If there was No Color, what Color would we be?

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If there was no color,
What color would we be?

Invisible ink that disappears as soon as it’s written.

Same on the inside as we are on the outside.  Different genes, shapes and sizes coming from different countries and nationalities but all wanting the same thing …. peace and harmony. 

What color would we be if our eyes couldn’t see?
Invisible ink that disappears as soon as it’s written.

Writing a new script and a new path as those before us started… 
up to us, to continue their legacy. 

If there was no color, what color would we be?  
Invisible ink that disappears as soon as it’s written. 

Yellow, black, blue, orange, purple, white, red will all be brown someday.  Same on the inside as we are on the outside. All the colors of the rainbow, beautiful and bright, a melting pot of delight.

If there was no color what color would we be? 
Invisible ink that disappears as soon as it’s written.

Yearning for the same thing;  food, shelter, love and peace and harmony. 
And if our words spoke love, what would happen to our hearts?

What color would we be if our hearts couldn’t see?
Invisible ink that disappears from the page.

Wrongs made right where no one gets even. 
Would the hate disappear and violence and greed?  An eye for an eye never brought anyone back.  Would the bullying stop, if our colors were one and our preferences honored?

What color would we be if our eyes couldn’t see and our hearts could open in acceptance 
For every man, woman and creature?

Call me naïve, a hippie at heart
How could we remedy the injustices from the very start? 

What color would we be if our eyes didn’t see?
Invisible ink that disappears as soon as it’s written.

I wish we could go back to when we were young and carefree.
Where did we go wrong?
What could we have done to rectify the wrongs, from these atrocities?

If there was no color what color would we be?
Invisible ink that disappears as soon as it’s written.  

That’s who I want to be…. Invisible ink!

Yes, I’m ridiculed for having unrealistic ideals but I’ll continue to hold my head high and my hands open with a hand up, not a hand out for our fellow mankind no matter what color we be.

The world would be boring if our eyes couldn’t see;  so honor all of our colors;  the rainbows of differences,  that give color to our world. There are bad ones and good ones, and it is seen in all races, genders, religions, and countries my new motto is just don’t be an asshole.

Hi Friends,

I had written this piece within hours of recieving this text from my oldest daughter below. The last line was hers and I just had to add it:

Just found this video again, that I loved sooooo much when our minister at church played it years ago… I think this is the ultimate message that I believe in, and I get frustrated with a country trying to divide us instead of unite us… this is the message I believe in…. thought I’d share with you. I shared this in my classroom years ago, after I saw it, and it terrifies me that it might not be something I could share again for fear of being “canceled” in today’s society… love you! Thought I’d share, so you can see my thoughts versus how you sometimes think of me when we debate, lol

This was where I thought society was heading, and I was always so hopeful, this past year has made me much more cynical.

This was truly heartfelf for me to receive and we go round and round in discussions and things are so jumbled in our world today, it’s been an example of not being able to see the other person or what is going on in their psyche and hearts. It was also validating knowing that church in the young years actually are imbedded in her psyche of love in action.

I sent her my above poem and here was her response back which I just love.

Lovely mama, it’s all about heart, there are bad ones and good ones, and it is seen in all races, genders, religions and nationalities, etc. my new motto is just don’t be an asshole.

I laughed so hard and of course I later sat back and thought about why people have been assholes and what has happened to them in their life to go down this path. There is a lot of reasons for sure and it’s my job to help people uncover and heal the parts of themselves that made them assholes. I’ve been feeling sorry for the coyote laying at my pool and wondering if I could tame him.
Oh God I thought, “DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE”.

I LOVE THIS VIDEO and am proud to share it and If it’s politically incorrect and I’m “cancelled”, I’ll take my chances and thank my daughter for sharing it with me.

Have a wonderful day and be your bright colorful bold self!
What color would you be if you could choose any one that you love?

I would be purple or mayber blue and purple.

I so much appreciate your time, liking (if you do of course), comment and or share if you’re inclined.



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145 thoughts on “If there was No Color, what Color would we be?

  1. “If they was no color, what color would we be?”….

    Its a juicy post and I’ve missed you Cindy….your daughter must be a sweet little angel😩🥺.

    If they was no color, I think we would all be equal and non discriminatory….so much for the color anyways…

  2. Well… If there was no color what color would I be?
    As babies we don’t see color black or white we see in black and white we are one,
    Then we grow up we get brainwashed and get to see beyond colour divided and distant we are black and white.
    I’ll stick with being that invincible ink vanishing as soon as it touch the paper.

    1. Wouldn’t you be colour blind, if you could only see in black and white? Like, I am just saying that it is okay to have diversity of colours.

