Fun Fri-Yay Spring Training and Opening Day

Joseph Leslie Cartwright

Spring days are here again,
the wind up and the the throw

The horsehide hurling through the air
the batters heavy blow

It won’t be very long until the stands are overflowing
with baseball fans from everywhere who boo and do their crowing

And that is our America and our democracy
when one may argue in defeat and smile in victory

Because our baseball represents our human way of living
of playing square and asking less, than ever we are giving

There ought to be spring training now for everyone on earth
to put us in condition and to help us prove our worth

Author Unknown

A Shout Out to My Dad today for all his many talents, this being only one of them.

Sweet Mug my Dad had made for me of my Grandpa Jo who played Pro Baseball for 4 years and then met and married my grandma (GG)

Fun Fact:

This is just one of many of the poems my Dad has memorized through the years. He learned this one sometime in the 50’s. My father, Stanley Joesph Cartwright, played semi pro baseball in San Francisco with Sarto’s AC. His father, my Grandfather; Joeseph Leslie Cartwright, played Professional baseball for the Western Leagues, The Pacific Coast Leagues, The Salt Lake City Bees with Tony Lazzeri and in the minor-league baseball for the Mission Reds, a San Francisco-based pro team. In the off season he played against Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb and Jim Thorpe.

My Grandpa Cartwright
My Grandpa’s Brother I never met

Baseball has always been big in our family. I played in an after school softball program in high school, which was short lived. My husband has played all of his life and our kids have been immersed in it all of their lives as well. He coached them all from T-Ball to majors in 8th grade. In 1994 my husband went to baseball fantasy camp that The San Francisco Giants ran, which was a dream come true for him.

Four Kids and their Dad

Four kids and their dad on the baseball diamond,
giving hand signals, shouting calls
Run, slide, throw,
rounding the bases for the winning run. 

Pitcher, shortstop, left fielder and catcher, we had one of each.
3 strikes and you’re out and you better not pout.
Good sportsmanship was required.

Daddy’s little girls, had him wrapped around their finger, were safe
while he and our son had words and arguments while flipping the bird, since he  never quite understood he was a surfer by fate.
Mom In the stands, cheering them all on, delivering snacks, refereeing, mending wounds, always just missing the catch or the home run and rushing home to get dinner on the table. 
Who’s on first, second, third or home, it was never clear to her since her job was the schlepper.

Every year they got out of school for Opening Day and even watched their Dad play as a Giant one year at spring training camp with all the Giants greats.

And now they all play on a coed summer softball league when Covid isn’t happening and our son now gives him a run for his money.  Coed champions now 3 times in a row and mom shows up with the dogs and watches in the stands.

Well, we lost tonight but the memories live on of better games ahead. I still hear my grandma singing take me out to the Ballgame which is the best part of baseball to me. Sorry, but to me, baseball is the only sport you can fall asleep in and not miss anything, except if you do. My husband argues that you have to understand the nuances of the game and I’m sure he’s right, but it’s beyond me. My favorite thing about the game is getting there late, visiting the amazing vegetable garden with kale and lettuces, walking around, eating peanuts and then leaving early. Lunch at Momo’s after would be ideal or an Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista but that rarely makes the cut.

Cheers to a great season and all of you for being great sports and visiting! Please like ( if you to of course), comment and or share. Have a great weekend however you spend it.

Happy Easter and Rebirth and Renewal,



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139 thoughts on “Fun Fri-Yay Spring Training and Opening Day

  1. Oh wow baseball players here. Everyone looks cool. Enthusiastic and inspiring family you have Cindy. You yourself are an inspiration for many. Enjoyed the Friday Fun post.

  2. Well I don’t know much about baseball as it’s not big in Europe but I really enjoyed this atmospheric post with two lovely poems 😊

  3. Oh Cindy, have you hit a home run with me. What a great “Field of Dreams” story.! And, it sounds like you like to play ball as well. That is very cool. My first love was baseball. I was going to the Majors, at least in my mind, until everyone caught up talent wise passing me by.

    I love the fact your daughters and you made it special for your husband, as well as your father. I love that your father and grandfather could play as well. Some of my favorite memories of my father are of him pitching batting practice to me after a long day’s work. We would hit a full bucket of balls, then go retrieve them and do it a few more times.

