”!!! Did I say, you were right??!!!! Ok, I’ll say it again. YOU WERE RIGHT! See, I do say it sometimes. I just went brain dead for a minute.
Luckily, I ended my day teaching yoga and coming to my mat, never felt so good.

Today I’m moving pretty slow and my back is pretty wracked. I alerted all the neighbors and got a text from one closest to us that the coyote was at his pool and heading to my house. I thought “sitting at your pool, did you invite him for a swim?” Sure enough he was there when I got to the top of my drive with my crow bar as I screamecd and waved and shooed him away. I ordered a sign which I’ll post as soon as it comes.

I hope he reads cuz I don’t have time for a 3rd job and I’d for sure get arrested if I shot him. Besides, I don’t have a gun, so there’s that.

A Star On The Forehead said “The Cat Haikus are great, but I need some Dog Haikus 🙂”. What a great idea after Wed. so thanks so much for the idea. If you haven’t visited her, do. She has honest uplitfing posts with wonderful quotes and humor. So here you go:

My Dog Haikus

crazy lady runs
after dog and coyote
cat woman roars scram

run scared with crowbar
stop dog and coyote fight
dog fine woman hurts spine

The boys made This up after taking Harry to the office:

lame dog poops in hall
pees on shirt back at office
time to put him down

And a special thanks to Curt who responded to my last post “And you could be Cat Woman Cindy, which made me think of this song. Thanks Curt! Do visit him if you haven’t as he crafts a story incredibly well that always leaves me laughing and wanting more.

Clear sailing looks good for me as I start Friday and head into a well needed weekend. We’ll celebrating my FIL’s 95th Birthday Saturday night who is amazingly vibrant, cognizant and still drives better than most. I hope you have a great weekend and thanks so much for visiting and your amazing comments which always lead to something to add to my post. Thanks tons for that.




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154 thoughts on “Fun Fri-Yay: I Am Woman; Hear Me Roar my Dog Haikus

  1. I was laughing through out Cindy 🤣🤣🤣. And the lesson from today’s post is: Hang up, hang up immediately!!! 🤣🤣🤣
    The dogs look super cute and so is your Haiku’s. 😍😍 Wishing your FIL’s 95th birthday and am sure you are going to party. ☕🎂🍷Have a great weekend Cindy.

    1. Oh soooo glad and I’ll get to that laughing soon enough.. 🤣🤣🤣 Yes, hang up… hello!!!
      Oh thanks and glad you liked my haikus. No doubt it will be a fun celebration. I may have missed one of your posts… sorry.. I’ll go back. just trying to catch up.. like you do for your brother. 🤣🤣🤣🤣💖❤️ have a great weekend as well! ❤️

      1. That’s totally understandable Cindy. No hurries…take your time, read when you are free. 😎
        And aww… you are too cute to remember what I do exactly to my brother. ❤️❤️❤️🤣🤣
        Xoxo 😉

      2. Oh so I did miss.. good to know!!! Thanks will do.. I laugh .. when I’m free been captive to catch up.. ugh.
        Oh I remember! 🤣💖 thanks again! 🤗


  2. Cindy, my heart is racing after reading this post! This wins the internet today! I’m so glad your baby is ok. I have a question–Won’t you be my neighbor? PLEASE?! If you were we could relentlessly hunt the bad things and whack out our backs trying. And your haikus were perfect. I’m probably going to read this post several times. I love cats and dogs as you do. I’ve wanted a King Charles Cavalier for YEARS. Do you think my little rescue poodle/maltese/idon’tnowwhatelse breed Finley, would do good with one? What would be a small dog that would be a great brother and sister to her? Love and hugs my friend!! ❤❤🤗

    1. Oh gosh thanks for feeling my heart!
      Lol… wasn’t much of a fun Friday ( i wanted to say F___ but I thought better of it.. lol.
      OH PLEASE, let’s be and I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine and that feel good just to know that. Oh they are the best and Cavalier’s are the sweetest! oh sweet, I think so and I would make sure you have a trial tine to make sure. They just have soooo many health issues so as much as I love them, I just might not do it. Tired of the fur shedding too. What about a doodle of some kind. I’m thinking of a miniture aussie doodle but I’d love a max 15 lb dog. Carrying Harry at 24 lbs of dead weight everywhere is tough! 💖❤️