      I did an experiment with 3 yr olds and dry paint. The type you use only water with. They find out which colours make what, but their faces when they discover the different colours they made: priceless!!!! I mean, thus I cannot pick a colour because they amused me no end.

      1. Yes, that’s it for sure.

        Oh how cool. My daughter is a science teacher if 8th graders tho but this would have been a golden moment. Love it and thanks for your visit.

        Not only are you a good follower but you’re so entertaining. 💖👏👏👏👏👏

  3. Such a beautiful piece of advice for the mankind!! After reading this, I wish all of were invisible ink. Thank you so much for sharing this. I really loved it.

  4. Oh Cindy,my soul echoes all of your words and intentions here. I would be the same combination of color, purplish blue with magenta accents. Our world is so much more alive with differences that do unite us rather than tear us apart as the systems would have us do. Unity is our common human tbread,thread, Light inside all of us granted by our creator. We are all worthy of love. The illusion of separation is just that, an illusion and a brainwashingindset that too many have been corrupted by. It’s up to each one of us to be open minded, open herded and love one another no matter what. I choose to live like like your daughter stated so honestly, “just don’t be an asshole” yet I cansee that those that do are deeply afflicted in pain and suffering and need the most caring compassion through kindness and love. It’s all available should we choose to see it. We can absolutely effect change by remaining true to our own loving spirits. That is the journey of the soul. We are all here together, to love and guide one another back to love. I love you. I see you and I feel you and I honor these truths as your testimony because it is mine too. Beautiful Monday share sister, wonderfully powerful ❤🙏🤗🎆 we are all so powerful, may we each rise in love and share the Light with one another!

    1. It’s so nice to have a soul sister that knows the truth and together we stand holding the the fortress for all those who are ready to receive.

      I loved this line you said which is so true:
      “It’s all available should we choose to see it”.

      I too agree with Renne’s wordsw so simply put as well!

      Happy Monday as we continue to share our light and stand for all that’s right!💖

      1. Absolutely soul sister ❤❤ In light and in shadow, always with love ❤ Namaste 🙏
        Together we rise, divided we fall….yes, we know this truth 🙌

  5. Cindy ~ this reminds me of a Shel Silverstein poem:


    My skin is kind of sort of brownish
    Pinkish yellowish white.
    My eyes are greyish blueish green,
    But I’m told they look orange in the night.
    My hair is reddish blondish brown,
    But it’s silver when it’s wet.
    And all the colors I am inside
    Have not been invented yet.


  6. Oh dear Cindy, you stole my heart today. This is gorgeous poem.❤️❤️ Cannot agree more! Honour all the colours and the rainbow of differences!!! A beautiful poem for those who loves human in all colours. 👏👏👏👏

  7. This is simply profound writing….I’m loving every bit of it….we’re transparent…one….as in universe….❤️✨

  8. This is by far your best piece ever so true and important for all beings on this planet to realize . We are all connected and thoughts and deeds effect each other collectively. Sounds like your daughter has intuitively gained a lot from her early experience with Sunday school and love of family. I’m sure all of your children are equally compassionate and loving toward all of humanity. I love the video your daughter shared such an important message in these tumultuous times.Keep up the good work of inspirational messages to raise the consciousness of humanity.🌷🙏🥰❤️

    1. Oh Thanks so much Marlene!
      I’m sooo glad you like this piece. It’s sooo true and hard to imagaine we are still going through all of this kind of discord. It waqs really great to hear her insights and compassion shared which is what you hope as parents to impart love and equality.
      I too loved that video of spoken poetry.
      I appreciate your support and kind hearted message. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  9. I love this post, Cindy. All of it! The part about all our hearts being open, accepting, and loving is beautiful. Lovely my friend. ❤️❤️❤️

  10. I love you and your family so much Cindy. Stay blessed. Stay loved 🥰 💖🤗

    You always write so well and you are such a fun and love family, but this surpasses all your posts. Every word is so close to my heart and thoughts. I would have to write two three posts to respond to this beautiful post 💖😍

    God is Love. Love is God. Love is all there is.

    In my beautiful country too the current regime is very divisive. They have smartly divided the country on religion lines for their vote banks. And that has disturbed me so much for some years now.

    But my solace comes from awareness that God knows what He is doing. Satan too is His creation. And ultimately we all get what we deserve – as karma, cause and effect are the Law. This is true for us as individuals, families, communities, nations and the world.

    So what do we do: We need to raise our consciousness. We need to change. We become more loving, and caring, and kind and compassionate. And that helps the whole world, whole creation.

