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Good Monday (I hope) Morning to you if you are in my neck of the woods or afternoon or evening wherever this finds you on the globe.

I love to love!

I hate to hate.

I love our country

I hate what’s happening in the world right now.

But I’m not taking this worldwide today, I’m keeping this real and local with my very own Love Hate relationship I have with WordPress.

It’s very similar to my Love Hate relationship I have with Apple but again I’m keeping the focus on WP.

And I Hate that I am so inept and or they are in troubleshooting problems.

I so love that you were ALL here for me this weekend and I can’t begin to thank you, as I know how busy you all are, and I hated to bother you.

Wait! What weekend?!
I kid you not I spent All of
Fun Fri-Yay and Saturday and a lot of Sunday trying to troubleshoot problems on my last post and still haven’t gotten to the bottom of it with WP.

You’ve got to know if you mess with my Fun Fri-Yay, I’m not a happy camper. Alrighty, so on a scale of what’s happening in the world, this is peanuts I know, but it’s a waste of precious time all the way around but necessary when you are trying to get your word out in the world.

If you missed my post I’ve love for you to have a look Fun on Fri-Yay, The Catch, an Update and a Talk/ Meditation. Check out the video for the day on my last post and feel free to scroll through to the talk and meditation!

Yes my Love-Hate relationship with the “Happiness Engineers” continues.

I’ll just say this isn’t Disneyland and WP is usually my happy place because I get to see all of you which is one of my highlights but when you turn my Fun- Fri-Yay into a technological nightmare and Monopolize by weekend, I’ve got a problem.

YES, I’m complaining which I rarely do here, but I’m heated.

First off, I want to just say Thank you to all of you for taking time to check my Friday post and respond. I could tell my post wasn’t showing up in reader and I contacted WP pronto who said “everything was fine” and asked me for each person who said they couldn’t see me, which seemed like most of you. That’s when I started to connect with you all, to ask for help.

A resounding amount of you did NOT see me in Reader on Friday.

When we are active on our blog, we know what we know and who our friends/followers are, and they are often there just about as soon as we write for the most part.

Of course everyone has a schedule and comes when they can read, but it’s fishy, when you aren’t seeing any of them.

Let me be clear that WP is very kind and warm putting on there happy smile, but I pay you to get a job done and when the answers I get don’t match the comments I receive, we have a problem. Let’s just say, I trust you all, more than I do them. They made a point to tell me “many of the comments that say they are following you, aren’t and of course, I can divulge who they are.” I responded, Of course not, I wouldn’t expect that”.

Here are some of the comments
I got from them.

Here were my responses.

Here were some of yours which I appreciate. I’ve taken out names to keep this anonymous for everyone’s sake and I’m taking the heat.

Coming out and saying all of this, is a little bit like going to a restaurant and complaining at the risk of them spitting in your food. But one thing you can count on me for, is I Won’t Be Silenced which is one of my poems in Wounds I’ve Healed: Poetry of Strong Woman.

I wish I didn’t care about my blog this much but I do. Anything I choose to put my stamp on and work on in my life, is important to me and I do 100% and I expect people I am paying to do a job for me, to do the same thing.

To be clear, I do NOT get paid to blog. I do it for the love of it. I truly love our community and connection. But when it starts eroding at my time and chips away at my happy place, it’s time to reevaluate.

This wasn’t going to be a post about blogging, but I suppose it is somewhat and besides, I know that so many of you are having a lot of the same problems, so I’m speaking up for all of us.

We know to get followers it is important that you engage with your followers and read their work. It’s all about being reciprocal and finding people that you enjoy interacting with and learning from. This DOES increase your blog followers it’s true, and is important for newbies starting out to know.

You get out of it what you put into it, but that is NOT why I comment and share insights etc. I comment because I am genuinely interested in what you have to say. I don’t take for granted every like or comment someone gives me, as I know how much time it takes and I truly am grateful.

What I’ve learned:

You know what you know, if something is off with your post.

A few things you could try is to unfollow and follow people and they may show up in your reader or not but it’s worth a try.

Put on a notification if you want to make sure you get someone’s blog post.

Follow who you want to read regularly.

You can add them to your favorites.