      1. You’re welcome! Thank you for mentioning the health issues and shedding. That’s my concern of having another dog. It’s just been Finley and me for over 3 years. And she’s only 6lbs and I have her health “on a roll” right now. Yes, Doodles are amazing. Good recommendation! Hugs!! ❤❤❤

      2. Of course. I couldn’t imagaine life without Hunter and wanted a non shedder but he was suppose to be here but I’m going to lead with my head and heart next time ( i hope 🤣). Oh wow 6 lbs is awesome. That’s sooooo awesome she is so healthy! Let me know what you end up with!!! ❤️💖 or research! xoxoxoxo

  3. Oh, what a barking mad day! Such dramas add colour (nay technicolour) to life!! Trust your weekend goes well with no more ‘mis-adventuring’ and canine frolics!!!

    1. I tell ya Goff! Barking mad day.. you are quick.. i should have used that in my Haiku.. you are amazing! I’ll remember that as I go through my day. Yes, I second that and thanks for the visit!
      You have a good one too! 💖

  4. Cindy, your post was first on my reading list because I knew it would be entertaining and uplifting and you didn’t disappoint: The doggy drama! The hackers! The haiku! I’m pleased all was well that ended well ❤️ the final doggy haiku was quite harsh, but I guess eventually it will be a kindness of the little guy. Hope he, and all of you, are doing well 🤗🤗🤗

    1. Oh I’m so honored and glad it was entertaining because it seemed a little off my game. F____ Fr-Yay sounded much better as a title but glad I pulled it off according to you 🤣🤗
      Whew on that.. me too.
      We all actually roared when they said it.
      He’s actually doing pretty well but comic relief is always needed. xoxoxoxox Thanks darling friend!❤️

      1. Yes sometimes a laugh can help to lighten the load! I think you could be excused for making it F—— Fr-Yay for one week: it’s my PMDD week which means F— everything 😳

      2. Aboslutely!!! I hate to go totally R rated on a family site.. hahahahah but I am soooo laughing right now and feeling your pain. Hang in there.. xoxoxoxox ffffffffffff ok we said it 🤣

  5. Every now and then we husbands are right. Not very often but once a century we know what we are talking about. My wife still has to find things for me though.
    Happy Friday and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 🤗❤️🙏

  6. Haha 😂😂😂
    Action+comedy+Drama+suspence+Emotions, perfect family entertainer post Cindy, wait let me grab popcorn bucket 😂😂😋😋
    And when I read the line that you called back the number, I was screaming on the screen, that no, no, don’t call, hang up right now!!!!! Before even reading your husband’s response 😂😂

    1. 🤣🤣🤣 glad you’re laughing and bringing some to me Vani!!! save me some popcorn girlie.. 🤣
      Oh goooooooodddddddd I know how dcould I have!!!!! and to have to say he was right.. near killed me.. 🤣😘 thanks for making my day!

  7. WOW, Cindy what an emotionally charged experience you had! The poem is the cherry on top of a big lesson to follow your instincts. It’s unfortunate how many scams are out there to prey upon people’s emotions. I witness my Mom go through similar situations. All of it serves as important life lessons. At times we may struggle to admit when our partners are right and thankfully your hubby’s wisdom shone upon this experience. May you and your family enjoy a restful weekend with your sweet pets, both dogs and cats❤🐶🐱🙏🤗 lots of love always ❌⭕

    1. Right?!!!!! Haven’t had one of those for a long while. I was just brain dead at the moment. Hopefully, I’ll remember my wits for the next time I get flustered but I’m hoping this is a one off! 💖
      Always learning for sure.. Yes, he was right for a change.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 yes for sure so grateful. and today they are at my side locked in.. 🤣 have a great day and hugs 🤗 and love❤️

  8. What a hoot! I love your story and especially the happy/sad ending! Your Haiku are perfect! Yes, those locked up computer flashing pages are always a scam. I do a hard shut down and then tur off my wi-fi so it drops their connection. When i reboot it is usually ok! We get phone calls like that all the time as well… Your amazon card is being charged XXX unless you call immediately. Such despicable people who do those things. Hoe you weekend goes better!

