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Hi Friends,

For those of us that are coming out of the pandemic, we are all having to adjust from where we have been to where we are now and where we want to go. I realize some of you are still in tighter lockdowns but you will get here eventually. It’s important we are clear of our intentions. Every life coach needs a coach so I sat down with mine last night and am starting a whole new plan of action and schedule. Thank you Dr. Cherie!!! Click here to read more about her. I was certified in life coaching in 1975, by her personally through her company MMS which she founded. I really advise everyone to set time aside to see where you want to go so you don’t just caught in the same habitual patterns that don’t serve your highest intentions.

So far today, I switched a client to a new time to accommodate his vacation schedule and I even had it written down in my planner, I forgot (ugh). With my new routine, I decided to keep all of my devices tucked away at my desk so they weren’t in my sleep zone which was great in theory until I started out my day. As I was going out the door, it luckily occurred to me I had made the switch. In my haste and trying to stay on time for my post, I spilled coffee all over my keyboard and shirt. Oye Vey, it happens to the best of us even when we set our intentions. Don’t forget to throw time in your schedule for unexpected set backs like this. Yikes! The good news is I’m typing as we speak, so my key board is no worse for wear on the account of it. Thank goodness for small favors. Yesterday, my kitchen sink pipe broke and there was water gushing out everywhere on the wooden floors.

The moral of the story is don’t cry over spilt milk or coffee in my case, get back on track, schedule time for the unexpected and learn from it. Tonight I will have my client schedule written out on a piece of paper and a large clock on my night stand.

Set your intentions and begin again……..there are going to be snafus. Hire a life coach, sit with yourself or hire one to see you through.

Happy Wednesday! As always thanks for stopping in to visit.

Make it a great day!

Love and Blessings with the best of intentions always,



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Excellent haiku 💝

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2 years ago

Thanks for the lesson?

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