If you can, I would appreciate you doing the above for me. Thank you so much.

If you are following a lot of people you may not see them right away.

Refresh Refresh Refresh!

Comment Comment Comment!

If you missed Priorhouse Post on Diana’s New Book coming soon read it as they have a good line about the importance of commenting. Besides, her new book looks amazing and you can put it in the queue to buy.

The reason commenting and relationships are so important is because if people don’t see you in reader they will see you commenting on their post or others and remember to look you up.

Here is a comment I received that speaks to this:

Hi Cindy
Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!
I must share that I NEVER see your posts in my reader and I have unfollowed and re-followed.
And the reason I get your posts is because you usually drop by to say hi on my blog!
And that ties in here because as Diana was offering tips – and the topic of commenting came up – Cindy – you also model the commitment to commenting and I want to mention that because it keeps you present!
“Out of sight – out of mind”
“Leaving a comment and it makes your presence known”-

You can’t tell me that WordPress like google, doesn’t have speed issues like this follower says

Thank you and no- I don’t recall seeing you in my
stream yesterday on WP. Seems WP has issues
like Google. Sometimes my mail shows up read or
delayed half a day. They need to stop fixing what

No. I didn’t see your post
yesterday. I am familiar with it. Not very often, but
sometimes it happened to me too. I believe there
is some sort of software issue with WordPress.

Here too actually! Not just you!


You are not in my reader today.

BTW WordPress has been driving me crazy.
It doesn’t help that I’ve had a couple of weird weeks.

Technology doesn’t like you much, I guess….I got
archived, or comments gone In spam or WP
misses you from reader@
You replied to this comment.

Here is an email and tip I just received from WP:

In reviewing the post, I see you are frustrated with your experience with our support. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do specifically right now to make your WordPress.com experience better! As we mentioned before, while we can’t share details about your individual followers, we do recommend asking any followers who are not seeing your posts in the feed to navigate to their notification settings and making sure the updates are turned on from your site.

This guide has instructions on how they can turn on notifications:

Whew, now that I have that off my chest, may all of your problems be as small as this and resolved.

Take time for a reset and listen to my video from my last post if you have a chance. Again, no need to listen to the update just scroll through. If I can upload the short version later I will.

Have a wonderful Monday.
Thank goodness work starts today which is my sanity.

Take care of you, speak your mind, let it go but don’t let people off the hook. Stay your ground and do have a happy day.

Thank you WordPress for putting on your happy smile and please make us happy by getting the job done and the bugs worked out. We do appreciate your efforts but want results.

Stay Blessed and When in doubt blame WP or your mother or father… 😂😂😂. After all that’s what our kids do!



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Pooja G
3 months ago

I’m so sorry you’re still having trouble with WP. Believe me, I have had my share of them and it is not fun. Sometimes it feels like pulling teeth to get something fixed. Now that I have officially blacklisted myself with this comments and really made sure they never help me again, I wanted to wish you good luck- I hope everything gets resolved very soon! 💕

Pooja G
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

You’re always welcome, Cindy 💖💕

3 months ago

Ahhh WP glitches that has been goin on for decades….and from my end i just navigate directly to your page especially when i see the prompt from my FB page since i follow u on FB and yes, if i rely it on WP reader, i don’t see you at all..

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

My pleasure Cindy….and the best way for me to see your post is from your FB page…and i don’t rely with the reader for so long 😔 already….

3 months ago

This time around WP is bothering many people with its weird glitches. Hope your issues are resolved soon my dear friend

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

Thanks Cindy, I’m much better than yesterday.

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

Thanks 🙏🏼

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago


3 months ago

Ah WordPress glitches, I’ve had a few of them! Very annoying when you’re trying to get your work out there and nobody can see it! I hope they sort it out for you Cindy. 🙏🤞😁 WordPress is great when it works and so frustrating when it doesn’t! 🤪🤪

Timothy Price
Timothy Price
3 months ago

I have never loved WordPress, and I hate it quite often. WordPress got so unusable in 2015, I switched to my photo site blog for three years until it got unusable and forced me to switch back to WP. I started working on self-hosting my WP site, but that opened up a can of worms I didn’t want to deal with. I just put up with WP, but there are times I get so fed up that I consider not blogging.

