It’s God Calling; Are You Ready To Go?

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Happy Monday Everyone,

I woke up 3 nights ago in the middle of the night to a memory of Alice, a dear client/friend that has been gone for 12 years now. She lives forever in my heart. She was such an amazing lady and I am so grateful to her daughter in law, one of my dearest friends and her son for the gift of hiring me to work with her. She was a force to be reckoned with and I am so honored to have shared so many special years of her life.
The below is a true story.

Every time I hear the chimes on my phone, I see your face.
They rang everyday at the same time and was your reminder to take your medication.  Towards the end when life became such a struggle, I would turn to you and say “It’s God calling are you ready to go”?  You would smile and say “I’m getting there” and you didn’t even believe in God! 

You were so winded but day after day we walked and you made good improvements but with COPD, it became a losing battle.  As we climbed the hill, you were slower and we had to stop more often to rest.  
Watching your decline was hard and I so wanted to let you off the hook, but onward we trudged.  The chimes would go off and I would say “It’s God calling are you ready to go”? and we would chuckle.  As the stairs got too much and the hill too steep to climb, we would just walk on flat land.  The chimes would ring and I would say “It’s God calling are you ready to go”?  This time you would answer “Jesus, Joseph and Mary, yes”.  But still we walked.  Our walks turned into circles in the house and you commanded me to sit.  

I’ll never forget bringing Ram Dass’s book, “Still Here” and reading it to you and your beautiful face full of lines and expression and childlike wonder, would light up.  Sometimes we would walk a little and as time progressed it went from sitting with you to lying in your bed and reading Ram Dass’s book, and we would talk about death and dying and what it all meant.  When the chimes would ring I would say “It’s God calling are you ready to go”?  You would say “Hell yes, but keep reading”. Sometimes I was able to say “well it’s not time yet and I’m going to get fired if we don’t get up and one of your kids sees me lying in bed with you”.  We would laugh and cackle like school girls getting away with something.  You asked me to order that book for you and you read it everyday when you were by yourself. I was so impressed because here you were at 86 opening to new ways of thinking which you would have never entertained in your lifetime before. 

We took our sessions to the bed but I was still able to drag you out to move a little most days.  One day the chimes went off and I said  my usual “It’s God calling are you ready to go”? and you said “I’m so ready” and I too knew the days were drawing close.  I tried to help you up but so wanted to just let you stay in bed because it took all of your effort to get up, but I knew if you were around longer, you needed to be strong for your daily activities, so I helped you up.  You sat at the edge of the bed, looked me in the eyes and said “thank you for everything, I could never have done it without you.  You were here for my every need”. The room stood still, tears ran down my face, my heart burst open with happiness and sadness all at once.

When I left that day, I wanted to bake you a cheesecake;  The same one you gave me the recipe for and baked for me, but I was too busy that day, so I bought one instead and brought it with me the next day when I arrived.  You had stopped eating now because it was too much effort.  I told you to stick out your tongue and close your eyes and I put a drop of cheesecake on your tongue because it was your favorite. I actually lied and said I baked it for you and you shook your head and puckered up your face and said “no, this isn’t my cheesecake”.  We laughed but I felt so bad because I wanted to give you something sweet that you had given me in your last days but it seemed my presence of just laying with you,  reading and stroking your  head softly was the sweetness you actually needed.  I knew the end was near and I planned to spend the night with you and sleep in your bed but with 4 kids and a full client load to see, I fell asleep at home and never made it.

In the morning when I returned, I came into the house and I heard your phone ringing and you were in bed.  I said, “It’s God calling are you ready to go”?  
But you didn’t answer; you had already gone.   

I layed with you one last time and held you while I sobbed.  

And now when I hear the chimes I set on my phone everyday, I think of you and the memories we shared. I’m not ready to go yet but you’re the first one I want to see when God calls me.

(my dear friend, Alices Daughter in law actually called me in the morning to let me know she had made her transition and then I went over for my final closure). I am forever grateful for that call.

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Alice’s 85th Birthday whowing off our muscles and smiles. She was gorgeous!