    That is why I love Paramahansa Yogananda so much. He was love incarnate. In his address at the World Congress of Religious Liberals in Boston in 1920 he had addressed all these issues beautifully and that address is now available as Science of Religion.

    We are all One. Ours is an interdependent coexistence. Various colours add beauty and joy and make us visible. Whole of creation is a play of light and shadow. If there was only light or only white we would become The Invisible Ink you have so beautifully narrated.

    A big love filled hug 🤗 Have a joyous and love filled week 💖💖💖💖

    1. Oh you are so dear Ashok and thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful message and your precious time. Your words mean a lot and the fact that you extrapolated the true essence of the post truly shows your true colors of love and light which is all we are in truth.
      Such truth here:
      “God is Love. Love is God. Love is all there is”.
      I truly appreciate your frustration in your country as well and it is not isolated to one spot but all over the world but you’re right we must continue to hold the torch and remember Karma does circle back. It’s not easy though as we continue to be tested daily but that is the practice and our work.

      Yes, he was an incredible being and teacher and a reflection of everything he talked about. I wish I could have been there to hear that. WOW!

      We are all one and I’m glad we are on the planet at the same time holding hope, vision and light so we might all come together someday. Your words are truth and you shine brightly and have touched me deeply.
      Thanks for the hug and love. Big hugs to you and always love!💖🤗💖🤗😘

  11. Cindy, I love the many different ways you expanded on your idea of “invisible ink” and the video was powerful. If only everyone (on the planet) were as accepting and loving as your readers. 🌈 💖

    1. Thanks so much Michele for your comment. My poem pales compared to the amazing video but it was so right on. I truly wish for the same thing for our planet and world. 💖🌷

  12. I appreciate such a creativity and bold attitude. I am idealistic person. Usually I don’t use negative words. But I belive in being real and true.

    Your daughter is right.
    Don’t be an a*** .

    1. Thanks for Lokesh,I’m glad you liked it inspite of the swear word. You know, it’s really about being kind and honoring someone for their differences. It shouldn’t be that hard but sadly it is and if people were just kind we’d all be so much beter off.
      Yes, it’s so true.

  13. Lots of words of wisdom in this one Cindy! It seems we would be so much better if we would drop the race and racist adjective in our society. The more we use it the more we separate and divide. And… it works both ways. If we could describe situations without always adding a color to it we could stay better focused. I am for being invisible in situations like this and love your motto… don’t be an asshole! Seems there are always a few of them around!!
    The video sums it up very well!

    1. Thanks for weighing in Dwight!
      I couldn’t agree woth you more and it’s so disheartening.
      We need unity, not division in our world 🌎 and deal with the situations at hand. Invisible is the way To go but I had to pick purple since it’s one of the highest energy Chakras and I teach yoga and meditation.
      I don’t usually like to swear but ya know… this was just to
      Fitting… if you can’t be kind.
      I know… LOVE that video too!

  14. Cindy, well done. Let me work my way backward. Your daughter’s simple motto may codify a variation of the Golden Rule that is even more memorable. “Just don’t be an asshole.” Of course, it is not enough, as indifference and apathy can fall short, even though one is not being an asshole. Maybe that is why that Jesus fellow said it the way he did. Treat others like you want to be treated. And, as you did, he did not use any caveats about color, gender, ethnicity, etc.

    What is lost on too many, in my simple view, is that Jesus fellow usually hung out with the more disenfranchised folks when he traveled, not necessarily the ones who led the communities. Religious scholars have noted that Jesus probably spoke in four languages to converse with all kinds of people. To me, this reveals someone who wanted to communicate with as many kinds of people as possible.

    So, getting back to your wonderful rainbow of people, I am reminded of the old Bible song we used to sing as kids, “Red and yellow, Black and white, Jesus thinks we are out of sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world.” Of course, we also could quote the distinguished duo Bill and Ted, “Be excellent to each other and party on dude.” “And, don’t be an asshole.” Keith

  15. Great motto for “a hippie at heart,” and the rest of us Cindy. Being color blind is as good as any place to start behaving better. –Curt PS: Talk to the coyote. I’ve done that on occasion and found that they talk back. Yip, yip, yippee! 🙂

    1. Glad you liked that one and actually thought of you when I wrote it too! 🤗 Darn, I missed it as a goodie two shoes and a strict mother.
      And to think how close I was to Hate Asburry where we had to roll our windows up, lock the windows. lol
      Color blind is the way I want to be too.
      Oh seriously Curt, it’s several times a day now. Used some red solar blinking predator lights last night but it’s the day time that is the issue. Gates coming in a month. 👏👏👏Yip, yip, Yippee!! 👏💖🙏