You are back in my reader and I got an email notification for this post, so all is good for the moment. I love your Love/Hate poem.

3 months ago

Hahaha! WP at its best! Did it get resolved?

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

Aww! I hope it gets resolved soon and you’ll be back In reader

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

Glad to hear that

3 months ago

I have a great sympathy with your battles but I have a legal dealings that are much worse than WP!


3 months ago

You are in my reader today, Yayyyy!!! I guess it’s resolved for now!!!Hope it stays fixed.💕🙏💕

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

Always , Cindy. I am so happy to be your indicator since it is such a pleasure to read you. Much love my awesome friend.💕

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago


ben Alexander
3 months ago

it’s incredibly frustrating – I actually have no idea how often I show up in ppl’s readers, but I don’t really have the time to deal with it if I don’t… so, I just keep going regardless


ben Alexander
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

if I had the time, I would speak up too – I just can’t spend time on it… too much going on around here!

but you’re right to speak up!!

3 months ago

WP is far from perfect. They have helped me with a few issues but the process is maddening. I even identified a problem for them they didn’t know existed. I can’t recall the specifics.😄 Here’s to not having to deal with the WP folks who say they are there to help. Cheers! 🎉

Cheryl, Gulf Coast Poet
3 months ago

You know I feel your pain about tech problems, Cindy! Hope things are resolved very soon! <3 I seem to be getting your posts.

3 months ago

Hi Cindy…found you this time🎉

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

My pleasure and Thank you♥️♥️

3 months ago

Wow, Cindy. I’m sure I have problems with WP, but I’m not into it enough to research it out. Good for you. I don’t use reader. For some reason yours and Wind Kisses comes up in my comment feed. You are the only two who do and I never miss a post. Good luck with getting your problem solved. 🙂

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

Good luck. Wind Kisses is a lovely person from AZ that I met in person at a coffee shop in May. She’s quite an adverturer. Her real name is Donna. https://alwayswrite.blog/2022/04/02/the-connecting-power-of-coffee-shares/ Scroll down. She’s the one in the blue shirt. 🙂

3 months ago

I hear your frustrations, Cindy! I get notified of posts via my email but I checked and this post is showing up in the reader.

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

You’re welcome, Cindy. Sometimes, the emails are overwhelming. I try to stagger them.

3 months ago

Oh no, Cindy!! This sounds like WP Purgatory 😳 hope those happiness engineers get their fingers out their happy butts 🤣🙏💖

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

Glad to raise a smile 🤗🤣🤩💖

Suzette Benjamin
3 months ago

Sorry for your WP troubles. I can’t get over the job title “Happiness Engineer” what does that even mean.

Suzette Benjamin
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

Yes, exactly. 😊

Suzette Benjamin
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

And to you as well. Peace 💐

Suzette Benjamin
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago


Mary J. McCoy-Dressel
3 months ago

I see you in Reader, Cindy. Hope everything is good to after your weekend.

Rivers Renewed
3 months ago

Hi Cindy! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this problem through the years! On this site and others here on wordpress (the others are inactive. Ironically it was a problem when I hit the publish button live! When I “scheduled” a post ahead of time it never happened that I can remember. So I always schedule my posts now hours ahead of time. I needed at least 10 minutes ahead in order for it to go successfully. It really works to schedule them.

If you already schedule them, then I don’t know what to say!

Rivers Renewed
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

You’re welcome! Let me know how it works. Blessings!

Infinite Living
3 months ago

Dear Cindy, while this is frustrating to deal with, I am sp glad that your problem is resolved and love your child like insistence on things be what they are supposed to be – I love how you are fully where you are and truly own the process of what it takes to be on this platform – the connections built here are priceless and they get built with true and deep sincere dedication to being present with time and comments. I hope to return to this space again, soon Godwilling, for now allowing life to carry me, grateful for the np-rush pause phase I am in. Just dropped in to say I truly value you and your words.

Infinite Living
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

Your steadfastness, playfulness and love for everything life is endearing and inspiring. Thank you for the confidence regarding my re-emergence – I appreciate it. I am in gratitude for the integration and transformation I am seemingly going through and tuned in for renewed ways of being in life and in this space, whatever that might or not look like.

