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Where I share my jewels of wisdom of life

smooth round colorful shapes with wavy edges

🌹love one another 🌱🌿 so humans grow 🙏 trust that good things are coming and God has a plan 🙋 Do power poses to open the chakras ✍ Write to free the thoughts 🎇 Emojiku each day for life is precious 🙏 Pray for your mother, father, Children, family and friends. 🤼 Practice human kindness  …

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I sit and marvel at creation. Enchanted and amazed as colors meld into ecstasy.  Geometry takes shape at every turn.   Each reflection cascades imperfection and perfection, that is in the eye of the beholder.  Shine light on your shadow, where diamonds shine and sparkle, Blowing away the Illusion of the know and unknown.  While …

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