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I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Fun Fri-Yay than sharing my poem Memories of you that is published on Spillwords Press, today thanks to Dagmara K., Director of Development and team for this honor and continued support of my work.

Love falls softly in my lap
as silkworms land in my hair.
Pictures woven into nests of silk,
bosoms bare, serving love and feeding bellies.

Each strand, woven in a tapestry of perfection.
Seasons brought new adventures………

I would be so honored if you would go here and read the rest of my poem.

Thank you so much for taking time to read my poem. I arrived yesterday to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for our friends daughter’s wedding at the Grand Tetons and can’t wait to share our discoveries when we return.

Service is spotty and I won’t be checking in much but will see you on Monday.

Have a fabulous Fri-Yayy and weekend and and thanks once again Dagmar K., and team for once again for publishing my poem.




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