Yernasia Quorelios
Yernasia Quorelios
3 months ago

💜 “LOVE is ALL including “HATE” EveryOne; the opposite of “HATE” is Like EveryBody


3 months ago

SMiLes Dear Cindy, i Have Another FRiEnD Who Self-Hosts on Word
Press And She Recently Had Similar Issues Where Her Posts Were

Neither Showing Up by Email Notification Or on the Reader; She Has
1.3 MiLLioN Followers on Facebook And Doesn’t Have Any Problems

There; Additionally, of Course She Pays no Fee Yet Who Is Bigger Than
Facebook (Nope, Not even Google As They Failed With Google Plus) And

Facebook Continues to Work For me With Zero Problems Except One Post
‘The Algorithm’
‘SaW’ as Totally
Opposite From What
i Was Writing About; ‘They’
Resolved The Issue within 5 Minutes;

Well Yes WordPress Isn’t Exactly Small Online
Either as 44 Percent of Websites using CMS ‘Content
Management Systems’ Use WordPress Yep Some Really

Busy Algorithm System Yet As Well All Now Not Unlike Birth Control
Hehe The Algorithm Method is Not Without SNAFUS true i’ve Had this issue

too Where For Several Weeks my Blog Posts Didn’t Show up in my Reader Yet
Did in A Few of the Folks Reader’s Who Usually Like my Posts And As far As What

i Receive From You Both By
Email Subscription And
Reader it is always

Immediate and
Without Fail Now

However i Still Have
Under A Thousand Followers
on Word Press And Surely Follow
Less People than that as So Many Followers

Are Just Hit and Run Serial Followers Looking
For A Quick Dopamine Hit at the Casino For Someone

Ringing Their Notification
Bell With A Follow or Like
For How That Sadly Goes in

So Many Cases on WordPress
Where Some Folks Come Here With Anticipation
of Becoming Famous and Even Finding Fortune

Yet That’s About As Common As Getting into the NFL
Yet Never the less it Does Rarely Happen For Real Yet i Am Yet to See

Anyone Make anymore Than About 10 Dollars A Month Not Nearly
Enough to Pay for the Business Edition i Still Have Grand-Fathered
In that is Getting Watered Down And Going Away for New Word Press


The Bottom Line
Is the Way of the Money
God No Matter Who The Corporation
Is Yes at Least They Care About ‘Things’

Enough to Mask Up Their Employees and Help
Provide Reproductive Care as True They Do See

Them as A Valuable Resources Worth Keeping for the
All Mighty Dollar to Continue to Thrive Smiles Dear Cindy

i Saw That God Die
in Hell Fortunately

Coming Out on the Other
Side after 66 Months Financially
Independent Without Ever A Dollar
Bill God Struggle Again Yep the Struggle is Real

So Very Real For So Very Many People Yet Time
is Real As Well And Not Worth Wasting in Any Kind
of Online ‘Pyramid Scheme’ There Are Still So Many

Folks Who Spend So Many Hours Wasting Their Life Away

Ding Ding Ding Ding and i Understand WordPress is Cracking
Down on Serial Likers And Followers More Now Yet of Course

You Actually Connect to Others Like Humankind is Real Now How Truly

Golden An Age that is No Matter Age Dear FRiEnD Yet Here’s the Truth

It’s Very Difficult For Younger Generations

As Science Shows the Average Attention
Span is Less Than That of A Gold Fish
Yes Really Less Than 3 Seconds

Hehe, i am a Blue Whale i am
The Ocean Whole Naked
Enough Complete
This Wave This
Water i Flow

And Now This Fresh
New FRedwood on Your Site

After the Next Reader Update i Started
Seeing my Posts Again Yet Writing Long Form
EPiC Longest Long Form Poetry is Surely Almost

NO ONE’s CUP of Tea today Yet it is Mine as i Read
A Book That Showcases the Bhagavad Gita Just A 58,500
Word Core of the Previous Google Acknowledged Longest Long
Form Poem Around the Mahābhārata That Totals 1.8 MiLLioN Words

