Spring Renewal

Ollie and Harry Chillin….Harry is still with us and his resilence is astounding.

April showers bring May flowers and the fruit of our labor burst open with color as we move into Spring. 

Spring, a time for renewal and opening to what is, not what was.  Giving thanks for all we have, not what we have not.  

Rebirthing of our human condition is vital to infuse hope into our spirits.  The truth is, we are perfect the way we are, even when we feel otherwise.  Accepting ourselves where we are is vital to expansion and growth. 

Life is movement, and it is this dance that allows for freedom of our physical bodies and minds.

Experiencing all facets of who we are and who were are not, allows what we actually need for transformation.  

It’s not arriving at a perfect spot but rather accepting the spot we are in no matter where we are, where we’ve been and what we are walking into. It defies religion but honors our own personal experience of what it means to be truly human and supernatural at the same time. There is not one or the other.  

Some days we shine like a rainbow, others a storm cloud. Riding the rainbow and waves is the way of life.  Moving is important in opening our souls and nature is a gift that allows us to know truth.  When we do that, we naturally move in tune with our body and things change in ways we couldn’t project or control.  

Our lives are a microcosm of how we treat ourselves.  So next time you find yourself fighting and resisting what is, just be.

Get out in nature, take a deep breath.  Your body will tell you what you need next, if you’re kind and listen to it’s inner yearnings.  

Love yourself where you are, wherever you find yourself.  Plant, Bloom, Grow.  Be kind to you and let the grace of God hold you!

Copyright © Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved 

Thanks for tuning in and today and have a wonderful Wednesday and holiday however you celebrate. With special thanks to my friend Kumar Harsh for the inspiration to video my poem. I often share things I write with him and when I shared this one he said; Wow, this was such an amazing read Cindy. I felt so warm, it was like you were here and talking to me. If you haven’t read his poetry or new book, definitely by a copy on Amazon.

It is with a heavy heart for me and all of us to say farwell to Sue Vincent who I was only lucky enough to know through all of you sharing her poetry and contributions, towards the end of her life. She picked a wonderful time in spring moving into Easter to make her transition. I appreciated her kind comments and wisdom in our sharing and how she embraced her life the same way she embraced her death, and me as a new follower. One of my favorite comments she wrote to someone was; I’m sorry I won’t be handling that anymore, I’m busy dying right now, please check in with (name forgotten). It was such an example of how I want to embrace my last days on earth. Her writing was beautiful, wise, poetic with such jewels that take your breath away and her book Midnight Haiku was just published and made it to the New York Times Best sellar list. I joked with her and said “we’re always famous after we die” and she said something very funny back which I can’t recall now. She also has many other published books if you search Amazon. If you don’t know her please go to her site and follow it as I believe it will be perserved. She will be a guiding star for all of us in days to come as she takes her place as one of our writing angels. Thank you Diana, Marsha and The Carrot Ranch for the introduction.

May the grace of God hold and house your spirit today and always.

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Blessings of Love,



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171 thoughts on “Spring Renewal

  1. My fav lines today: Love yourself where you are, wherever you find yourself.  Plant, Bloom, Grow.  Be kind to you and let the grace of God hold you!❤️❤️ Let the grace of God hold me!

    Saddened to read this, will check her site right away, thanks for sharing this Cindy.

  2. Cindy, thank you for your uplifting words delivered through a video. Thoughtful and generous of you. May everything you send out come back to you tenfold. ✨ I love the scenery and the relaxed pup! Too cute. Have a wonderful day. 💖

  3. Thank you for sharing the poem and the recording! It was so lovely to see you and Harry in that beautiful peaceful setting 😍 I just wanted to give him a big hug, so please give him a big hug from me 🤗

      1. Live with joy and ring a bell ,
        Go to heaven after watching hell ,
        With God you’ve  risen ,
        After you tripped and  nearly  fell ,
        You would rise and really swell ,
        All is good and truly well ,
        Nothing to scare and you can tell ,
        Sing for peace  and in joy  dwell …

  4. “Love yourself where you are, wherever you find yourself. Plant, Bloom, Grow. Be kind to you and let the grace
    of God hold you!”
    Such wonderful and uplifting lines, Cindy! Ollie and Harry look rather content! 🤗❤️
    I’m so sorry to hear about Sue, she sounds like a wonderful person and gifted writer.

