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Good Morning (I hope) or Evening,

So sorry if you already saw this post but I’m reposting it again since I had issues with it not showing up in the reader for most of you. I did try to work with WP but they weren’t able to resolve it, so I decided to republish it. Please check to see if you are still following me and seeing my posts. If not, unfollow and follow me. Thanks so much for your support as I’m really excited to share this amazing and timely Anthology with you!

I’m truly honored to be included in the upcoming anthology Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women with so many other talented writers and share my poems, I Won’t Be Silenced & Someone Saved My Life Tonight with you.

It is bound to be something special with Gabriela Maria Milton at the helm as creator and editor from  (Short Prose),

Gabriela is the author of the #1 best-selling poetry collection Woman: Splendor and Sorrow: | Love Poems and Poetic Prose, and the author of Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings. Gabriela is also the editor of MasicadoresUSA.

Her poetry and short prose have appeared in various magazines and anthologies. Under the pen name Gabriela M she was awarded 2019 Author of the Year at Spillwords Press (NYC).

Her piece “If I say I love you” was nominated for 2020 Spillwords Press Publication of the Year (Poetic). On July 6, 2021, Gabriela was featured in New York Glamour Magazine.

She never fails to surprise and amaze us with her new contributions she makes available to our literary community and I for one am deeply grateful.

Ingrid Wilson (Experiments in Fiction) is the publisher and also an inspiring author, monthly contributor on MastecadoresUsa. She was Spillwords Author of the Month in February 2021, is author of 2 books The Anthropocene Hymnal: Songs of a self defining era and most recently, 40 Poems at 40. Nick Reeves designed the stunning cover where a picture says 1,000 words. Nick is also an amazing writer and blogger in our community and Monthly contributor for MastecadoresUsa.

They are an incredible trio!

Our voices 
went from
to whispers
to echoes, 
to howling, 
As we stood 
at the bluff  
Our voices 
Raised in unison….
Screaming at the top 
Of our lungs:
We are Women
Hear  Us Roar. 
We won’t be Silenced

Cindy Georgakas ( this is NOT my poem for the Anthology)

I’ve featured Helen Reddy before on my blog but her voice gives reverence to Strong Woman Everywhere and I couldn’t resist another shout out to her.

The book debuts in early June 2022 just in time for my mother’s 86 birthday which she’s thrilled about being the strong woman she is.

As we stand together one and all, honoring all the woman of the world in their power and strength, I can’t thank you enough for your continued support of my work for which I am eternally grateful. I can’t think of a better time for this Anthology to be birthed.

Thank you so much, Gabriela and Ingrid your tireless work and to you Nick for the amazing cover!

You are all so inspirational and give me the impetus to follow my bliss in writing.

Stay tuned for more information about its upcoming release!

Stay Blessed, Stay Strong and continue to share your voice. It’s needed now more than ever.



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Don't Lose Hope
1 year ago

Your poem is very powerful Cindy. I’m not surprised it was selected for the anthology. Congratulations. Well-deserved!!!

1 year ago

[…] accepted was easy compared to this debacle. If you missed my post, I would really appreciate your visit here so you can see the information about the book coming out in […]

Lisa at Micro of the Macro
1 year ago

Kudos to you, dear girl! I am thrilled for you! 🌞

1 year ago

Congratulations, Cindy! You deserve it. I’m so happy for you. Looking forward to the book of anthology πŸ˜ŠπŸ’πŸ’–

1 year ago

I am so looking forward to the book, Cindy! I know it is going to be awesome. ❀️❀️

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 year ago

Absolutely! The best team!! You are so welcome. ❀️❀️

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 year ago

Yes, I am and it is such an honour. ❀️

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 year ago


Ali Grimshaw
1 year ago

You did a marvelous job acknowledging the creators of this anthology. Gratitude for the work others provide is definitely needed in this world. Congratulations on this publication. I am honored to have poems included in this book as well. I can’t wait to read it and share it with others. May it inspire all of us on days when life seems difficult and heal our hearts.

Lamittan Minsah
1 year ago

This must be such an amazing collection and I stand by to congratulate you for being featured. It’s an amazing work. Ingrid and Gabriela are both kind and wonderful souls in this blogging space. My plaudits, dearest C. ❀ ❀

Lamittan Minsah
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 year ago

Yes, that is as it should be. With one strong voice that is capable of leaping beyond mountains, the book, history shall have been written down. Amazing 🌺 ❀

Lamittan Minsah
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 year ago

You’re most welcome, and thank you too. In my weakness in feel strong for you have said so, and I strongly believe in it. Amazing indeed! 🌺 πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸŒΊ

Lamittan Minsah
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 year ago

Thank you kindly, my friend. Hugs and love ❀ 😍

My Rollercoaster Journey
1 year ago

Congratulations πŸŽ‰

11 months ago


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