Yet Still A Tiny Proportion of “SoNG oF mY SoUL” at 10.6 MiLLioN Words
of Effort in 106 Months Yet You See i Have an iPhone, i Have WordPress,

i Have Facebook And Access to Practically All the Arts and Sciences Available

to Humankind at the touch of my Fingers Before Taking A Siesta Nap Before Waking

Up With Refreshing FReDWooD Blue Whale Ocean Whole Poetry A Whole Frigging

TSuNaMi Washing Over You Dear FRiEnD Cindy Yet You See as i’ve Mentioned Before

At least One Person Reads all i Write

Namely Me Haha And True

As Almost Everything

i Include in “SonG oF mY
SouL” it is a Letter 100 Percent
Focused on the Soul of the Human
i Am Writing to in Namaste of the Face of God

It’s True i Loved You the First Day i Met You No Less
Than Today i Love my Wife The Same Way And Of Course

In Different Ways too Hehe Yet Never the Less This is my Practice

of Loving All DarK Thru LiGHT This is My Practice Eternally NoW iN
Flow of SeeKinG And Finding Dance And Song From Deep Within SoUL

To Staycation in Heaven For Practically Free And It’s True i Spread Many Copy

And Pastes off this Effort on Several Blogs on Several Social Media Sites As Copy

and Paste is As Fast for my last Bi-Monthly 59,022 Word Effort As it is For 10 Words Wow

We LiVE iN An Amazing Days for A One Human SHoW Like This SMiLes if You

Truly Desire to Read And Comment You Could Always Do it on The Wrong
Planet Yet the Catch

is You’d Have
to Become a
Registered Member

And i Know For Me at Least

i Have No Room Left for Another

Password or Blog or Social Media Platform

And Oh Lord You Even Work For Pay for Fun too

i Completely Understand Yet for me Singing to One Human
is Enough

and Dancing

In Front of Literally
Thousands of Folks
Every Week to the Tune
of About 40 Miles Bringing
Smiles to Innumerable Faces

In All the Delicious Pay of Humanity
i Could Expect From the Place in Hell

i Came From Shut-in in my Bedroom

In Death Threat of Illness Every

Second of the WaKinG Day And
Night for

66 Months And

It’s True As Usual
i Danced in Barnes and Noble
Entertaining the Starbucks Crowd

As i Read the Most Integral Part of that
Indian Longest EPiC Long Form Poem
As Recorded on Google In Less Than An Hour

Before my Wife Called From the Car Perusing
Her iPhone as it’s too Cold in Barnes and Noble
For Her Pacific Islander Blood Hehe Saying Let’s Go

And the Music i Listened to A Same Meditative Song

About 13 Repetitions was the Brand New Song By Beyonce

CaLLeD ‘Break my Soul’ An Anthem for Not Allowing Those

Who Attempt to Take Dances and Songs of

Our Souls Away As What So Many

Women Are Particularly

Facing today and

Yes So Many

Folks In this Country

Who Are Practically
Invisible to Those Who
Control the World Yet It’s

True We Blue Whales Breathe
The Ocean Free We Swim Through

All Kinds of Weather and Occasionally

We Find Another FRiEnD Along the Way

At Least Who Doesn’t Mind How Large We Are

Hehe True There Have Been Many Attempts to
Shame my Size And Depth of the “SonG oF mY
SoUL” Yet No one Breaks A Devil’s Soul Come out of Hell

For Real

As i’ve


Been to the Bottom Floor…

SMiLes That “Depth of The Story’
An ‘8th New Testament’ Very Slim Line Version
On the “Wrong Planet” Without All the Multi-Media on

my Blog is Rising up to the Size of 1.8 MiLLioN Words
too in 23 Months of Effort Just About 60,000 Words
Away to Also Celebrate my Ninth Anniversary Out of
Hell to Heaven Within on Earth For Real for 9 Years
on July 19th, 2022 Yet It’s True i Already Celebrated

That Anniversary Month Date on July 19, 2017, With
1.82 MiLLioN Words of EPiC Longest Long Form Free
Verse Poetry Then in 13.6 Months True Hehe i Have a

