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Silence Speaks
tongues twist
love sits softly
In my lap.

Hearts bleed
neither recedes
Both kneading
to be needed.

Filled to the brim,
time’s a ticking,
Morning coffee brewing.

The rustle of the wind,
The chirping of the birds,
the clicking of my keyboard,
the pause of ticking brains.

The nudge on one side
then the other,
the light greeting
the window pane,
Calling me into action.

Love won’t wait forever,
so I close my eyes one last time
and enjoy the silence and kneading
of fur as soft as silk and purring
that starts my engines running
full throttle ahead.

Happy Fun Fri-Yayyy!

I’m actually sitting in my new bed this morning as I type this. Whooo hooo. To be clear, we haven’t moved in yet as our final inspection failed (don’t ask), the cabinet maker is supposedly finishing today, and the hardware will finally go on all of the doors. I feel like I’m living in a fish tank which I love with all of the light and windows but without window coverings, I do feel pretty exposed and with workers coming,

I’m not comfortable in here unless it’s the wee hours of the morning or late at night. Besides if you move in, they will never move out and hope you forget about all of the small things that still need to be done. Hell or high water, we’re moving in tonight! Here’s the “final” pictures.

Thanks for all of your good wishes for Hunter and I. My back is 95 % better but I milked it for all it was worth and have to get back on the workout path today, Hunter’s surgery went well they say but he’s still wearing the cone of shame for another week. He’s really needy right now and just wants to be by your side every minute.

Wedding plans are underway and we have a huge push this weekend getting the outside area finished up. Turns out the free cabinet I got is too big and the electrical is in the wrong place so back to the drawing board. Whoever said the best things in life are free, didn’t own a home. Do enjoy the song at the end where the proverb came from in the 1927 musical Good News. The song describes learning that a bond with another person is one of the “best things in life.

Love the one you’re with: the moon, the stars, the sun and the sea

Have a beautiful weekend and remember the best things in life are friends!

Thanks for being here!



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9 months ago

Everything is so pretty… you are blessed. 😌

9 months ago

Nice poem, Cindy💕🙂 good to see photos of your house, nice work👍Wishing Hunter to get well soon😍

Suma Reddy
9 months ago

Pictures look royal like you my Queen. I am missing the connectivity to all of your other posts. So hope all is well n my Queen is doing fine. Thanx for visiting me. Take care, love you 🥰❣🙏

9 months ago

A really great poem Cindy! It is amazing how dogs and cats can become kindred spirits! You renovation looks fabulous! Enjoy!!

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
7 months ago

No problem. Posts comments do get skipped at times.

Train Today to Reap Tomorrow
9 months ago

I love the way you said about things being free…
Hope things turn out the way you want Cindy.

Poetry Goddess - Luna B
7 months ago

Wow nice poem and house!

Poetry Goddess - Luna B
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
7 months ago

Your welcome Cindy!

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