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Hey guys! Part three of Nature’s Beast (Best Teacher) has been interrupted due to me burning my finger cooking Samosa and hot royal. When in doubt send it out or go to a restaurant… Anywho, my finger is burning so I’ll save those pics for another day. And to add insult to injury, my computer is glitching and I’ll have to take a trip to my love hate store Apple in hopes they can bail me out.

In the meantime I just want to share how excited I was that Daphny won Gabriela Maria Milton‘s book, Wounds I Healed: The Poetry Of Strong Women in my giveaway. Is she not the cutest! And don’t forget to buy her new book as well: Write Out Loud

On another note, I got my books that Jeff Flesch wrote today: Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow: Poems by Jeff Flesch. Check it out and put it in your cart today! It is a #1 bestseller on Amazon.

I’m going to switch off the comments for this post because I think my fingers need a little time to heal but that just means I’m saying take good care until we talk again. I guess the Universe has other plans for me because my computer just died. I think this is a sign that we’re in wedding countdown and it’s time to scale back on posting a bit.

Remember when fire 🔥 strikes, go with the flow and let the frustration go!

Love as Always



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