    1. Sooo glad you enjoyed those words D and seeing OPllie and Harry!
      I know she really was an amazing person.
      Thanks so much for your visit… I appreciate you and your support always! 💖💖

    1. Thank you so much Yeshu!!! It’s sooo good to see you and I so much appreciate your support and dropping in. I haven’t seen you writing much these days. big hugs and love!💖💖🤗🤗🤗

      1. Yeah Cindy I know i have been too irregular on WP these days. There were many things going on but I am back now and I did post something 2/3 days back. I guess more than busy I am being lazy 🙈🙈

      2. Not a worry at all… I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything snd I notice you weren’t around. Glad you’re back and I’ll check back.
        🤣🤣🤣 lazy is fine too! 💖

  5. Hi Cindy,
    I love your video and poem! The location is so idyllic!
    Ollie and Harry are the cutest.
    I am sorry about Sue’s passing. It is another reminder to celebrate all our moments and friends while we have them.
    Blessings to you! ♥♥

    1. Oh thanks so much Ana Star!!! It really is a lovely spot and so glad you enjoyed seeing Ollie and Harry.
      I know it’s really sad to hear about her but she is an example and like you say reminder to celebrate every moment!!!! Thanks so much!!

  6. Beauty and Spring freshness flows from your words Cindy!! I am so excited for this new month of April and have lots of new things that I’m doing. Get out there and love, yes 🙌❤💃💓🤸‍♀️🧚‍♀️🌈

    1. Thank you so much Maria! I’m glad you enjoyed the message and the promise of spring upon us in all it’s glory!!! Here’s to love, us and the sun!!! 💖👏🌷🌷🌷

    1. Thanks so much Cheryl, I’m so glad you enjoyed it and Harry and Ollie too. I can’t really. I just realized it is Easter.. how did this happen! Have a good one! 💖💖

  7. It really is about accepting where you are and learning to love it instead of always wanting more.
    Loved the picture of Ollie and Harry!

    1. Dear Cindy and Pooja,

      I concur with Pooja here. Thank you, Cindy, for the lovely messages in the first post of the new month. Please kindly send my best regards to Ollie and Harry.

      Since we have now made it to a new month, I would like to wish you a Very Happy April with all the April Love that I have gathered in a special post entitled “🦅 SoundEagle in April Love and Dove, Art and Heart, Game and Puzzle, Music and Video 🕊💌💘” published at http://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/soundeagle-in-april-love-and-dove-art-and-heart-game-and-puzzle-music-and-video/

      There is the song there called “April Love”, which had always been one of my late mother’s favourites, and I had played in on the organ numerous times for her.

      May both of you find the new month and what it will usher into our lives much to your liking and satisfaction!

      May both of you find the new Springtime very much to your liking and highly conducive to your writing, reading, thinking and blogging whatever musical topics that take your aesthetic and intellectual fancy!

      Happy April!

      1. Thank you so much SoundEagle!
        I appreciate your kind message about my post and your kind wishes to Harry and Ollie. They send a woof and a meow.

        I listened to the beautiful song April Love and I can see how your mother loved it so much! It’s just beautiful.

        Thanks for your heartfelt message and Happy Springtime to you as well and Happy April!

      2. Dear Cindy,

        I am delighted to read your comment here, and to be informed that you have enjoyed the songs. Thank you for your feedback and compliment.

        Given that your comment pertains to my post entitled “🦅 SoundEagle in April Love and Dove, Art and Heart, Game and Puzzle, Music and Video 🕊💌💘”, I would really appreciate it if you could kindly submit your comment to the comment section in my said post too.

        You can simply copy and paste your previous comment and perhaps add more if you have something extra to say. Thank you in anticipation.

        Calling the Dove🕊 to send you more April Love💌💘….

