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photo of person doing steel wool photography

Reeling like a top
head spinning,
life changes
Birth, death, rebirth
The cycle of life
One goes out
Another comes in
The miracle of it all

limited time
Stop….. Breathe!
Smell the flowers

A full plate
Empty belly
Inbox full
Pick one
Stop….. Breathe!
Repeat your mantra

time is precious and few
Get out in nature
Stop…… Breathe!
Repeat your mantra
Still the mind
Stop the clock

Clear the deck
Go to your mat
empty out
Begin again


The reeling slows down
One thing at a time
One breath at a time
Quiet the mind
Still the body


Juggling lots of balls right now, with lots on my plate. Anyone know the feeling? I’m really trying to keep to a schedule which is challenging with a full plate. As much as I LOVE blogging, I may have to limit my time here. Does anyone have a good reading schedule? It is my goal to see and read all of you who I care so deeply for everyday but I just don’t know if I can sustain that. I would love to hear if anyone has successfully figured that out where it doesn’t exceed 2 hours a day. Perhaps I have to schedule out days of the week to visit some people at a time but I like to stay current. All ideas are welcome and appreciated.

Maybe I’m being unrealistic as I know those with a huge following don’t/can’t worry too much about that and go weeks if not months without checking in and I get it. Others seem to take time to like and try to round up new followers by those tactics and never check in with their followers which doesn’t interest me. When time permits I love to check out new sites and support new bloggers and reciprocate. There are so many great writers and I look forward to meeting more as time permits. I also LOVE the contests and groups a lot of you participate in and would love to be part of that inner circle but I just can’t take on more even though some of you have been very kind to invite me. Thank you for that. I don’t know how you do all of that.

If anyone wants to do a blogging post on this …. David? , Pooja, or Shelly.…No Pressure of course but I’d love it and I think others would too❣️
There are others that could as well but these guys come to mind because they are truly amazing at reciprocating, sharing, giving tips, giving support, and going the distance. It is commendable because it’s tough as your following grows. I KNOW!

By the way, If I’ve missed some of you or not responded I’m truly sorry. I try to go to spam and pending often but I know I still miss some of you. My apologies.

Thanks for stopping in and your thoughts.
Have a great day and remember to stop and smell the flowers and breath.
I’m off to my mat or is it Matt….. lol 🀣… Just kidding hon but I just had to laugh for a second. Happy almost anniversary…. Wow…. how have we done this?❣️❣️❣️Yes, a response would be nice. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡




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2 years ago

I guess you can be a little more selective so that you only get notifications for the bloggers you really enjoy reading and filter out the rest…am relatively new here so am yet to face such a dilemma….good luck to you Cindy πŸ˜„πŸ’Ÿ

2 years ago

Hello Cindy, sometimes, responding and reading to comments and other blogs can be very overwhelming, but i just take it easy..it should be something we love to do because we enjoy it…take your time…go slow if you need to..

2 years ago

Its okay. You are Human. I am sure we all understand. Lovely to connect with you. Do not worry. Be at ease. I agree with most of my favourite bloggers who have commented above. πŸ˜€

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago

My pleasure always πŸ™‚ (hearts)

I hear u
2 years ago

Hi Cindy…
You really did a great job.
Its very impresive, I like it.
” I don’t want to revolve mu life in this centripital plot…
If its possible…..”

I hear u
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago


I hear u
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago


Fernando Gareth
Fernando Gareth
2 years ago

Please my friend add me up on Hangouts

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