    1. Glad I could entertain lol and now you are making me laugh at it which is good Dwight so thanks. Glad you liked my Haiku 🤣!
      Oh man good to know all of that .. I thought I did but with the debacle I guess I lost my mind. Thanks for that info.. I’m putting it in my notes in case I forget.
      I know right, I just can’t get over this.. who are these people and how do they live with themselves. Despicable is the right word!!!!! Thanks Dwight, I’m digging out. Have a good one too!❤️🙏

  9. Oh, Cindy! Coyotes, a wild chase in your PJs, a backache, scammers! Glad your dog is OK. Until I read this post, I thought I had a bad day yesterday. 🙂 The tests were pretty rough, but I wouldn’t exchange scenarios with you! 🙂

    Your doggy haikus told your story well. Now that your dog is safe and you have escaped the clutches of the scammers, we all are having a good laugh from your hilarious post! Hope your back gets better soon! <3

  10. First Cindy, thanks for your fine words. Much appreciated.
    Second, I am still laughing. I have this vision of you charging after that coyote sans clothes, waving a crowbar. No more “Meow,” grin. You can indeed roar. 🙂
    Third, that Apple trick. Definitely listen to your husband on that one. We get that kind of crap all the time and never answer.
    Finally, a little story to go along with your coyote story. I blogged about this. A few months ago we heard chairs scraping on our patio and came struggling out of a deep sleep. WTF! was our immediate reaction. And then we both had the same simultaneous thought. Bear. Oh shit. Our neighbor had reported a GIANT one was working our neighborhood. I jumped out of bed, grabbed our heavy-duty flashlight and roared our to the front door to check out the patio furniture. Nothing. My next thought was the garbage can so I roared out through our laundry room to check. Nothing. That’s when I heard the crash in the backyard. So, I roared through the house. No bear but I could see our bird feeder swinging. I stepped out the door and on to the porch thinking that maybe the bear had been there but had headed up our driveway. Like you we have five acres and I’ve chased the bears up the driveway before. I pointed my flashlight up the driveway, but it didn’t get that far. Standing 15 feet away was the biggest damn black bear I have ever seen. Just standing and staring at me. He had never seen a naked man, before, let alone a 77 year old naked man. Scary. “Peggy!” I yelled, “Come out here and see this huge bear.” Not a peep. I think she was hiding under the covers. She’s been along with me when I’ve encountered other bears. My yelling got the bear’s attention, however, he turned around and ambled off up the driveway like he didn’t have a concern in the world. 🙂 –Curt

    1. You’re most welcome Curt and I seriously
      wouldn’t have thought of that sound had it not been for you and your Cat Woman comment.
      Yes, quite the visual and I’m so glad you see I earned my roar…. no kitty kitty here. 🤣
      Lesson learned and he won’t let me forget it, trust me.
      One thing i can count on is for you to give me a laugh with a story so I don’t feel so alone.
      That was def a WTF kind of night for you alright. I almost labled my post F___ Friday but though better of it. Maybe in 12 years I’ll be braver….lol. I’m so laughing at your nakedness screaming at the bear, Peggy under the covers and it sauntering away. What a relief. Honestly with all the bears you’ve seen I’m surprised it even got your attention. I’m still hobbling and my back hasnt’t been tweequed like this since I can remember!
      Happy Saturday. ❤️

  11. What a day full of drama and thrills Cindy, I was so laughing reading your post🤣 that frantic run simply shows how much dear your pets to you 😊❤️🤗 Loveed your Haikus, now you are becoming a haiku queen👑😀💖👸 I lovee dogs but hate cats😛
    Wishing your FIL for his birthday, May God bless him 😊🎂💐
    Love and hugs dear🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Right???? !!!!! I don’t do drama but I did and am still paying for it. my back is on the verge of going out.. yikes. Glad it entertained and I know by brain flipped a gasket running after a coyote … hello 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oh glad you liked them! You would love my cats I bet..
      Awwww thanks I’ll let my FIL know. Love you dear girl and will go look for your jewels of the day soon.. xoxoxxoxo ❤️🙀❌⭕️