      3. Good Morning Sound Eagle!
        You’re most welcome.
        I truly did try but will try again. threre were a lot of them so I was confused.

        Have the best day ever and may the spirit of spring be with you! 💖

      4. Dear Cindy,

        I have just finished adding a series of animations to my said post for your enjoyment. Come and experience them yourself. Please enjoy.

        Looking forward to receiving your feedback there.

      5. Dear Cindy,

        I hope that you do realize that the last time you actually made a comment at my blog was more than four months ago at 2020/11/27.

        And during these four months, I have made about twelve comments on your blog.

      6. This sounds a little like tit for tat SoundEagle which I do agree in supporting my followers that so kindly follow me. This let’s me remember that no one knows what is going on in anyone’s life and and to remember never to take things personally or do so out of obligatory action. I actually go to your blog more than you might know and NEVER see a new post or I would definitely have liked it and commented. Again, I find your site very difficult to access.

        Be patient, I appreciate your support but have a lot on my plate at the moment.
        Happy weekend to you. 💖

      7. Dear Cindy,

        First of all, many of my commenters do not just visit and comment on my new posts; they also visit, read, like and comment on old posts. I also often do the same by visiting, reading, liking and/or commenting on some bloggers’ old posts, not just waiting for their new posts to appear. Therefore, your reasoning that you have not commented because there has not been any new post(s) to comment on is very problematic.

        This is hardly a “tit for tat” at all as you put it. If it had been indeed a “tit for tat”, I would not have continued to come to your blog and submit numerous comments, given that you have not commented at all for more than four months, during which I did publish at least one new post and also at least one or two new pages, such as the User Guide at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/about/user-guide/

        Therefore, your statement that you “NEVER see a new post” is definitely untrue.

        Also, as indicated clearly in the said User Guide and also in my “About” page, I regularly extend, improve and update existing posts and pages. So, should you bother to visit posts and pages that you have not visited before, let alone those that you have visited before, you will always find plenty of fresh things and ideas to read, like and comment on.

        Moreover, all along, I have visited, read, liked and commented on your blog, and I have observed that you have had the time to not just reply to your commenters on your blog but also comment copiously on other people’s blogs, where I have also read and liked many of your comments.

        And once again, I have been very supportive of you by submitting another substantial comment right here on your blog.

        May you have a lovely Easter weekend!

      8. Hi Again SoundEagle,

        There was a specific day in the not so distant future that I went in and like a lot of your posts that I realized I hadn’t seen.

        I’m sorry, we seem to be out of sync and kilter in our communication which we can’t seem to resolve. You also end up in spam often in my comments.

        I would be concened if I were you as well because I type your name in and it no new material shows. It is very different than any other sites that I visit but I do my best.

        I appreciate your support and am very grateful. I mostly see you commenting to some of my followers on my site which may follow you as well and thats about it. I would always comment if it showed up for me so please know that.

        I truly want you to know it is nothing personal and as I mentioned I will go in when I get more time to see if I can follow your user guide.

        Take good care and have a blessed Easter as well!

      9. Dear Cindy,

        I look forward to your visiting and commenting on some of my blog posts and pages so that I may learn about your perspectives and insights in any of my posts and pages that you consider to be thought-provoking, intellectually stimulating and/or aesthetically satisfying.

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        Therefore, do NOT use the WordPress Reader to navigate my blog. To look for any content, always visit the “Content Listing” directly at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/about/contents/

        Happy reading and Happy April!

      10. Thanks SoundEagle!

        I will go to your link but I will warn you, I often can’t visit them when I hit the link but promise I will try!~

      11. Dear Cindy,

        If you indeed treasure SoundEagle’s friendship and what SoundEagle’s website can offer you, then one would hope that you will consistently look into what it is that has caused certain thing(s) to happen and solve it promptly, and even enlist the help of some friend(s) and/or expert(s). There are numerous well-produced contents awaiting to surprise and entertain you in various posts and pages. In fact, you don’t have to take my word for it about the quality of my posts and pages, for you can see and read those numerous comments that others have submitted to my main blog. Even so, I am still particularly interested to learn about your perspectives and insights regarding any of my posts and pages that you consider to be thought-provoking, intellectually stimulating and/or aesthetically satisfying, as I regard you highly in your sensitivity and humanity.

