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white wooden house with yellow pink green and orange painted windows

Doors swinging, ever evolving:  ages, stages, never dull.

Door number one your past opens to memories gone by; the  good  bad or ugly.  
Focus on the now. Constant motion, smiles and frowns, leaving behind scars, smiling as I slam the door.

Door number 2 is where you are this moment;  do you have your car keys, your phone, your wallet and mask, feed the animals, answer the phone…..  No don’t:  It might be important but I almost don’t want to know.

I’m late….. again. I’ll get better, I promise Oh come on  now;  tell the truth.  You’re your mother’s daughter and product of your father.  One more poem to write, story to be told;  never mind the grammar, press send and be bold.  The list goes on and on.  

Door Number 3 is our future:  Where are we going anyway and what was so important? What’s the rush, Have a seat;  there are stories to be told.  Some we’ll never know the answer to, so rest your weary bones and  have a lemonade.

One comes, one goes, a changing of the guards, long hair, short hair, long legs, stubby, bald, furry friends of different sizes, doors slamming finders keepers.

But now the wind has blown doors open for spring cleaning, airing dirty laundry.  I have to use the Liu.  One more call, the door is knocking, I’m really hungry……work?
Oh tell them they can wait.  At this point I’m canceling all and may as well stay home, it’s spring cleaning after all.  

But as I sit, the hammers pound, the chain saw’s are grinding, the jack hammer taking out concrete all day long.  

I grab my ear plugs, down a shot and bury myself under the covers and scream “I live in nature, in this beautiful environment but still I get no peace”.  I guess their’s no utopia after all. 

I have to grab my coffee and water, slam the door and get in the car and celebrate:


Have a great day whatever door you walk in or out of today! Life has been anything but dull and I gotta say I’m TIRED. There’s been so much great news and sad news too and it’s a lot to keep up with but onward forward. It’s not spring cleaning but rather making up for the cleaning I never got to in summer but eh… I’ll get to it. I do live in a beautiful area and I kid you not when I say that there are 4 neighbors to my right, left and down below that have been building for 2 years and it’s sooooo LOUD! Maybe I’m just jealous since all of the back bedrooms are falling apart and I’m falling through my tub. There’s literally a crack in it that’s getting worse. Dry rot, termites who us? Yes, siree! But I’m not complaining …. much. hahahaaha. 🤣

I have been working on being on time to my clients I’m traveling to and I’m actually succeeding… YAY!❣️ I have a big clock in front of me and hell or high water I dart out the door and have been making it on time.

Have a great day and always know you can change your routine and ways but you’ve gotta do something different to make it happen.

Blessings of Abundance and Love,



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1 year ago

Love this. I have been slamming doors that have been opened for too long. Thanks for sharing.

1 year ago

now you got me trying to recall all the doors i’ve slammed shut. lucky for me, some of these slammed doors remained ajar.

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 year ago

yup, i’m rooting for the Giants too! Fam used to stay in Vallejo, and we’d watch the Giants and the A’s play.

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