      1. Some days are meant to be dramatic i guess😅 it adds flavors to your life😉 but am really sorry for your back though ❤️ Your cats actually look adorable in pictures 🐱 Pleasure dear😍 Love you too dear 😘 🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️

      2. You know I guess if we live long enough we get some of that too! It used to surround me with my family etc and I’ve walked away from that. But we all have those days when life happens.
        My mantra today.. I am not a coyotee, I am woman and I have limits. thanks meeeee too.. it’s taking time but will get better, thanks. they are cuties. Hunter agrees with you sitting on top of Ollie!
        Thanks for the love and back at you! 💖

      3. Indeed, life happens when we are not ready, sometimes in the form of happiness and sometimes not so happy moments 😊 Your mantra is 👏👍 I so agree but at times like that we do forget. You know my mother had her hand fractured two times, both of them and she loveees playing badminton, neighbor kids were playing one day and she started playing and whackk.. She realised later the same thing as you did. 😊

  12. I know this is suppose to good vibes friday post ..but i cant but be sad..😔😔😔i am reminded of my 13 year old dobberman who is just now waiting for his final days..the vet said its past due his lifespan ..he is kinda weak now..😔😔😔

    1. Oh Mich it was all I had and F____ Friday would have been better.. lol. I’m sorry about your sweet Dobberman. It’s sooooo hard. Harry is 13 too and has been lame for 2 years and is doing pretty well at the moment but we are his legs and arms for everything and the boys get peed on all of the time. When they made the haiku we laughed (comic relief) but we’re still not ready to say goodbye but it’s not easy either. Oh and when they are bigger it’s sooooo hard too. Enjoy your days with him and sorry if this made you sad!
      xoxoxxo 😘

      1. Thank you Cindy…its just that these furry babies have become truly part of our family that the thought of losing them is horrible

  13. OH MY GOD CINDY so much happened. I believe everything is in place right now. I cannot believe that you got that message and called that scammer. But alls well that ends well. I can very well imagine your situation and what you must be going through this ruckus. This was too much. I hope you are well now.

    1. I know right… drama and I don’t do drama ….LOL or didn’t… 🤣Not much of a fun fri yay but at least some were laughing. I would be too but I really racked my back and it’s threatening to go out but it’ll be ok soon.
      Hello????? I think cuz i was so frazzeled I fell for it.
      Thaks for checking in1 ❤️💖🤗 Have a great Sunday!❤️

  14. Hilarious post..😍😍 brings a smile to my face. Hope your back is ok and your pet too😇I love pets but now I don’t have any😺🐕Amazing haiku.💫

    1. Thanks Rosida.. glad i salvaged f____ friday.. 🤣 happy you’re laughing. man it’s getting worse .. grrrr. lesson learned.. don’t go chasing coyotes and your dog. awww enjoy mine then.. oh glad you like the haikus’ xooxoxo 💖

      1. It’s my pleasure💕aah, that’s a big lesson😿I always enjoy your amazing pets(the way they are) and your amazing posts😊🤩🤗

  15. Oh Cindy what a riot.sorry you had to go through all of that . But it was a fun read ,such humor when you were cuffed for indecent exposure ha ha . Loved the dog haikus. Glad everything turned out well. Happy birthday to your FL that’s great that he is sharp and not a burden to anyone 😻🥰❤️🙏

    1. Glad I at least salvaged the day with a laugh Marlene as I thought twice of a different title. Yea, good think I actually had clothes on. hahahahaha. Glad you liked the dog Haikus as well. Yeah, he’s truly remarkable!!! So much appreciated. ❤️💖😘🌷😹

  16. Hi Cindy
    I feel so honored that you listened to my request and gave me some dog Haikus!! Love them!
    I am glad that everything turned out okay with Hunter and your computer. Everything could have turned out so much worst.
    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog here… so kind!!
    Blessings! 🙏❤❤

    1. Oh you’re soooo welcome Ana Star but the thanks goes to you for the suggestion and you’re most welcome!
      Right!?!!!! I could be floating in the abyss!
      Oh honey everything is good but I’m paying for it with an inflammed disk from running and the fall but I know these well but it’s been a long while.. It”ll get better.
      Happy Sunday dearest! 💖

  17. My first reaction, coming to that “warning sign” on screen part after the “Hunter and Coyote and Crowbar” part was: Oh Shit!
    so much chaos! it sure sound humorous after all of it’s over LOL
    I could feel that sense of peace when you described that yoga mat scene. I’m glad that in the end not much damage was done (hope your spine heals fast!)
    I hate those spammers, just the other day I got a call from an individual pretending to be Google Pay executive congratulating me that I’ve won so and so Rupees and that I should give them my Account no. etc.. so that they can transfer the money… I shaked my head said no thankyou and hung up. No point in debating those dumb people.