 If you don’t know Ram Dass, he was formerly known as Richard Alpert and was a Harvard  Professor and psychologist who explored LSD and other hallucinogens Timothy Leary, a colleague. He traveled off to India and studied with Neem Karoli Baba (Hindi: नीम करौली बाबा) or Neeb Karori Baba (Hindi: नीब करौरी बाबा) (c. 1900 – 11 September 1973), known to his followers as Maharaj ji, was his Hindu guru and a devotee of the Hindu deity Hanuman.

Ram Dass, also known as Baba Ram Dass, an American spiritual teacher, psychologist, and author. He was given his name by his Guru. His best known book, “Be Here Now”, has been described as “seminal”, and helped popularize Eastern spirituality and yoga with the baby boomer generation in the West. Wikipedia

Born: April 6, 1931, Boston, MA

Died: December 22, 2019, Maui, HI

Full name: Richard Alpert

Be Here Now was one of the first books I remember reading on my spiritual path which one of the first of it’s kind and quite profound.
Still Here came after his stroke which is a story about dealing with loss of function and the challenge of now needing others to help him in the way he helped others. He also discovered his core root was still the same through his stroke and lived in grace.

Thanks for visiting today. Remember you are stronger than you know, blessed beyond measure and more sacred with every passing day. Life is a short journey, make everyday count as you never know when you will take your last breath. Reach out and touch someone.

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DIY Decoations on Fri-Yay Funday

Happy Fri-Yay Funday Friends!

I am sooooo excited to share these decorations with you that my daughter made for all of the celebrations we’ve had lately and there are more to come. Always right?! We’re just done with Valentine’s Day and the chocolate bunnies are already in stores for Easter if you can stand it.

This year is a milestone year for our family as we celebrate 3 generations and a total of 5 grandparents birthdays. 65 (no not me! Remember, I’m 16 with 49 years of experience) 🤣, my sister in law is right behind me, my mom will be 85, My Dad 88, My Step Dad just turned 88, My Dad’s significant other, 90 and my FIL turned 95 last week. WOW! And then there’s our baby who will be 30 in June.

I’ve always made a big deal about birthdays which I got from none other than my mother. I make a point to celebrate them because it’s a chance to pause, come together and honor another day we are blessed to be here on earth. However, I’m off my game this past year with the pandemic and the new normal has taken it’s toll and I have become much more simple and busy with technology (my fav…hahahahaha). So, if I forgot to send you a card, or wish you a happy birthday this year, Happy Belated Birthday, I’m really so sorry!

With that, comes the shock of the younger generation and surprise of them stepping up and digging in to keep traditions alive. YAY!!!!! I couldn’t be happier and more proud of my kids!

I promised Vani, at Story time with Shivani that I would share this new die cut machine, The Cricut, my daughter is using to create all of these amazing decorations. So here you go Vani, I hope you like it. Do visit her blog and follow her. She has fun stories, great messages, will always make you laugh and she is an amazing supportive follower.


But of course; first a poem called…….

I Pass The Baton

I pass the baton to my daughter who has surpassed me
My once bought decorations I hung with pride
Are crafted by my oldest with her very own cricut die cut machine
She programs and designs cutting out of wood, paper, and plastic
From signs, labels to pins, banners, no two the same
Talented, unique and finely crafted 
I’m happy to say she puts me to shame 
Yes, I’ve been replaced I’m happy to say!
I pass the baton to my daughter who has surpassed me
These decorations are amazing like her in every way!

And what better than to love and be loved! Notice the intricacy of this over lay design


I always wished I had a sister but my sister in law (who made this bag) and my soul sisters (you know who you are) are gifts to my heart and I am everything because of you.

Thanks soooo much Renee and to all of you for reading! However you celebrate your Friday and weekend make sure to take time to enjoy the gifts of the day that come your way. Take some time to enjoy your special gifts, hold yourself lightly and lovingly no matter what is going on and know you are LOVE!

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Congratulations; Fail Until You Succeed!

Do you ever feel discouraged by the amount of attempts you make at trying to get something right?

