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“Heading for my morning walk”
“Off for my favorite meal”

As I mentioned this beautiful beast was outside our door when we left to drive to to head out to Yellowstone. There is a lot of talk about being “Bear Aware” but we learned that these guys are more dangerous that bears for the most part and will stomple you to death. Look at these sweet eyes. I cannot imagine that but I bet some of you have some stories you could impart. To be clear none of them are too interested in us but if they are in protective mode with offspring, watch out. I too become a mama bear if one of my children are crossed.

A fun fact… mind you these are Alaskan stats: Although moose aren’t more dangerous than bears in terms of behavior, they pose a greater threat of injuring you simply because of their population size. Moose outnumber bears nearly three to one in Alaska, wounding around five to 10 people in the state annually. That’s more than grizzly bear and black bear attacks combined [source: Smith]. A 2011 CBS news report said that more people are injured by moose than bears each year but rarely are people killed by moose attacks.

This was probably my highlight of the trip. The awe of animals in nature in their natural surroundings is immeasurable and heart rendering.

Onward forward but a quick stop at the museum which is always fun and informative:

The only bear we saw was inside there and I’d rather share animals in their natural habitat when I can, besides I took so many clicks, I can’t find it.

Here are some more pictures traveling to our hikes in the Tetons and Yellowstone. We were only on the south side since we had such a short time but if you have more time, 4-5 days would be awesome but I was grateful for the time we had.

Entering the park is like visiting Disneyland for children and some adults I know that love it. This was my version of one of the happiest places on earth, rich with scenic pleasure for the senses. You can feel those footprints that have seeped through the soil long before we arrived which is regenerating and fulfilling.

Beauty All Around

Look at this treasured friend I found….. another friend for Jeffrey, Dwight from Roth Poetry’s character from his new book Carlos and Jeffrey. (I didn’t name her, but feel free too). Make sure you read our friend Kym Gordon’s From Behind the Pen review of his book and tidbits about Dwight in an interview here.

A friend for Jeffrey 
Meet me at Yellowstone Park
Destiny found in nature 

Gorgeous find traversing the craters at Yellowstone National Park

In usual form there is so much more to say and too little time as I’m tapping here for the first time in my new tub and a client due in 10 minutes. Let me just say “It’s heaven” and the keyboard fits perfect on the ledge. I even got hot water for the first time. YAYYYYYY!

“A Slice of Heaven”

Time to cool your jets
Friends make the journey worthwhile 
Live, love, celebrate 

Thanks for being my friend and have a wonderful Wednesday!

I didn’t plan on part 3 because I thought I could fit it all in but I’ll see you for Fun-Fri-Yay more fun.

Until then, crush whatever you’re passionate about and remember to enjoy the everyday moments that give us resilience with persistence and determination!

Love and Hugs,



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1 year ago

I love it! Your moose shots are spectacular, Cindy! Yellowstone is such a wonderful place to visit. You photos are really great! And, thank you so much for your shout out on my book! That is a really cut wooly worm. Maybe we should call her Cindy!!

Iswar Prasad Kar
1 year ago


My Rollercoaster Journey
1 year ago

Wow ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I had no idea moose were more dangerous than bears ๐Ÿป
The nature pictures are amazing! Yellowstone National Park ๐Ÿž๏ธ is on my bucket list.
Congratulations on finishing the bathroom renovations and getting hot water (I’m sure you mentioned it in previous blogs but I’m 2 months behind so I unsaved August blogs and I’m reading September blogs.

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