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In the midst of getting done and finishing so I could relax and enjoy our time together,

You were dying.

Of course I called everyday to exchange the perfunctory of life.

But I’m not sure I really heard you because
I was trying to be done so we could have quality time.

Time doesn’t wait, it keeps ticking.

So the question is, will we explode like a time bomb


do we stop and let everything else just wait because….

The pearly gates get closer and we’re never done.

I had written this poem a few weeks ago in the midst of feeling torn as I often do between work, this neverending house project, the wedding and my parents. I went and took the Covid test to my mom who said “this is ridiculous, “I’m sure I had it but I don’t need to test”. My mother doesn’t want to slow down and stop doing her everyday Costco runs etc. Meanwhile, I strong handed her (not really). She finally complied and thankfully she was negative! YES!

We had a really nice time together just chatting, sitting in her garden and sharing our hearts and I decided to read this poem to her. At the time when I wrote it, it didn’t seem like much but the profound impact it had on both of us left us both in tears and me sobbing. We had a wonderful talk about life, death, impermanence and eternity.

There is no sweeter gift that the exchange of hearts between those we love!

We had an incredible productive weekend getting the outside of the house in order for the wedding which is in process but getting there. I’ll share pics on Fun-Fri-Yay. I did get in the pool which was awesome. Then off to the quarry to get stepping stones and then went and saw my FIL and gave him some rehab exercises which we both needed as I tweaked my back lifting. There was a vacant bed and I was tempted to stay the night. When you want to stay in one of these places, is when you know you need a break. Hahaha!.

He’s ecstatic about coming “home” to his retirement place tomorrow.

Rehab with My 96 year old FIL.. He is going home tomorrow finally!

My cousin picked up my Dad and took him to Pescadero to hear 2 of his cousins singing where they perform regularly and he had a great time. They are very gifted and Cheryl knows all about the pearly gates as she recently lost her husband what too soon. I think she wrote this song as it has words of longing. Thanks Rob and Lois for taking him. He had a ball!

Cheryl and Carrie

Have a wonderful week ahead as you reclaim moments and find respite in everyday moments.

Thanks truly for visiting today and blessings to you,



Photo by u/emmarodge

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Isha Chawla
1 year ago


My Rollercoaster Journey
1 year ago

Lovely post. So glad to have an update. Great poem and ur mom looks so happy!

My Rollercoaster Journey
1 year ago

The videos are so heartwarming.

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