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My blood boils 
as I choke
on your words 
so raw 
at my flesh

I gag on my vomit
cuts like a knife 
straight to my heart. 
I stumble and fall in a heap
weak in the knees

my own flesh and blood
could rip me to shreds.  
Take the high road …
the whisper is faint 
as I try to stand 
in the rubble 
but fall

The whisper grows louder,
and I swallow my pride
Take a shot
of courage
It burns my throat
and my insides 
become hollow 

The vultures 
stand in your shoes
to steal your thunder
stomp on your soul 
But the urge 
to lash back 
is crippled in anguish 

The one
you have given
your cape 
has simply 
and overstepped 
their place

Queens are made
not born 
I silence my tongue 
and take the high road
not for me 
or for her 
but for the whole 

I pick up my cape 
hold the crown 
put it back on proudly 
as I rise
from the stones
that have been cast 

this princess
has not
earned them yet
I’m weary 
but not 
that weary
that I would pass the baton 
before it’s been earned 

A Queen is honored
and revered  
and has the ability to rule
with her
inner strength 
not with an iron hand

I look down to the earth 
and up to the sky 
as I take a bow 
to honor my people
and the vow
that I took 
For the good
of my kingdom

I dust myself off  
as I wave
to the crowd
Despite the heartache
the betrayals, 
and the struggles
I face

I continue
to get up
every morning, 
put on my crown 
and face the world 
with my chin up 
not a chip on my shoulder.  

So stand in line
my fair lady
pick a number
you have proved
your worth

These shoes
are filled
for now
I am alive
and well!

The Queen has Spoken!

Happy Words Matter Wednesday my Friends,

It’s amazing how much words have power and impact the way we feel. They can have us feeling warm and fuzzy or chilled to the bone. It may or not be intended but it happens and what’s important is that we process it and go back and clean them up before they create more distance and separation. This happens with the best of families and friends unwittingly at times. Tensions get high while everyone is working together for a common goal and texts and emails are NOT always the best way to communicate.

As we all know, we take things out of those we love the most because we feel safest with them. It’s not an excuse nor should it be the means of communication but when it happens we need to step back instead of react in ways that will only escalate the problem. In this case my words in poetry remedied my heart and soul while I didn’t respond to a hurtful text. We are so lucky to have writing as a cathartic therapeutic gift!

By being willing to feel all of my emotions, I was able to give myself permission to be angry, sad and hurt and sit with the angst. So often we haven’t learned to sit and want to feel better so we either lash out or do something that isn’t useful to yourself or others which only creates more problems.

In the morning, I received a beautiful text of apology after daughter # (to remain unanimous) on their own realized their message was not what they meant to say. When my daughter and I saw each other after, we were able to talk about what was going on and do damage control to remedy our relationship and it only took a few minutes and a hug. Grudges are not worth it and only create more issues down the road.

Tensions are high especially when you are planning for a surprise which I can’t wait to share with you on Fri-Yay Funday❣️❣️❣️

Thanks for visiting and have a great Words Matter Wednesday❣️




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2 years ago

I’ll respond to this post in some Trinidadian parlance – – “yuh damn rite gyal”…
Meaning, I am in absolute agreement…

Lisa at Micro of the Macro
2 years ago

Wow! Is the painting of you?? It’s impressive. And your verse delivers such power! Long live the Queen! I totally get the need to write when you’re hurt or angry; it helps me too. I don’t write as well as you do at those times, but the harsh words that fall out of me certainly help. Glad you & daughter reconciled quickly. Mmmmmmmmwah! 🌞

Jaya Avendel
2 years ago

Beautiful, eloquent, and empowering words! I love the line “Queens are made not born” as this shaping of self is indeed a journey worthy of crown.

I hear u
2 years ago

Irresistable, Lovely poem.

I hear u
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago

Likewise, Hope you are doing great.
Have a lovely weekend

I hear u
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago

Likewise. Hope you are doing great. Have a lovely weekend.

I hear u
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago

oh ok

Satyam Mishra
2 years ago


Satyam Mishra
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago

Thanks 👍 follow me on wordpress and read my blogs

Satyam Mishra
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago

Thanks for reply and read my blogs and follow me on wordpress

Satyam Mishra
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago

Download English version and i am trying to provide in english

2 years ago

Wow, what a great poem Cindy, beautiful, provocative and strong, I just love it. Also that picture is great, is that you, I think it is. I am so glad you worked it out I know that your family is the world to you. Beautiful work Cindy. Sending you bunches of love and hugs, xoxoxoxoxxo Joni

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago

Yes it was a great picture and poem. Very beautiful Cindy. Yes I could feel it. I know you love them to pieces. Love to you ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕

2 years ago

Beautiful poem. The Queen has indeed spoken.

2 years ago

This is a beautiful post😄

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