Don’t Go Chasin Coyotes

Don’t go chasin coyotes cuz you definitely won’t win

In my mind and leap years I’m 16, but if I do the math I grin

Narly teeth and snarls, you might shoo them away

But get an achy back with scrapes and scratches so I best not play

In the end you’ll only end up with a few bruises and lacerations

So best to keep my day job, less gray hair, and take a staycation

Copyright © Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved 

Well, don’t don’t chasin coyotes unless your John Coyote aka Johnathan Caswell his reblogging site 🤣
He is a master story teller, poet, rebloger supporting all of our work.

The weekend didn’t let up with another coyote at our window and one at our hot tub withing 5 feet of us. Hunter was with us on a leash and we quickly brought him in and went after it to scare it away. It seems there is not much to do about them on your property, other than keep them in and your dog on a leash which doesn’t sit well with me. I personally don’t want to have to encounter them, let alone my animals. Animal control says they can’t do anything unless you have been bit. I am all about being proactive and taking the precautions necessary before the inevitable happens. I have warned all the neighbors, ordered all sorts of lights, lion urine, horns etc and am meeting with someone today to figure out our best plan of attach.
End rant….. well almost! 🤣

And with that, my bags are packed and I’m off for a celebration of my own this weekend and I can’t wait! With or without the animals remains the question.
A female coyote that has been tagged and collared walks through a vehicle pullout where wildlife biologists have been conducting a study of coyotes that populate the area of the Marin Headlands in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area near Sausalito, Calif., on Tuesday, November 24, 2020.Carlos Avila Gonzalez / The Chronicle

California Fish and Wildlife officials on Wednesday confirmed that the coyote that bit a 3-year-old girl this week is the same animal that bit three other individuals last year in the East Bay.

“The coyote’s DNA profile is a match to the coyote responsible for the three other attacks that occurred all in the same vicinity between July and December 2020,” Fish and Wildlife Capt. Patrick Foy told The Chronicle Wednesday in an email.

Thanks always for your support. My back is getting better, thanks for your kind messages.
Have a great day!

Until next time!



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109 thoughts on “Don’t Go Chasin Coyotes

  1. Cindy, I heard your poem to the tune of TLCs ‘Waterfalls’ don’t know if you know that one? Hope you manage to scare of the coyotes for good! Pleased your back is getting better ❤️

    1. I did too and I love that song.. I almost posted it!!!!
      me too!!!! last thing I was planning to write today but I wear my writing/animals on my sleeve and heart for better or worse. Thanks Ingrid.. yep, on the mend!💖

  2. I adore that cute picture of you with your fur babies Cindy😍 We used to live close to a nature reserve and often see coyotes. It’s important we allow them to be without chasing or attempting to scare them more than they already are. I view we humans as the invaders, not the other way around. We must all coexist in harmony. Such poignancy in your poem mixed with your wit and humor🙌✨❤🤗

  3. I do hope that you recover soon from your back pain, sorry to hear this. Maybe your weekend away will do you the world of good from a healing perspective.
    Coyotes are something that I had never thought about, and I was shocked to read that they are so close to homes and pets!
    Stay safe

  4. Cindy, I am glad you are recovering from chasin’ coyotes! <3 I have heard reports that we have coyotes in the East, but haven't seen one. What do you think should be done about them? In the case of bears and wild boars, which we do have in Florida, they trap and move them away to less-populated areas.

    Love the photo with your pets! <3 Great poem. It would be hilarious if the situation were not so serious!

    Enjoy your vacation. Stay safe and enjoy being with your children! <3 <3 <3

  5. Was imagining and smiling as i read the poem, made me feel winter somehow. The pets look engaged and lovely. Hope some sun and river find you on the holidays coming Cindy.


  6. Thanks for sharing this ‘coyote’ poem, Cindy! I am gonna take your advice to the heart. I’ll be taking a staycation of the mind and deal with the coyotes later.

    Your situation is pretty serious, real stalking coyotes sound scary!

    Cute photo though! Hunter looks all serious, seems like he’s trying to spot coyotes outside in the photo too haha

    Have fun during your outing 🙂


    1. You’re welcome Jay and good idea not to go playng with them. Maybe the coyotes of your mind? 🤣🤗
      It is really upsetting as it seems the coyotes have more protection than us these days which is so annoying when you are being threatened. They have nothing that is hunting them so they are getting overpopulated. Fine, just not in my yard.

      Yeah Hunter is ready for them. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Thanks I’m looking forward to it.

  7. Oh my! I hope you and your pets stay safe. We co-exist with coyotes too who lose more land each year to new subdivisions. I have never had any issues, but one must be aware, especially with pets. I do love seeing them on the trails.