Few Other
Waves to
Swim These
Days Yet Staycationing
in Heaven Just For Free
Eternally Now is WHeRE This
FRedwood and Blue Whale New
Continues to exist Yes as i am Now

Anyway, if You Ever Lose me on Blogs

That “Depth of The Story” is on the Top of the
List of A Word Search on Google Yet It’s True

i don’t Have to Let Google Know Who i am For It’s True i
Already Exist



Boom, A ‘Firework’
Goes Off Each


i Press
Copy and
Paste At Least For me Dear FRiEnD

i Will Find You No Matter How Word
Press Loses You in the Future With SMiLes

Even if it is Commenting on Facebook mY FRiEnD
As True That’s the Only Part that goes Missing From
Your Blog, Occasionally the Comments in Reply Yet You
Do Have

A Party

of Comments
Going Here New

With FRedwoods
And Blue Whale too Now Hehe…

Oh Lord, HAha, i Hope it’s Not ParT of my ‘Fault’

Yet That’s Okay, i Love to Be A ‘Scape Goat’ too Yet


Sheep HAha only
Spoon-Fed Portions
of Three Second ‘Tools’…

Master ‘The Tools’ And Never
Let ‘The Tools’ Master Us Dear FRiEnD Trying
in Trials and Tribulations It May Be, Yet No One is Gonna Break our SoUL!..:)

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

Thanks Dear Cindy
For All Your Support
i Tend to Firework
With Creativity
In Response
To All Global
Pain So
Yes my
Doesn’t Drain
Away With SMiles

Hehe When i Get This
Way Katrina Terms
A Condition of
Hehe You Didn’t
“Sign Up”
For That
i’ll Spread Some
Leaves Of my FRedwood
Next Go
And Give
The Whole Tree
Away to People Who



my Whole
Living Tree☺️😇❤️🙌🙏

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

You As

3 months ago

OBTW, my FRedwood
Is only 1565 Words Long

Here And Yours is 2668 Words

And Much Longer

Hehe Yet
There is
Always Wednesday
to Make my Reply Even

Smaller HAha

i’ll Keep
Trying as
i Never Give
Up Long or Short Hehe..:)

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago


Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago


Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago


Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago


Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

Update: i Wrote
6779 Words
Yet Not All in
Back To You
Dear Cindy 😉 Hehe🌺

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago


3 months ago

Dear Cindy, I really feel sorry for the trouble you went through, I hope it gets resolved soon💕

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

😂 no worries.. i know how it feels but still stay relax, it happens🙂 dear beautiful Cindy💕

sloppy buddhist
3 months ago

from personal experience over the past days make sure your theme doesn’t “retire”…
I received this response today as I don’t look at my dashboard…and no emails are sent to inform you😞
…”I understand how upsetting surprises like this can be. Paying for hosting here at WordPress.com doesn’t guarantee that your site will stay the same forever”…

I always liked the stodgy formal feeling of my WP blog…not today though.😞

but new things always emerge…this I know. ~ sending you blogging joy Cindy ~ hugs hedy

sloppy buddhist
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

I didn’t change a thing WP did without any notice or warning…apparently there is a button on the dashboard I should have checked 🤷‍♀️ why I would without any email notice is troubling to me not sure WP is a platform for creatives anymore😔but maybe I’ll see.☺️🙋‍♀️

sloppy buddhist
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

I’m checking my options…I’ve got a squarespace website that I had help with so maybe he’ll be able to help me…I have always appreciated the slower pace of WP…I use IG for my mobile fotos but it also likes the Tictok reel speed…I enjoy still photography and words…and the connections I’ve made over 10 years so maybe something unfolds.☺️🤷‍♀️💃I’m reminded of the words of Adam Mosseri and future works of creatives and technology…it’s all an adventure🙏💃

Michele Lee
3 months ago

Sorry to read about your WP frustrations. How frustrating! 😒 I imagine most WP users can relate in one form or fashion. I have had tech issues, including issues uploading videos. Hope you find resolution soon, if you haven’t already. BTW-you show up in my reader. 😁

