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This was a poem shared by our Spiritual Rap leader, the last time we gathered together and I thought it appropriate to share it with you as we move into Giving Thanks during the Thanksgiving holiday. While I know winter is fast approaching, let us savor the final moments where the colors show their beauty and crunch under our feet, while our blessings are magnified by the richness of sharing and caring.

I am particularly grateful to each of you who take your precious time to show up and support me in my journey and it is my honor to visit you and support you in yours. Most of us have never met in person but our connection is always rich with caring hearts and love. It truly has been a gift to me and I feel blessed beyond measure by the gift of your visits and comments, rich writing and care which is stitched into the inner fiber of my being. I learn from each and everyone of you daily and to me learning is part of growing, expanding and living life to its fullest, until we take our last breath, so I thank you from the deepest part of my heart.

We are reading Braiding Sweetgrass in our S.R. group which is so rich in beautiful poetic dialogue, that I feel like I am almost sitting with her having tea. The rich collection of stories and indigenous wisdom written and curated by Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer is a gift to the senses. What I particularly love about it is that I can flip to any page and find insight and wisdom without having to follow an order. Many of our friends have posted incredible reviews on their blogs.

My kids are flying in starting tomorrow night and with the contractors in full action, finishing electrical and insulation, it’s questionable I will be here much. We have 20 coming here for dinner so I will be fully immersed in cooking, moving furniture, work, etc to accommodate our ever expanding group. If I miss you, have a wonderful week giving thanks for your many blessings with those you love. I am grateful for you.

I know that holidays can bring out the best and worst in people. Do yourself a favor and don’t take anything personal. Not everyone has the ability to communicate from their higher selves which can sting at times, I know. Keep a grateful heart, knowing we can always turn to each other for solace and care. As we know, gratitude begets gratitude.

Remember to choose foods that you love, that nurture your body and soul, instead of stuffing yourself if feelings get hurt and ruffled. Get out and move, it does wonders in clearing your head and burning those calories. I wish you love and happiness as you celebrate your many gifts of the season. I particularly love this day because the only gifts are the gifts of presence.

Have a wonderful week ahead if I miss you. I’ll be back with a published post from MastecadoresUsa, The Gift of Loving Perfectly Imperfect on Monday November 28th.

Kris, our fearless leader at the head and just a few of us to share in the joy of the day. Note my friend at the other end with her beautiful butterfly shirt to match her table cloth. She actually didn’t realize it until I pointed it out.

Blessings of Love Always, All Days!



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My Rollercoaster Journey
9 months ago

This is a great poem! Thank you for sharing. It’s always lovely to read your blogs ❤️

My Rollercoaster Journey
9 months ago

Love the images! Glad you had a nice gathering 😊

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