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I am elated to finally have a minute to check my email after the wedding and find that my piece Memories of You was nominated for Publication of the month at Spillwords Press! I’m so thrilled I didn’t miss it as I’m pretty much exhausted and in a fog but flying high after such a few beautiful days! I can’t wait to share all the love and pictures with you soon.

I would be so appreciative if you voted for me. I’m honored to stand with so many great authors.

Dear writers,        

We want to congratulate you all, as your pieces have been nominated due to Popular Demand for Publication of The Month of September!

You can vote here: https://spillwords.com/vote/

Voting will cease on 9/29 and soon after we will reveal the winner.

Please note, you need to register and/or login to vote. I know this is a little tricky but if possible, I love it if you could give it a try (thanks in advance).


– Death and His Pawn by Diana Burns

– She’s Awake at Night by Simona Prilogan

– God Save the King by Roger Turner

– The Owl Watches Over Them by Wendy Markel

– Institutionalized by T.F. Burke

– Even After by Olivia Todd

– Reflecting Glass by Tessa Weitemeier

– Guided by the Light by Elizabeth Ricketson

– Busk & Ancho by J.D. Nelson

– Backstroke by Amanda Hurley

– The Ferryman by David L Painter

– Shadows and Lies by Mike Turner

– Memories of You by Cindy Georgakas

– When I First Met Him I Said ‘There’s No Way This Will Last’by Sally Armstrong

Good luck to all!

Thanks so much for considering me and your constant support!

Have a wonderful week ahead!



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My Rollercoaster Journey
1 year ago

I clicked to vote for you only to find out I was too late.

Ritish Sharma
1 year ago

Congratulations Cindy.
I came late, I know. Wishing you the win for all your endeavors. Hugs 💗

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