I do!!!!!! Just after I wrote the quote below and added it to a picture I took on Canva with my print over lay, I couldn’t remember how to upload it and I had to ask my son for help. It is one of my biggest fears because he quickly looses his patience and I am back to my 5 year old self feeling very inadequate. He can’t understand how I can’t remember something we have already done twice even though it’s in my notes. I’m a kinestetic learner which simply means I have to do it over and over again until it becomes second nature. If a few weeks goes by and I haven’t practiced it, it’s like starting over.

I burst into tears which I tried to push back to save face but couldn’t. It happened right after I taught my “No Gut’s No Glory” class on Zoom, which was a disaster, so I was a little more fragile than I usually am. So there you have it, I was a gutless glory mess. 🤣 After a year of doing this, I pretty much have it mastered but the internet guy came a couple of weeks ago to fix something else and ended up fouling up my studio connection and I lost service all throughout teaching. And yes, I had a few other things I was dealing with as well. I’m not usually this thin skinned but hey, it happens to the best of us!

My son apologized for being so short tempered which was appreciated. Now, I’m trying to figure out how I can open up this picture halfway in reader so the whole thing doesn’t show. However, I don’t dare ask him because I can’t handle the wrath of sonny boy again. I usually would ask my assistant that’s been with me for 4 years but he’s dropped off the face of the earth in the last 2 months. T, Call Home but don’t come looking for a job reference if you’re reading this because, seriously, this isn’t how you leave a job. Ok, I want my cash bonus back. 🤣 Just kidding but all of you, do take note if any of you are considering leaving your job; it doesn’t look good on your resume not to tie up loose ends and you might end up on someone’s post 🤣!!! So, I encourage you to go through the proper channels; Covid or No Covid.

All this is to say that I feel your pain, if you are anything like me or are dealing with a challenging day ahead. Keep breathing and rememeber you aren’t alone.

And with that, I now know why this quote I posted on Lisa’s post resonated so deeply with me yesterday (it wasn’t verbatim). Life is so predictably unpredictable. As soon as I said it, I knew I was going to post some version of it but I had no clue that I was writing it for myself until now. I hope it’s useful to you as well. Also, if you can easily explain how to open a picture just halfway in the event I didn’t do it right as a “teaser”, please do tell.

Thanks so much for your constant support and encouragement. Have a wonderful day ahead with blessings, laughter and always love.

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Follow Your Bliss

17 Mile Drive, Carmel by the Sea, California 2/28/21

The wind blows, follow it
The sun shines, seek it
The snow melts, become liquid

Follow your bliss

You can move mountains with a single step
Feel the earth move under your feet 
Explore life’s beauty of which you are!

Follow your bliss

Move it,  spin it, twirl, dance, 
Go with the flow, ride the waves, be the tide, let go
There is movement in stillness… find your way

Follow your bliss

We are walking on uncharted territory, never once seen before,
Create a new vision and joy
Joy is who you are, remember why you came

Follow your bliss

We leave an imprint wherever we go;
The world can be a different place by our actions and deeds
Make a mark and put your stamp on the world, let it hold you while you do 

Follow your bliss

You are  a gift to all mankind.
Never forget there is no one quite like you
Every grain of sand creates an entire beach of which you are part of…. You matter!

Follow your bliss

Copyright © Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved 

Can you tell I had a great weekend away? It was magical and all my kids joined us except our cherub in New York but hey she called and that is a miracle in and of itself. 🤣 It was a respite away from ALL of the animals and daily responsibilities. We are so grateful to have had an amazing animal sitter to tend to Harry’s every need and taking such good care of all of them. That you Robert!

Thanks for all of your kind wishes and love. I am truly blessed beyond measure to have you in my life. Have a wonderful Monday and start to your week. You are gonna love my Fun Fri-Yay gifts and seriously might want to order some for yourself, done by none other than my oldest daughter. They are all so talented, it’s hard to keep track of who’s done the next DYI project of the week.

Stay Bold, Be Bright and Follow Your Bliss!




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