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I’m delighted to share my poem, Destination Interrupted published on MastecadoresUsa thanks to Gabriela Maria Milton for her dedication to poets and writers along with her team. I’m truly grateful and appreciative not only to them, but to all of you for your continued support of my work.

The journey is the road we travel.

The destination is where we intend to go and what happens in between is the unknown.  

Waving to a passerby, stopping to fill the tank, 

an exchange of pleasantries;

a smile and knowing glance of roads less traveled. 

A happenstance meeting of the heart, unite with a smile and a glance, 

changing the course of your travel. 

It makes no sense

As you veer off your intended course. 

I would be honored if you would veer here to read the rest of my poem.

Thank you again, Gabriela for the opportunity to share my work and to all of you for reading and your support.

Hope your summer is an adventure of your heart and soul.



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