Here Comes the Sun on Move it Monday!

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It’s Move it Monday and as we move into April with the vaccine underway and more and more people vaccinated, we are hopeful for a continued reduction in cases with a hopeful eye on the future, as we get the virus under control.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year of staying in and masking up when we go anywhere and in many ways it feels like a lot longer;  especially for those that have gotten Covid,  lost loved ones, their businesses and income or suffered from mental health issues.  Covid has been a black cloud for some and my heart goes out to all of you who have been shaken to the core of this dreadful disease. 

It’s no wonder depression is on the rise and mental health has been compromised with isolation at a high. Winter months with reduced light is always challenging but here comes the sun with spring blessing us with warmth and light, so it’s time to celebrate and get our booties moving.

While some are thriving in this virtual reality world those are far and few between.  For the most part, it’s been challenging for everyone and especially for people in big cities that are stuck between 4 walls everyday.  

According to one survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 40% of respondents—from a pool of more than 5,400—experienced a negative mental or behavioral health condition in the month of June alone; problems included anxiety and depression (CDC 2020). And the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America™ 2020 survey of more than 3,000 adults found that tension hit parents and people of color particularly hard, with many respondents stressing about the coronavirus, the economy and the government’s response to the pandemic (APA 2020). 

The effect this has on our psyche can be insurmountable making getting up and moving critical for our mental state, not to mention our physical state.  Weight gain is also on the rise with less movement with everyone glued to our computers.  I’ve even spent hours on end at the computer writing when my job is generally active 24-7.  Kudos to you if you are making exercise and healthy eating part of your life and adhering to a program.  

Never before has it been so important to clear our head and break away from screen time.  Exercise increases serration levels which reduces stress, combats depression, anxiety and addictive behavior such as drugs, alcohol, porn, over eating , etc. You are not alone and there are many scientific studies that show how movement and exercise can help combat these conditions and have better outcomes against the negative outcomes of mental health effects of the pandemic.  Not to mention it helps weight-loss, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, reduces diabetes, increase immune function, reduces auto immune disorder symptoms, helps with Alzheimer’s etc.  


NO MORE EXCUSES!  IT’S TIME TO DO THIS AND REMEMBER TO STAY MINDFUL AND BREATH which helps calm your nervous system, increase oxygen levels, and keeps your eye on the task at hand keeping you centered and relaxed.

Some of you started when I wrote my last Move It Monday and I gave you a base program to start with.  Refer to that if you let it go by the wayside.  

Otherwise, it’s time to step it up and I’ve devised a 22 minute workout to do just that.  It’s a begining intermediate class but you can do it in segments and curtail it the level you need to.

Part of a No Guts No Glory class on a client Zoom session a little video glitch but what the hey, it’s Covid. lol!

Encourage More Daily Movement

We should all move our bodies in some form or fashion every day, says Hillary Cauthen, PsyD, executive board member for the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. With the pandemic restricting many of our activities, it’s more important than ever to take daily walks (or runs), twice-weekly weight training, and 10- to 15-minute stretch breaks throughout the workday. Set up a buddy system or check-ins between training days. The more we move, the better they can tame stress.

IDEA is a Health and Fitness Association I am a member of if any of you want to check it out from time to time and I extrapolated some of my information from their sound advise.

Happy Monday wish is was Sunday, I don’t have to work day but it’s just another manic Monday. Hey, but I did have a good weekend and I hope you did as well. We woke up to the coyote laying at the pool sunbathing and Hunter up at 3, 4 and 5 wanting to chase it and so bummed I didn’t get a picture for you.

Make it a great day and week and Happy Celebrations to all of us as we get out in the sunshine and move!

Thanks for your continued support, liking (if you do of course), commenting and or sharing if you’re inclined.

Blessings of Light and Love,


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110 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun on Move it Monday!

  1. Cindy, good post and instructional video. I always like picking up new exercises to blend with my current crop. You also picked a great Beatles tune to boot. Keith

  2. Awesome instruction video. I am definitely going to add it to my routine and this would help me to mix exercises up! Great post. Thank you as always 💝💝

    1. Thanks, Sooo glad you liked Sunith! Oh YAY, that’s such good news to here! I’ll keep adding some as well. I love you are already exercising
      👏👏👏 I appreciate your continued support and you’re most welcome! 💖🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. To many, last year was not good definitely. And mental and health issues are in the rise 😐 Thanks for this inspiring post Cindy. You always have good things to share with us. ❤️❤️ The 16 year old in the video is amazing 😂😂

    1. You’re sooo right Preeths, it’s been tough on so many and sad to loose friends and family members. You’re so welcome and thanks always for your encouragement and support to keep sharing my experience which is so empowering to me. Awww,., you are sooo sweet and endearing too!! 💖💖💖🙏🙏🤗🤗🌷

  4. Thank you for the advice and the workout video Cindy! I moved it Monday running after Ollie on his new bike: he’s my new personal trainer 😅🤣 🏃‍♀️

    1. You’re welcome Ingrid and I never worry about you movin your bootie on a Monday or any other day; especially with Ollie to keep you on your toes and train you. Whooo Whooo how fun a new bike!!!! You go Ollie, keep your mom honest and in shape! 💖

  5. Awwww amazing video cindy💖💖💖 really its been an year we are like this, surrounded by corona…hope everything becomes fine soon… Again ‘soon’ god knows when!!! Have a nice day dear💖💖💖

    1. Sooo glad you liked it Soni, thanks soooo much!!!
      I know right?!!!
      How is that possible?!!!! I think you’re soooo right… who knows when… but we will survive!!!!
      Thanks Soni, I’m working on it and you too!