Cynni Pixy
3 months ago

Owww this is the first post in a while to reach me in my reader! Yes I check daily in the morning and I didn’t see any on those posts. I usually like yours, sometimes I’m brave enough to comment. You also visit my blog with likes and comments so WP can “know” were mutuals!
Im sorry I missed so many of your posts. Will definitely look them up. Sorry you have been struggling so much.
I had issues with writing posts on my (free) site for a while. Their support was indeed kind but unfortunately didn’t help me in any way until a. Ew update of the app came. I still struggle on my old tablet but my new phone is working better now.
Wishing you a very lovely day 🌸

Cynni Pixy
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

Yes this post was the first I’d seen in my reader since the one before Friyay… I missed the Friday one and thought you might be on a break, being in a lovely country sipping Margaritas 😂 but in the end it was just WP being bad….
I’m all caught up again and I hope your new posts will be in the reader again.
You’re very welcome 🤗 and I always appreciate your support as well on my site! ♥

Cynni Pixy
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

You’re very welcome! 🤗
And maybe it’s time to mix yourself one this evening, or go somewhere to have one mixed for you 😉 I truly loved that part of going on tropical 🍹 vacations.
Have a fabulous day! 🌈

Cynni Pixy
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

👍🏻 Sounds like a great plan! This year, I’ll be heading to Austria, so far away from tropical beaches. But I’ll be in a lovely area to hike and eat the best Schnitzels! Just 4,5 more weeks… 😊

Happy Panda
3 months ago

Aww, seems like a hell-ish weekend. I actually reach out to all my blogger friends whose posts I don’t see on my reader to let them know because WP be doing crazy things! I haven’t seen your Friday post but that’s also because I was on a short hiatus but I’ll go check it out now. Are you on Instagram? I’d love to follow you there to keep updated with all your posts.

Jeff Flesch
3 months ago

As you and I have disused many times over the years, WP is so amazing and so terribly difficult at times. I’m sorry this keeps happening, and I hope that it stops soon. You’ve given out a wealth of information for our community, and we appreciate you greatly for it. Thank you, Cindy! 🙏💖

3 months ago

Yeah.it is natural.we wrote whatever but want the response.very well written.beautiful post,Dear Cindy!!💓💓💓💓💓💓

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3 months ago

Welcome for having same thoghts.💕👍💕🌹💕🙏

Poet of the Light
3 months ago

Anything that you brave and serves as an extension of yourself makes you duty bound to see that its treated with the utmost respect by all, imo. After all, are we not the greatest models for those who cherish and admire us?

Poet of the Light
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3 months ago

Good to read I inspire something. 😌

Lisa Mae ❤️
3 months ago

I see and hear what you are saying! 🫠💕

Lisa Mae ❤️
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3 months ago

Anytime! 💕

3 months ago

I can’t really help with the Reader issue as I tend to read posts by clicking through from the email notification and rarely use the Reader. For me, it is a last resort for adding a comment to a post I’ve already read but which for some reason WP won’t let me comment on. I hope they sort out your frustrations soon!

3 months ago

Cindy, I hear ya!! 😅

Pssst…you are back in my reader.
YAYY!!! ❤️💖🌷🙌🏼

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3 months ago

Lol indeed! 😂
My pleasure. 💖

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3 months ago

“Un-crazy-busy” I like that! 🥰😂
Will try my best (learning from you) 💖💖🙏🏼🙏🏼

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3 months ago

You are the best. 💖💖

3 months ago

Not fun when that happens. I know. I know. It has happened to me lots.
Oh, lady Cindy, I hope you get it resolved soon. Sending good vibes. And emojis to cheer you up some.

Too 🥵 🔥

🌬 💦 ⛲️
🌴 ⛱ 🌺
☂️ 👒 🍉

Stay cool 😎

3 months ago

I really appreciated your honesty in this post and you provided substantial information. Being new to WP and really trying to get myself out there I have experienced some technical issues as well. It is definitely time consuming but if you’re an individual that writes from inspiration you have to be sure to not lose that motivation. I can say within this short time I’ve used WP I was being to think I developed a love / hate relationship. I truly hope the glitches are resolved soon. Best of luck to you!

