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It isn’t enough to talk about action 
Rather act on your ideas 

It isn’t enough to talk about your ideas
Put some elbow grease behind them and make it happen

It isn’t enough to make it happen
Until you know where you want to go

It isn’t enough to know where you want to go
Until you know your purpose.

It isn’t enough to know your purpose
Until you know love 

It isn’t enough to say I love you 
Show it in your actions

It isn’t enough to speak your mind 
Carry through on what you say

It isn’t enough to condemn someone for wrong doings
Take your own inventory

It isn’t enough to complain 
Roll your sleeves up and till the soil

It isn’t enough to be a yes person and speak out of both sides of your mouth
Take a stance in life and be who you are

It isn’t enough to argue and win a fight
Be an example in word and deed

It isn’t enough to sit back and complain life has dealt you a bad deck 
Stand up and build the deck. 

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All Rights Reserved

Wherever this finds you today, acknowledge where you are and give voice to your truth at the moment.  Truth changes from moment to moment as we let ourselves know how we are feeling.  Feelings are the inroads to our soul.  Tears shed light on open wounds and lead the way to your next steps.  Hold yourself lovingly with accountability as you begin again, rebuild again and find your bliss!  Our world’s suffering is our own suffering but we cannot let that defeat us.  We must stand strong and carry on through the tears as we pray, lend a helping hand and trust the divine plan.  

I loved D’s post from Introvderted Thoughts. She listed a site to donate in her post to contribute to our friends in India. You can contribute here if you are moved to do so.

Life is fragile and short, make every minute count by bringing grace and gratitude into each moment and your heart and the hearts of others.  

Blessings today and Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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1 month ago

This is a very sweet post filled with excellent and very kind advice as usual, my friend from not so far away. I have been thinking about you today. You are putting out that positive energy. I agree with what you said even though it isn’t easy to change a situation some times we just have to make it happen. These are indeed “Unique Times” my friend. Sending lots of lovely positive energy and prayers your way my friend. Love you Cindy, Joni

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 month ago

You are most welcome my lovely friend. I enjoyed your beautiful site. You always give out love and light Cindy. Today that is so needed and you are such a blessing. You did pick the perfect business name. Everyone’s time is unique. Sending you love and gratefulness. ❤️❤️Joni

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 month ago

Thank you sweetheart. I am grateful the feeling is mutual, I am honored. Your post are energizing and full of great advice. Love you Cindy, it was nice to see that big smile. ❤️🤗😘🌹🌹

1 month ago

You very welcome, I love writing about all kinds of things but
as you can see videos pretty much explain the rest of the blog.

Most people rather watch a video than read the whole blog
out & gets board, I seem to be the only 1 that has a blog like
mine, I’ve been working on other blogs about some cool stuff.

I have a reading list tab on my computer that’s a BIG + for me
where I can line up all the videos I want to use in a blog I’m on
that saves me a LOT of time to have to relocate the video again.

30 days ago

Great Post. Action is the act of motion where do you plan to go with no action. I LOVE THIS!!!

The Mind, Untangled.
29 days ago

This is so incredibly beautiful!!! ❤️🥰

The Mind, Untangled.
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
29 days ago

I did!!! Sorry I just noticed this now!!!! 🥰❤️❤️❤️

17 days ago

Beautifully and truthfully written post! Unfortunately, we have more talkers than doers! The world is full of talkers! Thank you for posting, Cindy!

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
17 days ago

You’re most welcome, Cindy. <3 Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
16 days ago

As a mother, I can so relate! ❤❤❤

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
16 days ago

You and your son have lots of fun and have a happy Memorial Day Weekend! 💞

Cheryl, Gulf Coast Poet
13 days ago

Cindy, relatable to most of us. We can certainly imagine doing a lot more than we are capable of doing. <3

Thank you for asking about my health. I am doing OK. The main problems are physical and mental fatigue. Since I am fully vaccinated, I am trying to catch up on a lot of deferred maintenance projects. I still have a few tests and doctor appointments going on. Robert is doing research and planning cataract surgery as well having issues with his teeth requiring visits to the endodontist. I am doing most of the driving for him because of his vision.

I hope you are doing well, Cindy! 🙂

5 days ago

well written – this ws more than enough to get us all thinking abut acting 🙂

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