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It is with great pleasure to share my poem, Embracing You, Me and Divinity today that was just published at MasticadoresUSA. Thank you to Gabriela Marie Milton, and the team at MasticadoresUSA for their continued support, and for publishing this piece.

Embracing You, Me and Divinity

The luminous luster of the cave’s silhouette,
invites deep introspection as I sail to reach you.
Outstretched arms, I climb the vines as the moon shimmers
with dancing stars, and I linger here in the warmth of this ominous hug,
embraced by faith filled with peace and tranquili

Light trickles in, illuminating the Milky Way and I can almost taste you,
smell you, hear your voice, see your shadow.
The sun warms my heart and clarity’s gift infuses me.

You’re always with me as I’m rocked on this luminous night of divinity. 
I surrender to life’s beauty in this peaceful protected moment;  

I would be honored if you would go here to read the rest of my poem. Thank you so much.

Photo by Photo by Jason Wong on Unsplash

Once again, Thank You Gabriela and the whole team for everything you do in our literary world.

May Life’s Blessings Embrace You Always,



Copyright © 2022 Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved

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Jaya Avendel
1 month ago

Fantastic a poem! The imagery is simply lovely, the emotion peaceful and glowing, and the overall reading experience very grounding and settling. 🙂

1 month ago

It’s beautiful Cindy.

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
30 days ago

My pleasure 😊

1 month ago

So beautiful and ethereal.🤍💜

Karima Hoisan
27 days ago

Soooo beautiful Cindy..every verse in this poem moves me and I vibrate to its truth. Perhaps my first favorite is this one…because I think it sets the transcendent mood of your surrender:
“You’re always with me as I’m rocked on this luminous night of divinity.
I surrender to life’s beauty in this peaceful protected moment;
This chrysalis of the sea. ” and then it goes on in the most reassuring and mystical way///until you fall into the “Everything”and are reborn..I love your whole vision Cindy.. Spiritually powerful and comforting at the same time.

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