    One final sad story. My great uncle on my mother’s side could play as well, but he said he had a younger brother who was much better than he was and, unfortunately, was killed in an accident after just signing a contract to play.

    Thanks for the memories of your family as it so reminded me of mine. And, yes I will cry at the end of “Field of Dreams’ without shame. Keith

    1. Oh I’m so glad we share the love to the game and Field of Dreams Keith. LOVE that movie ans I too cry when I hear it.

      It’s a pretty special connection they all have. I have more fun stories as I’m sure you do but the wonderful memory of you and your Dad is a priceless one that you had the honors of enjoying. How special.

      Oh that is such a sad story. What a thrill for him to have fullfilled that wish at least before he left way too soon.

      Cheers to the memories and season ahead. Thanks for stopping in! 💖

      1. Cindy, it is my pleasure. How do you feel about the movie “Bull Durham?” I love the dialogue and one-liners. Keith

  4. Happy Easter Cindy. I don’t have much idea about baseball yet I love reading this fun and full of energy post. Thanks for sharing two lovely poems. Enjoyed reading this post ❤️🤗

      1. Haha! I am afraid now! There is nothing to be happy about weekend. I am currently giving my final exams🥺🥺

      2. Oh lord well then glad I could make you laugh.
        Study hard and good luck. “Break a leg” as we say here.. Ace the tests in other words!💖💖💖

  5. Awww Cindy❤ I shared this beautiful tribute to baseball and family with my Mom 🤍⚾️ My Dad played minor league baseball and tried out for the Yankees back in the day too! What a great poem you shared that ties up life, Spring renewal and the love for the ge of baseball. It means so much in our family as well! Happy Spring and Easter blessings to you and yours work so much sweetness and love 💗💐🌈🤸‍♀️🎉😁

    1. Thanks Maria, I’m sure your mom and Dad loved it with their history. Wow, just think if they knew each other. Glad you liked my poem dear and yes the renewal of spring, easter, passover, holiday and everything we forgot. Thanks sooo much. I’ll be visiting later as I expect you have something brewing 💖💖💖

      1. Yes, I posted yesterday 😊 My Mom and I both said the same thing!! That would be awesome and I would laugh 😅 of course they would find one another as we have 💛💛

      2. Oh Yay, I thought so!!!! looking forward to it!
        I’m sure They would have!!!!!
        Maybe they’re playing in the field of dreams!!!!!💖💖💖💖💖

  6. This is amazing….baseball player….lovely family….your posts are full of positive energy & vibes….thanks for your sharing, dear Cindy ❤️ ✨

    1. Soooo glad you like it Dearest Navin!!!! Thanks so much for your lovely comment as I’ve come to so much appreciate that makes my day!
      You’re welcome and cheers to the weekend!! 💖

    1. You’re cute and thanks for your last comment Vani that went to spam and I can’t comment on it now.. grrrrr.. I’m such a celeb W.P. doesn’t recognize me!
      Can you do something about that 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Wow Cindy. Such a beautiful and talented family and awesome tradition. Beautiful pics and poems. Great post 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

    Stay blessed. Happy Easter 🐣

    1. Hi Dear Ashok!
      Thanks for your appreciation and love that is such a gift. Glad you enjoyed the poems.
      You are a blessing.
      Thanks so much.
      Hugs to Samreen too.. I miss her!💖

      1. I miss her too Cindy. She is immersed in her immediate family just now 😊💖

        You and your family are so amazing. A big Easter hug and lots of love ❤️ 🤗

      2. Oh got it! I thought you were with her for the wedding. I how you will see her while she is visiting.

        Oh you are so very kind. love and hugs to you too! 💖💖💖

  8. HI Cindy,
    I love this! I am not sure if your husband is right. I have been to many Yankees and Mets games and still don’t have a clue what the game is all about. I do love the atmosphere of it. I would probably enjoy more if I understood the rules of it.
    These are awesome pictures and memories for the entire family. What I loved most is your Dad’s reciting of the poem! Is anyone writing a book about his life and experiences? If not, you could. You are such a great inspirational writer.
    Wishing you a blessed Easter! ♥♥

