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Hi to all of our new blogging friends!

I want to follow you I do, but please help me do that. Keep reading, and I’ll let you know how.

For my seasoned friends, you can skip this post, because you have already gone through the pains of growing your blog, and taken it to new heights. To those who helped me along the way and continue to, I am eternally grateful. Feel free to pass this to new bloggers you think it would benefit.

The tip I am going to talk about has been said over and over again and much better than me, mind you. This is not revolutionary and new, just simple yet vital to get you up and running. There are no shortcuts, so take the necessary steps to assure your success.

I had to share this with you, because I’m getting more and more people saying read me, “follow me” or making lovely comments on my site. But when I go to read some of you, it comes up blank saying, “this page can no longer be found”. Sometimes when I copy and paste you in reader, you will show up, but most often you don’t, I’m sorry to say. Hopefully, this helps you understand why you might not be getting the reception you hoped for.

The other thing that often happens is you think you have launched your site and you have followed the prompts and you have succeeded in a way… but when we open it, it says “Introduce yourself to me”. Hello, we opened your page to read about you! We don’t have time or the inclination to do that. You can read about us on our home or about page and that’s what we want to do when we go to your site. The video at the bottom will show you exactly how to do that so you don’t loose potential followers. Does this make sense?

Keep reading……you’re almost there.

# 1 TIP




People need to know something about you. It’s like going to the grocery store and buying a box without a label. How the hell do you know what it is, what’s inside, what the ingredients are etc without a picture and a description? You simply DON’T!

Butch Hartman png images | PNGWing

There are so many spammers out there and none of us want to deal with that, nor do you, trust me….trust us!

Think of it as an interview and act accordingly and don’t forget your manners. If you go to my home page you can read all about me. Most of us would love to help you as much as we can, but we are so busy with our own blogs, work and balancing our personal lives, it’s tough to find time.

With that said, we all started where you are today, and we truly appreciate how challenging it can be to navigate your way around Word Press. However, few of us have the time to do that.

How To Come Up With A Blog Name You Won't Regret In 2021

Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not easy to start this and I feel your pain. I know you’re trying, so stay with it and follow the steps below and you will be on your way.

I do try to help in comments when I can, to tell you what to try and I mostly say Google it, because they “know everything” 🀣! Maybe not everything but hear this, it’s enough to get you started. My son tells me “Google it Mom” all the time and I get irate because he is so savvy in the tech world and it would only take him a minute to show me. He would argue that I forget as fast as he shows me and he does have a point there. I hate to admit it, but he’s right, because you have to try things on your own, to learn them but (please just don’t tell him that or I’ll never get any help and let’s just say, he’s got cheap rent at the moment. haha).


That’s not a blanket statement, but many bloggers later publish their work and they most certainly need and want a platform to share and sell their work and would welcome you. So make it easy for them and yourself and create a profile and home and an about page, and who knows; someday, you might have a book you want to publish at some point or another or write the next blogging tip post.

But honestly, you need to help us out and make it easy on us or we’ll just move on saying… NEXT! Even the most kind hearted ones like Muah, don’t have the time to give you as much time as you would need, which is why I wrote this post today. Yes, I will stick my neck out to try to help you but I’m juggling too many balls these days and i will simply refer you to this post and others.

I will list a few sites from some of my friends that have done an amazing job explaining this to help you as I am no expert! But in a nutshell, read this simple explanation brought to you directly from YOU GUESSED IT; GOOGLE…..πŸ€£πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€£


I know you’re excited to get going but truly you will do yourself and others a disservice if you don’t take time before you launch your site properly from the get go. The video below suggests that you have 5 blog posts ready to go in the very beginning, when you first launch your site so people you share your link with will know that you are serious about blogging. I think it’s a great idea!

You can also hire people from Word Press or personally to help you to get going, which is what I did. So, if you ask me for help, don’t take it personally if I refer you to this post with my friends links, as it’s NOT my forte. In life, we need to know what our strong suits are and short suits and when to source out. I’m all about delegating and sharing, to put us on even playing ground.

Here is an easy video I found on YouTube by Hershal Patel to follow to help you get started:

My other friends from Word Press that break things down easily for you to understand, are listed below. Do check their sites and tips out as they are much more knowledgeable than I am on the subject:

Pooja from Lifesfinewhine has around 23,000 followers and is queen in the blogging tips world. Don’t miss her tips here

David from the The Skeptic’s Kaddish has great tips and he also knows the most forms of poetry of anyone I’ve ever met here

Hugh from Hugh’s Views has a lot of different posts on the subject that are impressive as well. See his tips here

There are many others that have blogging tips so scroll in the reader as well but the above are tried and true!

Good luck and I truly hope this helps you! We need your voice, your insight and wisdom to create better days ahead. I appreciate your visit and I’ll see you on Fun Fri-Yay which is only a day a way. How did that happen so fast!

Have a great day!

Write to your hearts delight and remember, be patient with yourself and take the steps necessary to assure greater success. We all have a story to tell and i can’t wait to hear yours.



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Jane Aguiar
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing your knowledge dear Cindy ❀️

Jane Aguiar
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 year ago

It will surely help. Even I had kept about page blank and I was not notified for eight months then “Jules” told me to write about and home page.

Jane Aguiar
1 year ago

Four months back people came to know about my blog πŸ˜… or i would have remained private blogger…. thank you for helping others πŸ’–

Jane Aguiar
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 year ago

Thanks for your compliments dear 😌

Jane Aguiar
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 year ago

Thanks once again dear 😘πŸ₯°β€οΈ

1 year ago

Thanks for sharing this advice. My blogsite is small and one day it will become huge. And Happy new year mam !

1 year ago

As a new blogger, I say thank you for all the tips Cindy.

One day I hope to boast a blog as good as yours

Pooja G
1 year ago

Yessss having an About Me page or any sort of introduction is a game changer! I usually find it so much easier to follow people since I know exactly what their blog is about and whether it’s something I would be interested in. Also thanks for the shoutout you’re too sweet 😊πŸ₯°

1 year ago

Agree. “I had to share this with you, because I’m getting more and more people saying read me, β€œfollow me” or making lovely comments on my site. But when I go to read some of you, it comes up blank saying, β€œthis page can no longer be found”. Sometimes when I copy and paste you in reader, you will show up, but most often you don’t, I’m sorry to say.”

Dee Min
1 year ago

Super useful. Thanks Cindy. The tutorial on setting up page was a doozy!!! Very kind of you πŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ½

1 year ago

I have been a blogger since 2011 and my blogs didn’t take it far to its full potential. Now I am re-learning and researching all the information I can get so that I can do it right this time. this post is one of them. Thanks for these tips.

1 year ago

i have been blogging since 2011 and stopped several years after. I did earn from my free websites, i did not get my own domain or own web hosting. Now I’m trying to do it right this time. And bloggers like you helps a lot in this journey. Thank you. Been reading around your site and find it really helpful!

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 year ago

Thanks for the heads up! I am trying to redirect my gravatar to my new website. still trying to figure it out!

But here it is: http://www.productivemomblog.com

Ali Ahmed
1 year ago

great blog,
a lot of helpful information.
what would you consider the number 1 tip for new bloggers

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