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Hey Everyone,

I’m back or trying to be while I juggle lots of balls. It’s like a 3 ring circus 🤡 around here and if you follow me, I don’t have to tell you! (the pic is what my computer kept looking like through the process of going dark). I’m late and off my posting times but I’m just happy to be here, so I’m chalking that up to a win.

Another glitchy day,
time to start over.
Try your best,
take what you get.

Go back to the drawing board.
Take your wins and cut your losses.
Keep digging out little by little,
a new day ahead.

Hitting rock bottom
is the lowest you can go.
Take each day as it comes.
Climb your way back to the top
it’s how we roll, like it or not.

Measure your success by
Staying on course
and taking needed time
To reset and rise to the occasion.

Soon you’ll be flying
with colors so bright,
the moon and the stars
your guiding light.

Glitches Be Gone!

Who’da thunk a tiny little finger burned in oil would have created such havoc. I never fry food but with temps into the 100’s I thought it better than baking for 35 minutes and heat the house up more since that would only take 3 minutes in theory. Well, unless you burn yourself, then all hell breaks loose. The gremlins and the ghosts and goblins are at work as we’re nearing Halloween and the day of the dead.

I heard and felt my finger sizzle in the 165 degree oil and had to sit with my hand in ice water until it subsided. Trouble is, every-time I tried to take it out, I couldn’t because I was in such pain. I continued to try to type and get this this out to you (it was supposed to be part 3 of my Jackson Hole trip.. the best laid plans) with one hand and kept falling asleep and spilled a little water on my lap and lap top but continued to type, as the show must go on so to speak. Trouble is, it kept happening and by the 3rd time of literally falling asleep the whole glass of water fell into my lap top frying my computer.

OH NO! 😱. The message? GO TO BED! YOU HAD 2 CHANCES AND YOU DIDN’T LISTEN so this is the result. How haven’t I gotten that by now!! Do you have wake up calls like this or do you heed the warning?

By the next morning, my finger was fine after sleeping with it in ice water all night but my computer was toast! Thank you so much to so many of you for checking in on me and your kind thoughts and prayers. It was truly appreciated!

Being the optimist and penny pincher I am, I tried everything from putting it in rice (that’s a lot of rice for a 16 inch lap top), using a hair dryer, calling Apple Care, turning it on and off which sometimes seemed to help but I had emojis jumping and font typing itself with glitches everywhere. Please dear God I thought, NOT NOW!

And then I thought, think again! I seem to need big and expensive lessons to catch my attention at this time in my life and needed to S..L..O..W.. DOWN! I am not one not to do what I say I’m going to do but something’s gotta give which gave me insight into my inner workings and prioritizing.

When I finally realized it wasn’t going to fix itself no matter how hard I tried and the expense of trying to fix it wasn’t worth it and I couldn’t get my emoji’s up (you know how I love my emojis 🥰), I bit the bullet and here I am tapping along on my brand new 14 inch lap top that is working like a charm. I seem to have synced everything ok so far, fingers crossed and I didn’t even have to call my son to help. That’s a huge win!

I was going to share the final pics and haikus from my trip to Jackson Hole, Yellowstone and the wedding but can’t get my pics uploaded and now am on the phone with Apple Support. I was shocked it was going so well so far up until then but I’m stopped attempting after the 3rd time since I’ve learned my lesson to stop when you’re ahead. And I do want to share the upcoming wedding with you which I can’t believe is next Sat with a welcome party here on Friday with 200 of my closest friends I don’t know. 🤣. I missed the fine print, I thought it was for close friends and family members and out of towners. Things have change and I’m out of sync with what they do now.

I will most likely post once next week and am desperately trying to dig out and visit you as I can.

Thanks for your patience. Have a wonderful Friday and weekending!

Blessings of Love and Smiles through whatever glitches you might be having and glean the important messages before they become too loud!

💗 😘 🙌🏽


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1 year ago

Semoga sukses

Freedom Wellness Centers, LLC
1 year ago

Universe strives for balance. When something bad happens, something good is right around the corner.

1 year ago

Oh thanks dear ❤️

1 year ago

Oh yeah thanks dear and I hope you have a beautiful day

Jacqui Murray
1 year ago

That’s one way to get a new computer. Maybe something calmer next time? Hmm??

Jacqui Murray
1 year ago

I hope that came out as friendly. I’m re-reading the comment and thinking someone who doesn’t know me could read snark. I’ve done similar and like you, loved my new computer, so I actually relate well to what you did!

That finger burn–those are awful.

My Rollercoaster Journey
1 year ago

Great poem! Sorry about your finger and your laptop. Congratulations on your new laptop.

1 year ago

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