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Hey my friends… I couldn’t be more excited to have received my gift from Soni sooooo cool 😎 for being one of 9 in winning her poetry contest. I don’t envy her having to pick with all of the amazing contestants and know that was really hard for her. I’ll post my poem I did for the contest and introduce you to the other ammmmmmaaaaaazing poets next week.

I seriously entered the contest because I LOVE HER ART … I mean who doesn’t right!!!!!
I was sooo hopeful that I would get a gift of her work. I couldn’t be happier and I can’t wait to share it with you.
I’m sure most of you know her but do go to her site and follow her as she is a brilliant artist, poet, writer and singer and her vibe is so chill.

We also did a little collaboration together which was so much fun like she is that you’ll see after her amazing art.
I can’t thank her enough!!! I love it and I’m going to enlarge it into a big poster for my studio to share with clients. The timing is wild because I took down a whole wall of mirrors and I’ve been waiting for the right piece to come to me and presto….. when I saw it, I knew this was it!!!!!
I’m sooooooo Happy!!!!

Drum roll please….. Here comes the unveiling of my painting from our amazing blogging friend, artist, poet, singer…. you name it she does it!!!!

Soni so cool from India, and Lighthouse Cindy from the U.S. 
Light years and ages apart
Truly ships crossing in the dark

One gets up and the other goes down
Like the sun and the moon
Reflecting each other’s color

Our head is filled with music and light
Cuz we’re cool girls like all girls (and some boys too)
We delight as we dream of beauty in mind and sight

Vision of love on the horizon
It’s our mission and plight
Ageless wisdom exists

Our mission is clear
We all are divine
Loving fiercely in all that we do

Creating a bridge of oneness for me and for you
Be brave, be bold be You…
No matter who you are or where you are

The best version of yourself has arrived
Shine it brightly
we are all the Sun and the lighthouse
Be bold bright and YOU!..

The girl I met months back
Our blithesome nature got connected
we are far apart still close to heart

unique bond we both share
…chilled out persona
…loves singing like madonna
…feels the nature

…and the music played by nature
… she is a big admirer
…carrying the fitness mantra

…An afflatus to the world
…idol of magnanimity
…pleased to have such a brilliant friend
…. and adore our sweet friendship

…Soni the jolly girl from India and Cindy the sassy girl from US…

Thank you sooooo much Soni for your kind and most generous contest and gift to all of us winners. I know I speak for all of us when I say we are so appreciative.

I’m so grateful to all of you for visiting today and sharing in the fun and hope you liked our collaboration in poetry as well.

Stay blessed and have a fun weekend.

See you Monday for more exciting news!!!!!

Hugs and Love



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2 years ago

This is nice.

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago

My pleasure.

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