    1. Oh sooo glad you liked it Ana Star!
      We are birsds of a feather. I actually understand them but it’s a slooooow moving game.
      I’n so glad you enjoyed the pictures and my Dad’s poem. That will make his day.
      I’m trying to get him to recite all of his poetry for me since he can’t see.
      He would love that and thank you for you kind words.
      Thank you and Happy Easter to you as well!💖

    1. 💖 couldn’t send this other but here it is… not sure why
      You’re so sweet!!! I’m happy to support you and appreciate yours.
      💖 happy spring! 💖

      1. This should be not be momentarily if we sustain these feelings. We can share the joy with the people around us.
        Happy spring 😊🌹✍️

  9. Fantastic, Cindy. I don’t watch much baseball these days, yet, do love the game. I went to games as a kid, and played for many years. A lovely game. Have a lovely weekend, my dear friend. ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Wow even I know the names of those famous players. You must be so proud. Your dad did such a beautiful job reciting that poem, seriously. He was great. Wow all ball players, amazing Cindy. What a fun thing to do, what a ball game. It is my favorite sport to watch. I am always amazed at how agile and strong the players are. This was such a very sweet and lovely post and tribute to your entire family. How lovely that your husband was able to attend spring training, how fun for him. I loved the pictures. You have such a handsome family including yourself. Your children were so fortunate to have you as their mother Cindy. I love the poem “Four kids and their dad” you must have wrote that one, so lovely. Love you my friend from not so far away. xoxoxoxo Hugs and Kisses Joni

    1. Oh that’s soooo cool you love baseball Joni and new the names. I have more stories there. It was sooo cute my dad reading.. He loved doing it.
      Oh you are so sweet. I was always behind the scenes but front and center with my poetry so I’m soooo glad you liked it my dear friend. Thanks for taking time to read it. big hugs and love! 💖💖💖

      1. Well you were brilliant and your father was amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us. Have a truly blessed Easter my friend not so far away. 🐇😘🐰🐰🐣🙏 love ❤️ Joni

  11. How great to have a baseball legacy in your family! Do you still have the Cartwritght card? That is really an old one!
    The video clip of the poem is well done! I like the message.
    Have a great Easter weekend!

    1. it is cool and fun to archieve this for the kids. I do. Yes, and old cards have gotten crazy in value Dwight.
      My Dad loved it and will love your comment. Glad you enjoyed the message.
      Happy Easter to you as well!!💖💖💖

  12. Cindy, So wonderful to get acquainted with your family through the beautiful pictures and family history mentioned in your blog…happy Easter to you and yours 💖💖

  13. I was thinking, I’m out of this, as I read about your family’s baseball history, Cindy. I have a friend who is a rabid Giant’s fan. Missing a game is unheard of and the Dodgers are like crap. I like to be supportive, but I just can’t get excited. I am impressed by your family’s background, however. And I started laughing when I read your words: “to me, baseball is the only sport you can fall asleep in and not miss anything.” Happy Easter my friend. –Curt

    1. That’s so funny Curt and glad there is someone that can appreciate my dilemma. lol. the history is rich however and glad you liked that part. Oh I’m feelng you’re pain with your friend. Every sport here is huge in our house. ugh and rich with history. Glad you liked my honesty and got a laugh. Thanks and happy Easter to you too!💖

      1. I tried Little League before I realized how blind I was before I got glasses and kept getting bonked on the head with a baseball, Cindy. I went back to doing my census of how many skunks lived in our neighborhood. It seemed a lot safer. 🙂

      2. awww that’s so cute and NO FUN!
        Wow, you had to wear glasses early.
        Well the skunks were happy with you. Oh you only need to get sprayed once to realize what a drag that is! 💖

      3. Recorded a confrontation in our backyard once on a night camera between a skunk and a raccoon. The sun won. 🙂 I finally got glasses in the seventh grade. I would have had them much sooner except I cheated on the school eye exams. Dumb me. –Curt

  14. Cindy that’s a really neat history tour! Wow! Totally unrelated but I was watching Extreme Makeover Home Addition and the family that was being helped loved, loved, loved baseball. The little boy was in a wheel chair. Anyhow, they did the backyard as a baseball field to scale to fit and one room was like one of those boxes you watch the game from. This just made me think of that.

