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Floating in our mother’s womb shielded and protected from the world our own personal playground.  
Memories stored in tissue, stories of our past woven in a tapestry

Our genetic code plays out along with our free will now and for our future.
Movement of yoga a natural meditation, the road map to our soul.

Heartbeats blood through our bodies, cells turn over constantly.
Muscles strengthened or allowed to atrophy are always a choice

For some that can’t move their body becomes a prisoner, trapped in its encasement reflecting years past or other lifetimes.
A daily endeavor of being gentle, taking care, feeding our body-mind, and soul.

Finding space and breathing our way to another day.

Micro movements slowly stretching and waiting as we surrender to what is,

Facia lengthens breathing in and feeling our way stilling the mind as we honor what’s there and expand the tissue.
And this is the way of mindful movement as we honor our body in this respectful way. 

Happy Monday to all of you. I hope this helps you ease into your week. I try to do a Move it Monday once a month and when our fellow blogger Lokesh from Gondwanaland asked for a yoga video since he’s in the midst of exams (Good luck), I decided to move it up a week. It’s a meditative movement with lots of breathwork and prayerful interwoven words to guide you. I made it a month ago and It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me.

I got up at 4:45 a.m. yesterday excited for my time alone to write and have a mini marathon writing day. I got up to make coffee at 7:30 and literally tweaked the inside of my groin. (The rule of thumb when sitting is to get up every hour and stretch … I know better but we all know how that goes).

I adjusted and carried on and then was meeting a friend to walk so rushed to put my clothes on and when I was bending down to put my leg in my pant, I literally felt something pop. I was able to weight- bare but hips are a heredity issue in my family. Mine have been feeling pretty good since I didn’t do much for a month when I was feeling yucky. It could have been all the dancing I did last weekend and falling on the dance floor with a great recovery mind you…. or there was that fall in the pond and now I’m remembering I did feel some pain but who knows for sure.

What I do know is I iced right away, used topicals, gave it lots of TLC and am going to do this video myself this morning and call for a check right way to see what’s going on. I’m also asking myself a lot of questions to my inner wisdom.

In Reiki, we look at our Chakras that correlate to our spiritual and emotional health to help unblock places that can be holding on. In my case, it’s the Root Chakra and on my left side and I have lots of insights so far. Check out google for more information on Chakras or many of our fellow bloggers have done some good ones as well and look for a future post from me on the subject.

Make it a GREAT Monday. Move a little, work a little, take mini breaks, stay MINDFUL (talking to myself here) and laugh a lot.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the video❣️



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Cool. 🙂

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