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The body talks
Should I listen?
Of course, I should but I’ve work to do,
exams to take,
people needing
me for God’s sake.

If I listen, I may lose,
If I don’t, I’ll be as good as dead,
There’s work pending, rest and sleep at stake,
Is it just me?
Or life’s complicated as hell.

Octopuses tentacles strangling me.
This bath of algae tangled in my hair,
And crimson veins,
I’d do well to be a mermaid and swim out to sea .

The sea water is salty,
I float amidst the dolphins and whales,
My braid running loose in search of Posideon, the water God,
May be he could help me find the Atlantis,
And I live my life in forever bliss

The choice is always ours. 
Get washed up to shore or
take my chances and soar?
Did you ask, “Is it complicated”?
Of course, Anything worth having is.
And then as if by magic,
the tragedy unfolds
when you least expect to find it and
Hook line and sinker!
You’re free!

There’s a tragedy, there’s a miracle,
Everything is in our hands,
The choice is ours and chains are tight,
The goal is right in-front of the eye,
But the path has thorns,
That increases its worth and the complication as well!

This duality of life, always at play.
Sift through the buried treasures,
take your head out of the sand,

Life’s changing,
New experiences and dirt on the way,
We hop and flop and jump around,
And that’s the beauty of life.

I love these organic moments that pop up in life like chatting with Sheerren The Lightning Bug and breaking out into a poem turning everyday challenges into something of the sublime. These moments always bring joy to my day. I don’t look for collaborations because I am just too busy but when they happen authentically, I savor the sweetness and connection of the moment. Thanks for playing Sheereen and to all of you for reading.

As you can see, it’s another poem honoring Strong Woman everywhere to honor “Wounds I Healed The Anthology Wounds I healed: Poetry of Strong Woman coming in June, here’s to our trio Gabriela Maria MiltonIngrid Wilson from EiF and Nick Reeves.

Find everyday moments that make you smile and give you the strength to carry on in your day. It’s not Friday yet but put a little Fun Fri-Yay in your Wednesday!

Always Blessings, and Always Love in good times and bad,


Cindy and Sheereen

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1 year ago

Really made me thing. I started blogging 2 years ago and set up a website. Last week someone asked if I wanted to have some artwork on display. She asked if I have a website so she could see some of my work. Yes I said. It always takes on step to go on a pathway and then keep on moving.

1 year ago

Cindy and Shereen, what a great collab! Brilliantly done. 💖🥳

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 year ago

You are so welcome. Take your time… there’s no rush. 💖💖

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 year ago


1 year ago

Awesome poem!

Life By Mehreen
Life By Mehreen
1 year ago

Wonderful exceptional and all the praises that can be possible loved it. Loveeed it. And the choice of pictures awesome. Awesome colab 🥰🥰🥰

Swastika Yadav
1 year ago

I am strater and when i read your poetry that was amazing

Swastika Yadav
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
1 year ago

Thank you!

Karima Hoisan
1 year ago

Oh this is a wonderful melding of two excellent poet’s minds.. Your message rings loud and clear..and yes, we always have that choice! The image is brilliant (reminds me a bit of Second Life) and it says it all… I love these lines,
“Get washed up to shore or
take my chances and soar?
Did you ask, “Is it complicated”?
Of course, Anything worth having is.”
I so agree! Congratulations to you both!!

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