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white and black anchor with chain at daytime

Dew drops from my eyes in the heat of the moment. 

Flowers wilt under the sun,

growing roots deeper.


drawing on the earth to sustain itself but the well has gone dry.

The struggle to find composure is real, as the conductor leads the symphony in magical crescendo.

A string pops, 

the audience gasps, 

but the show must go on. 

And so it is with life.  

We continue to search for reservoirs to go deeper,
bumping into walls of resistance,

devoid of hope, 


when our juices have run out.

We run amuck or
sit in a stew looking …..
for anything or anywhere
to find respite. 

Come to the stillness of the moment
and find renewal
as the sun rises over the horizon once again,

filling our heart and emptying our mind, 

trusting where we land. 

Through the hardship, pain 

and unspeakable moments,

anchor in,

searching for that one ray of light
to bring us hope 


the trickle of the ocean,

Where one drop is savored and precious,
to see us through.

Blessings of Love and Hope Always, All Days,



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7 months ago

Thank you Cindy for sharing this collection of thoughts. Sometimes life comes at us much too fast, and we need to find a slower thread to take us to tomorrow.

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