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Happy Fun Fri-Yay My Friends!

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for the weekend!


It’s been a long week and all good but you know the days when you wish you could get everything done and there’re aren’t enough hours in the day! This was one of them. Try as you might, you’re behind and you can’t see one thing you could have done different. Well, except maybe to comment less on your blog but that’s not an option. 🤣 I do try, I really do, but each comment is from my heart and yours mean so much to me. No wonder my letter writing has gone by the waist side. So, if you haven’t gotten a card from me in awhile or a comment on your blog, consider it lost or in spam. Hahaha Nah… now you know why, but It’s coming, I promise, so thanks for your patience. I sound like a damn politician. OH NO! 🤣

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My friend David and maybe yours too, over at Skeptic’s Kaddish, recently started Partners Poetry where anyone that wants to can submit a piece of their poetry and he will capture the essence of your poem through his lens and write a piece back to you.

It all started when he and his good friend Sangeetha started writing together and they have had a poetry affair of the heart ever since. It’s truly quite touching. If you don’t know David, he is the King of trying new forms of poetry and is in the process of creating his very own. He is ingenious and never fails to amaze.

There are so many prompts that look like so much fun and I so admire all of you that participate, but I rarely have time, so I generally don’t . However, when David said he would love to have me write a piece, I was so flattered and wanted to, but questioned what I could possibly write to please him, since my writing is simply from my heart. If I have a form I wouldn’t know what it is. 🤣 I was quite pleased when one of his followers said it was almost a form of something or other that escapes me now.

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Not only was this fun but I was soooooo touched by his very kind hearted acknowledgment of me that he expressed in his poem to me. I encourage all of you to submit a poem. It really was fun to do!

And one more fun thing to share before you read our poems below is I’m thrilled to share that my first piece of poetry submitted to Spillwords was accepted and will be published tomorrow on their site. If you miss it there, I’ll post it Monday on mine.

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Excited to be featured on their site tomorrow

Spillwords.com is the home for all that live and breathe words, spilled or inspired, through literature of every genre, from writers and poets of every walk of life. A place where classic, modern, and contemporary writers.

Thank you very much David for touching my heart and your gift of the written word that continues to evolve and develop. We could all learn from his heart you feel through his concise yet meaningful comments when he says 💖 Cindy 💖 in my feed and I feel it from my head to my toes.

Poetry Partners #34

A poem by Cindy Georgakas of ‘Unique Times with Cindy’

Force Quit
wires crossed,
keyboard crashed
Undo won’t do the trick,

Hit the off button
Take a break
Voices over flowing

No time to meditate
Insides fried

Data stored… not found
Storage full
Plastic bouncing

more money needed
Pick from a tree
Or get out your pen and paper

Brain freeze
It’s time fo y’all to leave
The synapses
Have stopped firing.

Respite found in tapping
My body and the keyboard
Relish in quiet moments

A sip of tea
Light a candle
I think I’ll head…
Back to bed.
Her verses flow freely
while sipping tea, thinking, 
before she shuts down;
nary a frown towards
friends around the globe;
her comfy robe swishing,
encouraging hope in others,
sisters and brothers, all;
kind mother to everyone;
busy day's done now -
night's begun; she's spent;
always so present, but
she descends into sleep...
rolling down steep slope
into deep, beckoning dreams,
her world's seams unraveling;
computer gleam goes black... even Cindy needs to rest.

Thank you truly for visiting today and your kind support which means the world to me. Have a Funtastic FRI-YAY and weekend. For me, this means regrouping and hanging out, of course a walk, writing and visiting you! Oh yes, and writing some cards. 💃🌈💖

Blessings of Love,



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My Rollercoaster Journey
1 year ago

Love your poem and his response! This is awesome! Love your posts as always

Jane Aguiar
1 year ago

Congratulations Cindy ❤️

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