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a woman doing a yoga pose

Thoughts ricochet
like speeding bullets
straight to my heart,
bouncing off bone
from my head
to my toes.

A war
Waged myself today.
A conversation is needed.
Stay present,
just breathe.
Thoughts repeated
over and over
manifest reality.
An attach on you,
is an attack on me.

I toss and turn
with vultures
taking over my brain.
Sleepless nights
become a battle ground.
have become my Ukraine.

I awake in cold sweat,
greeted by the light
and slowly open my eyes.
It’s quiet here,
no weapons needed,
just more love and prayers
to conquer my inner terrain.

One step at a time today,
clear the mind,
untangle each string
and sing
Hallelujah instead;

Don’t cling
to voices black.
Be the light,
stay the course
and take each moment
as it comes.

Say your mantra
over and over
counting mala beads
in your wakeful state
and through the night.

Peace will prevail,
we just don’t know when.
Hallelujah to me and you my friend….
This will end,
we just don’t know when.
Stay Strong
And Be the Light!

Copyright © 2022 Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved 

Our friend Ivor Plumber/Poet a gifted poet had a great song yesterday in his post I am posting here today. Do spend time visiting his site. He is insightful, loving and passionate about our earth and discovered poetry by a “stroke of luck”.

Have a blessed day and keep clearing the cobwebs, it seems that’s our job day to day as it always is but this war has highlighted it even more.

Love and blessings today and the strength to carry you through,



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Pooja G
1 month ago

Really loved the poem! ❤️🇺🇦

1 month ago

Be strong and be happy man.i am a new frnd of u

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 month ago

Yes mam

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 month ago

Plz you also follow and guide me mad🙏

1 month ago

This is beautiful

Life By Mehreen
Life By Mehreen
1 month ago

Wlexcellent stuff love the poetry I used to be a poet as well but then I joined WordPress and now I don’t know how to write poetry and make it seo optimized.

1 month ago

Your words are lovely. I add my voice: “Peace will prevail,
we just don’t know when.
Hallelujah to me and you my friend….
This will end,
we just don’t know when.
Stay Strong
And Be the Light!”
Thanks for sharing my friend. Gorgeous like your soul. Xoxo

1 month ago

I totally agree with this. Let’s spread the light 🕯️ and let’s all be the light in such dark and trying times

SRT News Admin
1 month ago

Nice song😊💓🙏

SRT News Admin
1 month ago

Definately will visit their blog.

Lamittan Minsah
1 month ago

This spoke to my heart so deeply. These are troubled times, both inwardly and outwardly, and indeed there’s need stay strong and focus. I keep reassuring myself that it’s gonna be okay with me, with my neighbour and friends and with the people of Ukraine. These are terrible times and, oh Hallelujah yes, the LORD God knows and will see us all through. That poem, dear C, is so touching and wonderful in its entirety. ❤💐❤💐

Lokesh Sastya
1 month ago

Be The Light 😇

Lokesh Sastya
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 month ago

Your words always motivate me. I’m grateful to you.😊

My Rollercoaster Journey
1 month ago

Very strong poem. Thank you for sharing

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