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Good Morning Fri-Yay Funday Friends, Have a wonderful Day and weekending! So much to say… so little time and I have to be in the dentist chair in 30 minutes (ugh.. long story there but I won’t bore you) so it’s a quickie. Life’s pleasures come in everyday moments laced in sugar and everything nice, …

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bride with her wedding dress blowing in the wind in the desert

The water sends ripples up my spine as it cascades over the mountain side blowing the winds of time, where the sediment of layers are imbedded, telling stories of historic times.  I absorb each message like a sponge, and hear the whispers, that impart wisdom from sages, blowing the winds of time as though they …

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No love like today,linger longer.Show us the way,Feel the wind beneath our sail,let us float to far off lands,Leaving our troubles behind. Climb the Fri-Yay Funday vine, never mind time.Swing joyfully to the music and this silly diddly rhyme,Leaving your monkey mind behind. Throw us a life vest,Cut the cord, anchor to the moon, as …

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