    1. I know, thanks Michele. I am in a residential area that is above a creek. I’m afraid people feed them. I love seeing them on trails where I know to expect them, just not in the window of my back yard. 😜
      Thanks for your check in! ❤️

  8. You will rarely see a coyote. Native American believe the coyote is the trickster, the wise one. Always planning and rarely caught. Hello dear Cindy. Good afternoon from Michigan.

      1. I did. I do appreciate Cindy. Years(1991-2000) ago I went to Death Valley in California. I drove the gas and water trucks for the Army for the hot weather training. I have a hard name to pronounce. The soldiers called me Sgt. C. In the desert, every morning four desert coyotes would find my water truck. I would dig a path for the water and feed them some meat from the MRE. They would find me every morning and the soldiers saw me giving them the water. They were large and scary looking coyotes. My soldiers started calling Sgt. Coyote. So I kept the name for my writing. I was a trickster in real life also.

      2. Oh yeah… it was a good little tie in I thought-:). Couldn’t pass it up.
        OMG Johnnie that is amazing. So you are responsible for the echo change in our word 🤣. I know you have a good heart. I’m telling the neighbors not to feed them!!!
        This is a great story! 💖

  9. Hey Cindy, loved your Coyote poem, some great advice out there, hope your back is all fine now and you had a great staycation❤️😊 And you look so adorable and geared up with your lovely hunter and 🐱
    Take care dear, have a lovely week ahead🤗🤗😘❤️❤️❤️

    1. Oh Thanks Samreen! Quick thoughts there and so apropos right!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 I’m forging ahead with my mission. Poor animals are cooped up at the moment. Actually, I’m actually getting out of dodge Friday … excited. Oh thanks so much. When you said dear, I think deer.. used to have a lot of those on the property too. 🤣 you have a great one too and big hugs and love to you!❤️💖🤗🤗🤗💖💖💖

  10. Are you going to do some magic with the ingredients you bought?
    ‘I have warned all the neighbors, ordered all sorts of lights, lion urine, horns etc and am meeting with someone today to figure out our best plan of attach.’
    This is what made me think about magic. Lion it really available?

    1. Gosh, I’m still looking into my crystal ball.. lol 🤣 Well, there is coyote and deer urine that will just bring more.. I’m still researching in the meantime holed up her .. Yikes!!!! I’ll let you know! Thanks Kritika!

  11. Nice poem on coyotes.have a well deserved getaway and a very happy birthday celebration 🥰

  12. ahhh the gift of the coyote…we have many healthy coyotes here…right in our alley…nice bushy tail…super healthy…I think we have an over population of them currently in Etown…they can bye quite brazen ~ lovely poetic words Cindy ~ have a joyful day smiles hedy ☺️❣️

    1. The gift that keeps on giving here-:( Oh my, they are very healthy. There is nothing hunting them which is a problem. They sure can be! Animals are going stir crazy inside all day. Oh thank you Hedy, glad you liked my Diddley. Thanks and you too! 💖❤️

  13. The reason behind the arrival of the coyote finally is solved,😊😉 it’s another beautiful poem by you. Hope you and your pets are doing well..💕💕

    1. Unfortunately yes! Hopefully, we can figure out how to send him on his way! Oh glad you liked. It’s like cabin fever Rosida since I’m keeping them.
      Thanks for you concern! 💖

  14. “In my heart and leap year, I’m 16 but if I do the math I grin”
    I actually did see you grin😂😂😂, in my head by the way.

    Reading your writings gives me so much positive energy😊😊

  15. We are much more likely to see foxes here instead of coyotes. For the most part, they stay away. I think that all of our neighbors are careful with food that they might like. I don’t mind if they eat a few ground squirrels. 🙂 Glad to hear you are recovering from your chase. And that you are escaping, going off the grid, so to speak. Me too. –Curt

    1. I saw a fox nab a cat looking out the window in session and the client saw it too (it was her cat) it was horrid. I would invite them in if they just ate the squirrels happily. Oh meeee to and you too! YAY!!!! 💖

      1. Now that would be bad! Me…Ow!
        Sorry about the delayed response here, Cindy. Peggy and I have been over at Pt. Reyes celebrating my birthday. Saw a pair of coyotes. They were digging up and scarfing down sand crabs on the beach. 🙂 –Curt

      2. I wondered if you moved there! 🤣 Been wondering how you have been.., Haven’t seen you writing? The beach is a good spot for them I suppose.. 🤣🤗 Good to hear from you! 💖

  16. HHAHAAHAHAHHA….Cindy I love that second line.
    Resonates with me.
    In my mind, me too….I’m sweet 16….nah…19 {best year ever}
    But when I do the math, I grin! phew

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