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Life is precious and fragile and with 5 aging parents 85 through soon to be 96, I know well the challenges that aging presents. My oldest client will be 91 at the end of December and he still comes in 2 times a week and maintains his workout which keeps him able bodied and sharp as a tack. He has been the 5 minute “planker ” until he took a fall about 5 years ago. This year on his birthday we will do 91 repetitions of about 6 exercises and build back up to planking.

I tend to see people as they are, not how they were which helps to be more available to what they need now and adapt and change. Let’s face it, there are lots of things that happen from falls to, memory issues and fears that arise when you navigate the next path. I also don’t tend to think about when people are gone so I can enjoy them now but there is no denying the ever changing strength, movement and failure of body parts that occur no matter how much we try to avoid aging. My job is to keep people as resourceful as possible so they can enjoy their lives to the best of their abilities.  I continue to push them within their capabilities so they can be as functional as possible for as long as possible. I see clients from their teens through their 100’s and some of my older clients are young whipper snappers and will give the younger ones a run for their money.

There are some incredible things about aging.

I know what I know, I don’t care for the most part what I don’t know.

I don’t need to be a no it all and will leave that to the ego driven maniacs that want to be right.

I know that all paths generally lead to the same direction, they just take a little longer when you are trying to invent the wheel.

I know that gravity works in one direction so I do everything in my power to stay uplifted and reaching.

But I know if I fall to the floor I’m closer to gravity and I’m liable to find what I lost on the floor but couldn’t see it standing.

Reaching for the apple on the highest branch and climbing the tallest mountain so I still can the next day is paramount to muscle strength and agility.

I know that being right is only right for me.

I know that it will take a little longer sometimes to do certain things than it used to

I know that I never liked cleaning so why pretend I do 

I learned if I don’t send every card or make every call the phone won’t ring and that’s ok.

I learned that select hearing is good so as my ears fail, my ability to tolerate rude comments increases (since I either don’t hear them, or let them get to me).

I’ve also learned if I don’t step up, someone else will.  

I’ve learned I love my peace and quiet and don’t need to be in the fray

I hated when calipers or other systems measured body fat come up more just because you are older.  I never got the  concept because I thought I could combat that but I can’t … muscle strength does decrease as you age but you can sure as hell do everything in your power to stay strong.

I know that I am in better shape in many ways that I ever was.  

I soooo LOVE I finally get medicare … YAY

What I don’t love 


I don’t love when I get ahead of myself into pigeon hole thinking like:

You only have 20 good years left

What about you?

Here are some comments I got when I asked clients and friends:

I don’t like anything about aging.

It’s the wonder years: I Wonder where they went, where I’m going and how to find my way home

“I don’t believe in aging”

It’s all in your head

You have to have humor 

Fate could take a bad turn

Let’s just put it this way I’m on the other side of the grass

Wisdom and compassion are important

Well let’s face it, it’s the shits, it doesn’t have a happy ending 

Friendships are the best thing about aging

I think it’s great. I could think about my wrinkles, thin hair and belly but why would I worry about that. Who knows how much time I have left 

I think if you accomplish everything you want to do in life then you’ve had a good life

Set goal early in life

And Finally from my Dad who is 87 today: I don’t like it. I accept it.

It’s not easy for him as he’s lost most of his vision and has a hard time walking but he still puts up the good fight, gets up and dressed every morning, plays solitude, gets to his big magnifier so he can somewhat manage see a bit, takes ready wheels and always loves a party dancing and singing. Friday we will have a lunch with 10 of his buddies celebrate. He wanted the cast of thousands (we’ve had plenty of those but we compromised). It’s impressive he has that many friends he wants to see.

It’s the years of joy 
that make the days worthwhile 
The friendships shared of the heart and soul
The caring and sharing over the years gone by
Life moves swiftly while time now stands still
Memories sustain us as we navigate each step
It’s an arduous climb as we cling to our past 
To keep our sanity and love in our hearts
Days are long and nights can be cold 
But the gift of friends are plentiful 
And make the ride worthwhile. 
Take each day as it comes 
and bless each 
waking moment.  

Copyright © Cindy Georgakas

All Rights Reserved

Happy Birthday Dad!

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Goff James
11 months ago

Great post. I feel the vibes. Like your Dad says – Ageing? I accept it.

Goff James
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
11 months ago

Hi, Cindy. The answer is that both are correct! Ageing is the form that is more commonly found, although aging is occasionally used. The norm, of course, is to drop the final ‘e’ when forming the participle. Whilst ageist refers to treating people unfairly because of their age. It might be just a question of what form is used in where one is from. For me aging always appears to sit uncomfortably; hence, I use ageing. I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule. I am open to offers on the matter. Have a great day.

Goff James
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
11 months ago

Cheers. I’m no authority. Happy Hearts Day.

Goff James
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
11 months ago


11 months ago

A beautiful and uplifting post, Cindy! Comments from clients are awesome. Happy Birthday to your dad!!💖💐💖

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
11 months ago

My pleasure 😊

arbind kumar
11 months ago

Aging person deserves accolades from society . Crossing over many odds of life , he reaches at a position where he should be given as much respect as it may be possible . He becomes a treasure trove of the knowledge and experiences . If we want to get benefits of his/her treasure trove , Aging people should be prayed for that . The best course of action in this age would be Meditation . Let the eyes be dysfunctional , let the ear not operational , and let the throat non-working at the age of 90+ ; Meditation is the only way out sir . Because it will let the God elements enter into you , providing pleasure of unprecedented type . Thanking you !