        Yours sincerely,

      12. Dear Cindy,

        Furthermore, I would like to add that your reasoning that you “find [my] site very difficult to access” is also highly problematic because my site has many features that make it much easier for visitors to assess and/or search for posts and pages.

        One of these features is the “Content Listing” page, which is conveniently accessible in four ways via two menus and two widgets.

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      13. I welcome anything that is easier which would be awesome as I’m extrodinarily busy and work full time. WP is glitchy enough.
        Thanks 🙏🌷

  8. The opening image caused a smile and a chuckle … and oh wow …. what a beautiful setting you have by the lake. Oh my my. Wonderful. Whereas I see winter as a time of reflection, spring is the time of renewal … to renew the thoughts of the winter reflection in a quest to be better, Beautiful words about Sue, and thanks for filling me in.

  9. Beautiful words of wisdom Cindy. Yes, life is always Now and is As it should be!

    So sad to know about your friend. It is the third death I have heard about today. God only knows His ways and He is all love 💕

    Stay safe my friend. Stay blessed 🙏

    1. Thank you so much Ashok! It’s so true.

      I’m surprised you didn’t know her through W.P. when you look her up, you might recogniaze her work.

      It is so sad… wow 3 in a week…you have me beat. I know of 2.

      Life is precious.

      Love to you dear friend!! 💖💖💖💖

      1. It is always a pleasure Cindy.

        From Joy we come. In Joy we live and have our being. In that sacred Joy we shall melt again 🙏

      2. Oh Asok I love that and sing the chant from Yogananda often throughout my day. Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy ever new Joy. Thanks for sharing that to strart my morning today! 💖💖💖💖💖

  10. Wow Cindy. This speaks at so many levels with me and I believe everyone who might feel the same. Renewal is the necessary boon that we sometimes may need. Renewal from a mundane life or something that doesn’t excite our hearts. Your video is so so beautiful. Loved the entire scenery and that how peacefully harry lied in your lap and would occasionally look at your face to see what was happening.
    I am extremely sorry to hear about the loss. No words can ever justify what she meant to you and she radiated so much more than just her physical presence. May she find peace and tranquility.

    1. Thank you so much Kumar for the support and inspriation to actually record it. Your kind words were what gave me the idea to do it. Yes, renewal is so important to tap into our inner wisdom. I know sweet Harry. I do think his time is coming to an end now very soon but so blessed for the moments we have left. The hotter weather is harder on him.

      Yes, the world and our W.P. community was so blessed by her gifts but the will live on in all of us. It sounds like she already has found that peace and tranquility when I read her last post which is all we can ever hope for. Thanks again!!!!

  11. This resonated so well … beautiful poem ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Nice tribute to Sue! Miss her!! 😐She lives on with her work ❤️

  12. What a glorious post, Cindy. What a wonderful way to describe Sue Vincent here and all that she has gone through her life and raising her family and taking care of her son and really taking care of all of us in the blogging world. She will be so missed and yet I love the way you describe her transformation to the next realm.

    1. Oh I’m so glad you enjoyed it and truly appreciatvie of your visit and relationship with her and her family. She has sure been through it and for awhile I held hope that a miracle would transpire and there was a way to defeat the odds yet she handled it so pragmatically and with such grace and ease among the brutality of her physical body failing it was clear the time had come and it was right. It doesn’t make it any easier though and you’re so right she will be missed sorely! I’m glad that had meaning to you and thanks so much for your kind sharing and time! 💖💖💖

  13. I so agree Cindy, and yes, life is moving – always the getting out and breathing in the beauty, energy and goodness.

  14. I knew you would be a natural, so calm and peaceful even when the dog wanted to recite your words. Beautiful by the way, I especially liked these lines:

    “It’s not arriving at a perfect spot but rather accepting the spot we are in no matter where we are, where we’ve been and what we are walking into. It defies religion but honors our own personal experience of what it means to be truly human and supernatural at the same time. There is not one or the other.”