    Coming to your haiku!
    I laughed out loud at the spine one, it was just perfect, and the one about harry by your sons is funny too, weird how tragedy and comedy are linked so closely.

    ps: I’ve read the email and will be replying soon (I hope) hehe!

    take care, Cindy! 💖 🥰❤️🙏

    1. Oh shit it is Jay!!! more news as we speak. more mon news tomorrow but we are being stalked and it’s NOT fun! Sucks actually!!! so much and I was laughing too until the last two days,
      Oh and the scammers. sooo upsetting! good thing your more saavy than me. I’m getting there. lo..

      Glad yhou had a laugh. real time just has to hit you and we were laughing aboubt it too so uyou were in good company. I’ sooo true about tragedy and comedy!
      Thanks Jay.
      Take your time 💖🙏🌷🌷😘😘

  18. Wow! What a harrowing day??? Great post. Way too much excitement and anxiety for me!! Yikes! Check to see if a pellet gun is legal? Hey, self defense for your dogs! Didn’t know Harry was a CKCS! My heart is with you, Dear!
    xoxoxo 😘💖💕💕🌹🌹

    1. Totally!!!! Still is going on around here. I’m meeting someone for coffee this morning to see what’s next. Self defense is right. CKCS? Ahhh thanks Chuck much needed 💖🌷😘🙏

  19. Oh my goodness, that was exciting and terrifying to read😂 Glad Hunter got home safe and sound! Your dog haikus were amazing and so relevant 😂💕 Great that you hung up on time! It’s not fun getting hacked 😐
    Lovely post as always!!❤️

    1. I know right for me too! I was so relieved and thanks for you good thoughts for Hunter. Glad you liked them… they seemed fitting here.
      Oh man yes, thank god while I was brain dead for a minute. These people!
      Oh thanks! ❤️

  20. Picturing that scene and the drama, can’t help but chuckle. The things we do for love, right? Happy hunter got home safe, he’s good at his job and must have good instincts.

    Sorry about the near hack . It’s was definitely your morning escapades that did a number on you, atleast you learnt a dear lesson from your husband😏 to.

    1. Oh good, if I accomplished a chuckle then Friday “Funday” was salvaged. Thanks yay for that! Hunter is good at his job for sure!! I just want to keep him in one piece.
      Thanks my badck is getting better …and I’ve learned my lesson exactly to listen to my husband on that one at least 🤣.. Thanks a lot! ❤️

      1. You did a great job in this one, can’t forget it, it’s almost like I was there witnessing the scene with how well you’ve described it🙂. Keep getting better, and enjoying life with it’s precious moments such as these. Welcome ❤

      2. Oh thanks Kevin. It’s a moment to moment experience and an inside job.
        Thanks dear Kevin. Yes, the precious moments teaching blessed lessons always.. xoxoxo 💖

    1. Oh man me too but it’s ongoing. thanks so much Paul and glad you found it fun with some humor and liked my Haikus Paul!!! Always appreciate your time and visit!💖❤️

  21. Cindy, you really are living it up. It’s like all the drama from a Bollywood movie. Could you ask for more… 😉 your life seems beautiful and full of fun and frolic. You have lot of energy….so the universe deals these cards unto you. Not many people are capable of handling stuff like this….
    Love and hugggggggggggggsssssssss 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Oh I am feeling so much better now darling.. Bollywood drama and fun and frolicing with hmmmm can you share that stud muffin you were posting about recently.. lol! teasing of course maybe. YES, I will reamember all of that and bigger hugs and stay well dearest Rue! 2❤️❤️💖❤️

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