A Star on the Forehead
11 months ago

HI Cindy,
What an awesome celebration of getting old.
I love your dad’s answer. I agree, I don’t have to like getting old, but accepting is key.
Wishing him the most amazing birthday! Tell him I am sending him a big hug and kiss from NY.
Good for him for having so many friends and wanting to see them all.
It is hard to see our parents age and get frail, and know that that is the way we are going.
So, lets make every single day count, and dance if we want to 🙂
Blessings! ♥♥

11 months ago

Much love for you

My Rollercoaster Journey
11 months ago

Happy birthday to your dad! Honestly, I fear aging. Yes, there is more wisdom but my body at 30 is already weak. I don’t even want to think how frail and helpless I’ll be then.

Ewheavworiome Jacinta
11 months ago

You know you truly addressed all,the beauty is we all will definitely approach aging why don’t we start making plans to enjoy it

Li Ahn
11 months ago

Nice ❤️

sloppy buddhist
11 months ago

sending you joy and all good things Cindy ☮️💟🕉hugs hedy 💫

11 months ago

In our younger years, we really don’t have a full appreciation for our later years.

11 months ago

Great post Cindy and too bad I cannot read all of the many comments that came in (maybe later)
But this was great and the part about not being a know it all!
Whew! Cheers to that
And cheers to embracing our aging years
And the big thug I noticed this year Ewakted to aging
Well I have always known but it became more obvious
It was that thing called “beauty sleep”
Nothing like a good couple nights of long sleep to perk up the face and add a glow!
I also did some tap dancing this week! Have not done since 1994 and 1997! Still rather basic with what I do – but I found some tap shoes on clearance and got them for a neighbor’s child who is in drama / turns out the shoes were marked wrong size (hence the reason they were clearanced) so they were more my size and not hers (she is a 10 and I am an 8)
I had them since last year and decided to put them on and go for it
Glad I did and it brought back youthful memories and never too old to dance!

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
11 months ago

Well the shoes are brand spanking new and we’re in a nice box – and this month I purged a closet – felt good / and those were there from when I got them for my neighbor – kept them because the size was off
– and when I kept them last year I did consider tapping again / because hey – why the f**k not?
And then sadly never did it but then this week – whipped out this board from the garage and now I have some YouTube tutorials to explore in November – another reminder as how awesome YouTube is

11 months ago

Cindy what a beautiful post and poem too. This was a very special post and I love the honesty in you, you are so real. Such a delight always. You have had your parents for a very long time and what a blessing that must be. By the way sweetie a big big congratulations of being a finalist in the ShortProse poetry contest. What a wonderful thing. See I told you, you can write beautifully and you do. Bless your heart. Thanks for this very sweet and enduring post. Sending big hugs and lots of love to you sweetie. Again congratulations to you too. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
11 months ago

You are a natural poet Cindy. I am sorry about the loss of your sweet mother in law. My husband lost his mother this year as well. They had been married almost 60 years. We are actually going on a trip, we are vaccinated and I also have my booster. My daughter bought first class tickets (we never do that), is putting us up in a beautiful hotel to quarantine for three days and then we will get tested. We will be seeing our little three grandsons so we have to be very careful. After seven days with my daughter we are going to get my husband’s father and I rented a house on the Oregon Coast close to where my husband and I were married. We will be with him for seven days. We haven’t seen family in two years and it is time. Thank you for the congratulations again and a very big congratulations to you too, I am really happy for you Cindy. Love you bundles sweetheart. xoxoxoxoxo Joni

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
11 months ago

Thank you so much Cindy. It would take a lot to get you good and mad I would imagine. Sometimes I think it is important to stand our ground. You come in peace so for someone to upset you it would take something very unkind. Yes, thank you dear Cindy. I feel so extremely blessed, we have never flown first class on our dollar but my daughter is very generous. She organized everything. My little girl Esther, named after my mother, is a little poodle and Bichon Fríse. She is flying with us since her brother passed she has never been left alone. Thank you for mentioning my FIL as it will be a blessing for him to spend quality time with his dad. They were married so long. Oregon is so beautiful and the coastline is incredible. Sending you tons of hugs my friend who is not so far away. Love you Cindy!!! 🤗❤️🌹💕🦋🥰

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
11 months ago


11 months ago

Well! favorite quote-
Gravity works in one direction…
And about beauty of aging- its there for not just to count but to experience every moment, virtue of life with yourself and along with those around us. You are doing great job by helping elders to realize so many great things.

11 months ago

I love my age and am proud to tell others. The more time in our years the more wisdom we gather to share. Your Dad is testament to that ❤

11 months ago

Happy Birthday, Cindy’s Dad! She obviously loves you very much. Aging is most definitely not for wimps! I think I hate what it’s done to my bladder most of all! But my problem wasn’t facing death: instead it was facing life. Thank you for sharing this lovely post❣️

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
11 months ago

You started it, sweetie. The wisdom was in response to your post.

Pooja G
10 months ago

Happy belated birthday to your dad! I’m glad you had so many positive things to say about aging because it’s inevitable and we may as well enjoy the good parts of it.

Dawn Pisturino
10 months ago

This is a wonderful article. Thanks for sharing.

10 months ago

Beautiful Post🥰

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
10 months ago


10 months ago

What a heart warming post. About time, love and their slow dance as the body grows quieter

North Omaha Writers Group
10 months ago

That’s awesome you do workouts with your aging family there are some aged adults out there that will run circles around a 20-30 and a plank some 20-30 years olds can’t or won’t plank because it hurt too bad. Your client already 100 steps ahead in the game. How awesome 👏. I love it. This kind put foot to my own tail more exercise in my life would do me some good. Your clients are blessed and lucky people being able to still want to exercise.
💗The Ninth Poetess, LLC 💗

Tejolatha Das
9 months ago

Really its very nice…as he was ageing friendship of them also increases the age…..it keeps them refreshing health and sharing the thoughts and feelings….

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