  6. Its a fun workout. I enjoyed the energy it was reflecting. I always enjoy workouts. 😀
    All the best for the new week! Take Care!

    1. Soooo glad you liked it Kritika and found it fun, reflective and energetic! YAY!!! Glad yo udid it too!
      soooo happy to hear from you and hope you had a Happy Holi Day!!! 💖💖💖

      1. Its not much of an enjoyment now. The virus has curbed the real fun. Need to hold on for a while because of it.
        (Hearts) Have an awesome week!

      2. Oh NO!!!!! Sooo sorry to hear that!!!!
        Take good care of you!!!!!
        I’m sending love and fast healing!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏🙏

      3. Ah no. I have not caught the virus. We play colours with friends and family which was not possible because of the virus precautions.
        Love and Hugs to you too 🙂 Hope people who have caught it heal soon.

      4. Oh good! I was beginning to worry about you!! I see, that would interrupt a lot!!! I agree woth you and I hope for the same! 💕🤗💕

  7. The video is awesome!
    Very inspiring post! 2020 was definitely the worst year for me and for almost everyone i guess. Thanks for this!! You are always brimming with positivity and sharing that with us!

    1. Thanks tons Akshita!!!!
      So glad you liked it and found it inspiring. Yes, this truly was an unfathamable year and I would have never guessed as you have dealt with it the best way posiblew. I’m sooo glad you found it inspiring and uplifing. You’re soi welcome and thank you sooo much for your usual check in which always brightens my day! 💖

    1. I soooo much agree with you Joyce! It will happen and I too think it will be a long time and patience is esential! Have a lovely day and thanks so much for your visit!!! 💖💖

  8. Movement medicine is what heals my soul everyday. It’s so very important for grounding and staying in the flow with life, glowing from the inside out! Motivational Monday beauty my love😍 Here’s to an awesome new week as we step into April 💖💐🌠😊🎆

    1. It is sooooo true as the movement music people that we are! Speaking of which, I meant to tell you the other day that I am also a Music Medicine Facillatator with Christina Stevenso who is AMAZING.. I know you are going to be doing a new workshop but wanted to tell you about her as well so you can compare notes. I’ll send you info on that. Thanks my dear.. I added the wrong video oops.. April here we come! 💖

      1. Awesome, sounds good 👍I love to learn and am always open. Yes, March allowed for a big release and April will be ushering in what’s new to bloom 💓😊

    1. Oh Yay Good for you~. That keeps things interesting and you strong. I uploaded the wrong video and it was only 20 min. oops will try to change later. Thanks for the visit! 💖

    1. Lol! Oh good, can you do that one for me. I had my eyes dialated today for an eye check and 5 hours later they’re still blurry.
      Glad you liked it Curt! Thanks as always! 💖

  9. All the best for April and happier and healthier times ahead Cindy. But I am very sceptical of mass vaccinations. I remain a Happy Fruitarian 😊😊

    Stay blessed. Stay loved 🥰

    1. Thank you so much Ashok and to you !!!!
      I do understand your skeptesim as I NEVER get any vaccines and my Dr. argues with me every year but I work in an industry with close contact and feel a responsibility to my elderly clients especially, so this one, I’m biting the bullet on.
      I will and you do the same!!! 💖

      1. I understand this Cindy and am with you. What we do is never as important as Why!! All the best to you. All shall be well 💖🙏

  10. Uplifting post and awesome Workout you certainly have high energy and vitality.

  11. Cool instruction video….thanks for saying your thoughts n facts, Cindy….”Never before has it been so important to clear our head and break away from screen time. “….interesting….I think, we use more screen time….but true, no more excuses….lovely sharing, dear Cindy ✨😊

    1. Good Morning on my end Navin, I think afternoon on yours. Glad you liked it.. even tho I posted the wrong one. details, details. 🤣. I know I am and I’m going to try to limit it where I can. I appreciate you checking in as always! 💖💖🌷🌷🌷🙏

      1. I’m feeling better, thanks….but the highs & the lows are the constant flows….that’s how it is….it’s ok to not be OK ✨❤️

  12. You are a treasure, Cindy. Thank you for your thoughtful, relevant, and motivating words.🙏🏻 I love the video and appreciate that you are encouraging people to move by showing, not just telling. 🙌🏻 Love the song too. 🌞 💖 Have a wonderful day beautiful lady!

    1. Oh thanks so much Michele. You are so welcome and I so much appreciate your support, comment and kind heart. So glad you enjoyed the video and my style of teaching. How can we not love The Beatles-:)!!! 💖 You have a wonderful night as well/. thanks so!! 💖

      1. Thank you for giving so generously of your time, leading others through movement. 💖 I do like a few Beatles songs and that is one of them. It is such a happy song and perfect for this time of year. 🌞

  13. Exercise has helped me so much both with my mental and physical health. Also I love the title- one of my favourite Beatles songs 🎵

  14. Agreed, Cindy! The cumulative effects of this virus on our minds and bodies is terrible. And exercise is so good! Love this post. I’m guessing the coyote feels the love coming from your house and wants to bask in it! 🌞💕🌞

    1. It really is vital to our essistence like you know.
      I know Lisa, I’m kinda feeling sorry the poor thing but I’m nuts to think how I could tame a damn coyote. Hunter will hear nothing of it. 🤣🙏😹love to you today and thanks for the visit!💖

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