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Hi Friends,

How did Monday, wish it was Sunday, happen so fast? It might be just me since I’m moving a bit slow but hey, we’re here so let’s do this but gosh I wish it was Sunday, I don’t have to work day. Just another manic Monday. LOVE that song!!! I’ll post it below and hope you like it as well. But today it’s Move it and Move on Monday so let’s get to it…….

I like to post some kind of workout video around the first Monday of the month to remind everyone, me included, just how important movement is in our lives for our bodies, mind and spirit. It sounds so cliche I know but it’s truly vital to our well being. Exercise helps our brain and our body which is well documented.

People think it’s easy for me to workout since it’s my business but it truly isn’t as easy as it seems. I LOVE what I do but my job is to teach others to perform exercises using proper form and technique. I critique movement, change tempo, make alignment adjustments, reprogram to increase, stamina and muscle as well as increase flexibility and rehab injuries.

At the end of the day, the last thing I want to think about is hitting the gym or my mat but I’ve trained myself to just do it and it’s now a habit that is ingrained in me. It’s not always easy but vital and I reap the benefits and so will you.

If you’ve been following my posts then you’ll remember 3 weeks ago I had my 2nd vaccine and was wiped out. I am slowly recovering but I’m still not up to speed and I’m no where near getting back to my usual intensity in training. It’s taking what feels like forever and I’m still exhausted and can’t get my body moving in usual fashion and my breathing and muscle strength is compromised. UGH!

I wonder what would I have been like if I got Covid which could have been far worse. People who have strong immune systems get a much bigger reaction from everything I’ve read….. Oh hooray but I’m not jumping up and down for joy doing the happy dance just yet and I’m not complaining much… 🤣 Ok maybe a little bit. All I know is that it’s tough riding this out and if I’m feeling this way and I didn’t get Covid, I can only imagine how any of you must feel that did. I’m truly sorry!

This has been a year like no other which is hard to get our head around. We are at record lows in numbers in California and most parts of the country but it is still affecting countries around the world and number of deaths are still high, although decreasing.

We have been changed in ways that we may only just beginning to put words to and understand. It will take time to digest all of this and process what we’ve been through. Some have lost family and friends which has been heart wrenching and we will never be the same, as you can’t bring people back and healing and grieving will continue to come in layers. Hearts are broken and psyches have taken a toll, along with bodies recovering or secondary issues or variants popping up. For those where everything is opening up, people are out in record numbers abandoning masks and showing up in droves to beaches, parks, restaurants etc. Vaccinations have brought relief for many with some still fearful of the future ramifications. While I’m thrilled to see people and reunite, I am continuing to keep distance and where my mask when I work and in closer proximity of groups. That’s my comfort zone at the moment and we all have to honor what our gut is telling us.

On Our Psyches:

If you have lost a family member to Covid or anything for that matter this year, it has been extrodinardinarily tough since often times you could not even see your loved loved ones to say goodbye. There has been so much isolation and many people have been extremely lonely with suicidal thoughts and suicide rates higher than usual. This is to be expected but difficult at best for people to pull out of and recover from. It’s vital you stay connected via the phone, zoom, at a distance so you have personal interaction and get professional help if you need it. I have resources available in a recent post.

On our Physical Bodies:

It takes time and you just need to know that. I posted a post Covid workout chart but when you are used to being in shape you don’t think this applies to you but guess what, it does. You are not invincible. You can refer to my post here to see the chart if you are interested about recovery and tips.

Here are some stats for the normal population that stop exercising and the effects it has on your body and how long it takes to get back your strenght levels etc. The younger you are of course the easier and it takes less time to resume your stength levels.

Muscle Loss:

When we stop working out we loose muscle mass in about 2 – 3 weeks. If you have been bedridden with lung issues etc it will take even more time. If you were active and working out before getting sick you will loose muscle mass quicker because inactive people don’t have much muscle mass to begin with.

Regaining Muscle:

Most studies show it takes 2- 3 times the amount of time to gain muscle back after loosing it so go slow and move a bit everyday to increase endorphins, get the blood flowing and rebuild strength.

What to do:

  • Be Patient
  • Sleep! Rest is important in recovery:
  • Exercise Helps whether it’s for your psyche or your body
  • Check with your doctor if you are not improving
  • Do what you can and Stop when you need to
  • Start with slow walks and exercises
  • Do 10 minutes every other day or everyday if you can
  • Gradually build to 30 minutes and then an hour
  • Increase to 4-6 days a week.

Have a great Monday as we Move It and Move on getting stronger every day❣️

We can do this.

We are strong

We’ve got this.

Stay Blessed.

With love always and a listening ear so do share if you are inclined.

Have a great week.



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12 hours ago

Nice post
Hope you will be recovering completely very soon…..

Take care and stay safe.

Lisa at Micro of the Macro
5 hours ago

Doesn’t look like a geriatric workout to me! Thanks for the great info. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well. Sending healing vibes, my friend. Have a great week! 🌞

I hear u
3 hours ago

Interesting. But my monday was a bit painful, but it was good, because I have learned alot and also spend time with my beautiful family.

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