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Hey my friends… I couldn’t be more excited to have received my gift from Soni sooooo cool 😎 for being one of 9 in winning her poetry contest. I don’t envy her having to pick with all of the amazing contestants and know that was really hard for her. I’ll post my poem I did …

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Why Not Wednesday? Choose love instead of hate Be kind, not right; NOT my way or the highway Smile instead of frown Be the best version of yourself Give a helping hand Have Grattitude, don’t cop an attitude Be nice to you and others around you Love yourself; No one else will if you don’t! …

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Hi Friends, How did Monday, wish it was Sunday, happen so fast? It might be just me since I’m moving a bit slow but hey, we’re here so let’s do this but gosh I wish it was Sunday, I don’t have to work day. Just another manic Monday. LOVE that song!!! I’ll post it below …

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Friends come, friends go, same old, others newSome young, some oldSome close, some… just to say hello Aquaintences we share special moments withOthers a smile or a niceties while waiting in lineClients that are special, turned friends…so sublime Ones that hold your hand when you are going through a rough timeYour 2 a.m. friends you …

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