    1. so glad you enjoyed it, thanks. Wow, that is so cool about thr family helping the son in the wheel chair. I love that. It sure does bring people together alright💖💖💖thanks for the visit!💖

  15. What a lovely family you have Cindy . They are all so talented as are you.your dad did a nice job of reciting the poem !so great to share those times together .You are a great role model
    Have a blessed Easter and savor the time you have together.❤️🐣🐣🌸🌷🌻🌺

    1. Thank you so much Marlene! I appreciate your check in ad so glad y ou liked the poem and pictures. Yes, I am blessed. Thank you so much and thanks for stopping in. happy Easter to you! Stay blessed and kind. 💖💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏🙏

  16. We have same thing here, not for baseball, for cricket. Both are nearly the same sort of sport. So know nothing about baseball. But I always think it’s a really cool sport.
    As I always said, the whole family deserves a shoutout. You all are so talented.
    Sending your name to Guinness Book of World record for having numbers of talent.

    1. Cricket is big there and I think they are so much the same. Oh you are so sweet to say than and you’re cute.. about the Guinness worlk records… there’s lots to add that mean nothing but my Dad would love it!💖🌷🌷🌷 happy day!

  17. So your grandfather was a semi-celebrity?! Wow! Your dad’s sharing of the poem is just precious. When I lived in South Florida, I was a huge Marlins fan & actually was blessed to be at the 7th game of their first World Series, where they won over the Cleveland Indians. What a thrill! I laughed out loud when I read that one of your favorite things about going to the game was visiting the garden! Enjoyed this post immensely, Cindy! 🌞

    1. Yeah… whooo hooo.. according to my dad he was semi pro and my grandpa pro. 🤣 It was short lived though. He is the biggest ham but truly amazing and well versed, sang, in theater, a tennis pro etc. Good for you and it sounds like you had a ball which is awesome …unlike me who sleeps through it. lol 🤣 You would LOVE the garden. Thanks dear and Happy Easter!🌷

  18. What a lovely post and you have a beautiful blog. My hubby was thrilled when the baseball season started! Thank you so much for following my blog.

    1. Oh you are so kind.
      Thank you so much. Oh the T.V. will be on non stop here with every game under the sun.. I try to be a good sport.
      You’re so welcome!!! 💖

  19. What a fun post, Cindy. The pictures are great, but my favorite is your dad. That is priceless. What a treasure for you and for your family. This blog is like a family book of memories. My first husband love, love, loved baseball. He might have played baseball as a kid, but never could as an adult. He went to all the Visalia Oaks games with an older couple in our church who had been a pro player in his day. In Visalia the summer temps are in the 100-110s+ so I couldn’t handle the heat. However, some day we should go to a Giant’s game! 🙂 This is one of my favorite posts of all times. 🙂

    1. So glad you enjoyed this Marsha and my dad will be so happy. It was fun to archieve and there are so many, Fun story of your first husbands love of the game. My grandparents were from Visalia too so I know the heat.. It’s brutal!
      Giant’s stadium is fun!
      aww thanks so glad you liked the post! 🌷

      1. Too bad they’re not still around. They might have known Lon Hannah. He had three sons. Lon, Jr. and Joe both played baseball, maybe pro. They became teachers and with Joe’s son Lonnie formed a western singing group called the Sons of the San Joaquin. They were pretty famous. Lon, Jr. still does commercials in Fresno. He must be around 80 now and still gorgeous last time I saw him.

      2. He might. They were pretty famous as singers. They formed a group and Lon Sr.’s 80 birthday party. and we were there to be a part of it.

      3. If by stage, you mean church podium, I’ve been there. LOL My mom was the church organist when I was young, so I had to be in children’s choir. My brother and I were in choir as teens, and as a pastor’s wife, I had many singing duties. Unfortunately in my family we lose our voices in our fifties and sixties. I can barely carry a tune now. My range is all of five or six notes, where it used to be nearly two octaves – with a little stretching on both ends. LOL 🙂

      4. No matter, just don’t stand next to me! I was in choir in college once, and the director made me stand next to a gal who couldn’t sing AT ALL! He said I had a strong voice and could carry her, but I felt used and not in a good way! I didn’t join the next semester. 🙂

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