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Picture taken on a hike where this one sunflower was standing alone on a trail

I am so pleased and grateful to share my poem The Lone Sunflower that was published on Spillwords Press, thanks to Dagmara K., Director of Development and team for this honor and continued support of my work.

My grateful feet walk the besieged earth.
I breathe in the cool fresh air with raindrops pouring down on me.
Tears of
joy and sadness
held simultaneously
Imprinted in my heart.

Love pours forth
for the dying,
Arms open amongst bleeding hearts and tortured souls whose mother never taught them.

Love’s promise
is to
restore faith in humanity when we’ve been shaken and
given up all hope,
but how?

I would be so grateful if you would go here to finish reading my poem at Spillwords Press.

Thank you so much for taking time to read my poem. I was hiking and stumbled on this sunflower that sat solo and invited me to pause to reflect and of course my mind wanders to the questions that none of us can make sense of but I continue to ask. I waited for answers and this is what came.
Once again, thank you truly Dagmara K. and your team that works tirelessly to publish beautiful poetry.




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