    This is a loving and beautiful poem and also I am sorry about your friend that has left this world and is on to the next. Made it to the New York best sellers list. It truly is sad that so many people aren’t recognized for their brilliance until they leave this world. However, who will be looking back not mean I will be flying forward into my next life. That is so wonderful for her family.

    Lovely post, my friend not so far away. xoxoxo Joni

    1. Oh thank you so much Joni!
      I’m so glad it resonated with you and you enjoyed the animals too.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed my poem and those lines.
      I’m surprised you didn’t know Sue Vincent.. You may want to google her because we have mutual friends that knew her. Yes, you and I will fly together.
      Thank you dear Friend from closer than far!💖💖💖

      1. It was beautiful and you are such a natural in front of the camera. I think you should write and read more of your work. Love ❤️ you sweet friend closer than far. 🤗❤️💕🥰

  15. So full of heart, Cindy, and I loved the birds chatting in the background as you were reading it! I like the photo of Ollie & your beloved Harry. (Happy he’s still with us!) Ollie looks like he’s “king of the world!” Thanks for this uplifting post. Much love to you my friend. 🌞

    1. glad you enjoyed it my dear friend. Some of the crows were going cra cra lol…We count the days with the blessed days we have with the sweet boy. Ollie used to be called OIive (a girl) cuz she had 2 big black dots on her forehead that disappeared. Then I called Ollie, Ollie Ollie Ollie oxen free to call her in the house which worked and the spots went away. She is the Queen of the world…Much love and so much thanks for your visit! 💖💖💖🌷

  16. Cindy, this was lovely. Thank you for sharing the video. It looks beautiful there and the poem is lovely. I love how you include people. Thank you for the mention. I feel so badly that I couldn’t have done or said more to Sue. She was a lovely person. I think I get sadder by what I didn’t do to expand the friendship when I could. I wasted so much time. But I will take life as I find it and live each moment, as you say. Give the queen of the world a big hug for me. My queen is still in bed. I need to go say good morning to my hubby. I haven’t even said hi yet, just rushed in here to fix the tag on my post before it went live almost an hour ago! YIKES! Have a wonderful week, Cindy. Lots of love.

    1. You’re so welcome and glad you enoyed it.
      It’s such a helpless feeling when you care about someone. life is busy and we do get caught up in our own world and just trying to keep up.
      Love and Blessings to you for a great week!
      The queens have called!🌷🌷🌷

      1. LOL! Cats are different. Ours have turned into inside ones as you know from my post last week. You will need all the strength you can get. 🙂

      2. I thought so.. …lol.. feels like a month with this boy at the moment but it was pandemoniun with the coyote coming again today.. EVERYDAY… ugh!!!

      3. I hear you. Cindy is going to go nuts, I’m afraid. Vince cleans their litter box at least three or four times a day. She’s not used to that. They want to eat between 3:30 and 4:30, and that’s when I feed them a bite before I go to bed at 12:00-1:00. If we leave food out for them, Nutters eats too much and throws it up. I comb them every day because Nutters grooms long-haired Moji and gets hairballs. Indoor cats are a LOT of work! 🙂

      4. Oh my Marsha, that’s a lot of work. I have these great cedar pelets that absorb moisture and I only have to do it once a month. I know it sounds gross but seriously it works. I do have 3 of them tho. I HATE litter boxes and they were so good when they could go outside in the day but now they are stuck inside with the damn coyote around all day. Oh long hair is something else. Lot’s of work the love of animals. Harry needs bathing a lot now too in his hospice days. oye vey!💖

  17. Such a beautiful post, Cindy. I’m so sorry for your loss of Sue Vincent. She sounds like a wonderful lady and the video was a sweet tribute to her. I know she’s looking down on you and smiling. <3

    1. Thank you so much Cherie. I’m surprised you didn’t meet her here. Her presence was huge and I feel blessed to have known her here for the short time I did. I just ordered her book and her posts are still up if you want to visit her site. You are so kind. 💖🙏🌷

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