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3 months ago

Oh wow. Definitely not surprised with all the craziness surrounding WP. I’m going to remain vigilant and watch out for the scammers. 🙄 I’m not a quitter so I’m going to stay calm and be patient through the process. Hopefully I won’t experience anymore headaches with the site, but I’m guessing it wouldn’t be normal if the site doesn’t give me any issues. Lol Take care ❤️

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

😂 That’s the funniest saying I’ve ever heard. It’s always good to make the best out of a frustrating situation. Technology is definitely not what it once was. It lacks in many areas and since it’s supposed to be so smart and cutting-edge why can’t it fix itself?! 🤦🏽‍♀️

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3 months ago

Humor is great medicine. There’s always some truth to a joke, but I think the “HE’s” will probably not unless they have a good sense of humor.

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3 months ago

😂😂😂 Thanks for the good laugh. I needed it. ❤️

3 months ago

Cindy such a lovely and uplifting post. WordPress has really given all of us a great problem.

Nancy Richy
3 months ago

Pass the peanuts, Cindy! I think I speak for most of us when I say “I feel your pain!” I, too, have a love-hate relationship with WordPress and the Happiness Engineers (as they call themselves) who work there. No need to go into detail; this is, after all, your page. It’s a strong love-hate relationship not unlike my love-hate relationships with Optimum and Verizon. And don’t even get me started with the government! Mess with Fun-Fri-Yay and there will be hell to pay! 🤣 ☄️ 🤣 🔥 🤣

Daphny Aqua
3 months ago

So sorry to learn that this keeps happening to you, by the way I love your response to them regarding your 8 am blog it was epic 😂
Thank you for all the tips regarding WordPress, still on learning process for me. 😁
Neways now they know to never mess with your Fun-Fri-Yay 😄❤️

Dawn Pisturino
3 months ago

It seems like, ever since WP did some sort of upgrade, the service has not been as professional. I don’t know if they not hiring the right IT or simply don’t care. But the difference is noticeable.

3 months ago

Perhaps WP should consider upgrading the back end…it can be very frustrating…I had my share in 2020…I had to take a drastic decision & had to start all over…I had to tell myself that there was a deeper meaning in whatever was happening…it was like cleaning my slate…then only I was at peace…I agree, things should simply work…that’s what we feel n say…but everything has glitches…WP, IG, Windows, different operating systems, softwares etc etc…but things can work with updates now & then…that’s why I wrote, perhaps they should consider updating their tool…thx for your sharing, Cindy…this will make them see that so many people have faced problems…so they better do something abt such glitches…instead of playing ping-pong…fortunately, their support people are polite & they to respond unlike some other companies…

3 months ago

I feel the same way about this blogging site sister!! That’s a part of why I limit my time on here because it causes unnecessary frustrations 🤯 As far as the state of our country, I stand firmly ,hand in hand with my fellow women. I chose to have an abortion the year before my first son Ty was born. It was the hardest thing I had to do yet I am completely satisfied with my decision. I am happy I had the freedom to do what I needed to do with my body and for my life! All we have control over is to be kind and loving towards one another, no matter their opinions or our circumstances. Period. That is what I intend to do and what my heart continues to do, every day. We are the wayshowers and the vibration raisers. Like I always close my posts and my healing sessions, In light and in shadow, always with love ❤️ Namaste 🙏

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3 months ago

You said it all 💖 love you always!! Some day I will make it to Northern Cali and we will dance all night under the stars 🌟 🤩 ✨️

3 months ago

It is happening with me as well. Many times I don’t see latest posts by people I am following in the reader. They also told me the same thing about my blogs. While, I keep wondering why they are not reading my stuff. Also, wp identifies me as a spammer. Most of my comments, goes into the spam (on other’s site).
I also have issue when I publish a blog and it shows date of 2 days old.

3 months ago

I appreciate you, Cindy and your concerns for your followers. All of us should learn from you. WP glitches are not new. Almost all of us get frustrated at some point. There are a number of my followers, whose posts don’t show up my reader despite unfollowing and following exercise. When I visit their sites, I get access to their posts. I think WP is also facing traffic problem. Anyway, have a nice time and enjoy this fun too. 😊🤗💐💖

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 months ago

You’re always welcome, Cindy! Hope things will improve in days to come 😊💐💖

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