      1. Haight Ashbury came into fruition while I was in Africa. The first thing I knew about it was when some new Peace Corps Volunteers fresh from the states hosted a Haight Asbury party in a remote village.
        Maybe the coyote has a sense of humor and wants to see the half-dressed, mad woman come charging out with her crow bar! 🙂

      2. Oh that is sooo wild. I love it a replica of the experience. You were there no doubt.
        Oh you have his number. So after hosting Easter, I went down to the hot tub and right over the hedge in front of me, he popped his head. I even had my camera and damn, I screamed instead and stood waving my hands and off he ran. he was back today of course. 🤣😾😾😾Cats are mad they have to stay in! 💖

      3. Of course I was there. 🙂 The volunteers had even hired a local bush devil to make an appearance. As in the title of my book, “The Bush Devil Ate Sam.”
        The coyote apparently likes you Cindy. It’s probably your New Age hippie persona. 🙂 You should check out some of the Native American lore surrounding the trickster.
        I came on a coyote once when I was hiking along the American River. It ducked behind a bush. So I ducked behind a bush. He came out. I came out and back behind the bush he went. We kept that up a few times. Then he sat down in the middle of the trail and started howling. So I sat down in the middle of the trail and howled back at hime. We had quite a conversation… 🙂 –Curt

      4. Of course you were 🤣. Oh this is too funny and now I’m remembering on of your posts on it as well. You know that’s not a bad idea actually! I’ll have to look it up.

        Oh this is too funny; 2 tricksters trying to outsmart each other but nobody won. I wish you had a picture of that somewhere or better! That’s quite a visual and story! 💖🤣

  16. This was so wonderful Cindy and much needed. Hate will be the end of humanity. If we unite as a single species, it’s miraculous what we can achieve. 😍😇

  17. Aw this is poignant and conveys a profound message! “Would the bullying stop, if our colors were one and our preferences honored?”
    It’s saddening to see how many walls people erect on basis of race, gender or religion. Thank you very much for sharing! ❤️

  18. This video is hopeful. Every year, I show a 3-part series called Race: The Power of an Illusion, which does lecture about how race is a social construct and why it was created in the first place. I love the idea of the video, and I also hope we remember to dismantle the systems we’ve built around the idea <3

    1. Hi K E,

      Soooo glad you found it hopeful. My daughter will also be happy to hear that. I love it too!
      Oh that’s so great. Where can we find your videos you have posted. I am so with you here!!! 💖💖

  19. I love this piece more than I can explain Cindy! And more than it, I appreciate your thought of us as invisible ink which might fade away, had ‘colour’ never existed. We definitely are as unimportant ( amid the cosmos ) as we are ( amid the crowd ) simultaneously.
    And at the same time, colours make us who we are, different yet unique! How adorable is this write up of colours and no colours! ❤️

    1. I’m so glad you liked this Dishita and happy you shared your wonderful thoughts with me. Thank you so much for taking time to connect.
      Blessings!! 💖💖💖

  20. Honestly, don’t be an asshole is the best motto to have in life. And you’re not unrealistic- you’re an optimist. I think it’s wonderful that you’re still able to be so optimistic, not everyone is able to do that and it’s really a gift.

  21. I love your optimistic attitude toward life, Cindy! What? Mothers and daughters not seeing eye to eye? Well, I never! (That’s a big fat lie if you didn’t catch my sarcasm. 😀) I am always amazed to see so much heart in your posts. 💕🌞💕

      1. You are soooo sweet. Can you tell me if I’m reading and following? I’m currently changing a lot and am truly behind on EVERYTHING! thanks!

      2. I am now Chameli,
        The link you sent originally isn’t working so you might want to remove it.
        Thanks for the kind follow and i will look forward to more of your texts. Stay in touch!

  22. Absolutely beautiful reflection/questions/poetic thoughts. I think I’d be blue, but different shades of blue depending on the day/the mood/the sun, etc. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all – the entire human race – came in different colors of the rainbow? Then prejudice would no longer survive. We’re not naïve. Perhaps we’re dreamers, but that’s how change is made.

    1. Thank you so much and I truly appreciate your reflective wise thoughts here, You know blue would be good because that’s our throat chakra and everyone could be heard and valued. I love that too. Yes, for sure! It’s sooo important we continue to dream and help us all to come together. Stay well and thanks for the visit. 💖

  23. Hi Cindy – I have been sitting here reading this amazing post for around an hour. Your daughter is not the only person proud of you either judging by all the comments. Best wishes

    1. Oh thank you sooo much for your kind hearted message. I’m glad it spoke to you and am so appreciative. Take good care and have a great day. Thask for visiting!

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