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The days are bleeding one into the other for me right now, so for those of you, I missed cuz it’s Saturday now, have the best holiday, however you spent it celebrating Hanukah, Kwanza, Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate. A dumb little poem but all I could muster.

The elves were all ready to sleep in their beds,
Dreaming of down to cover their heads.
Instead walked in to Mr. and Mrs.Claus,
And everyone took off and fled.

This house is not quiet as a mouse,
Where are the stockings hung by the fire,
and packages tied up with string?
The elves have come miles and oh so tired.

Everyone stepping
on each others toes,
mud slinging, paint flying,
under the mistletoe.

They all were recruited to work overtime.
It won’t be all done in time for xmas,
but we get an A for trying,
Cracking the whip, we mean business.

Today we’ll be grouting,
all will be new,
they can’t use the loo,
but hey, no one has the flu.

The eggnog and laughter will carry us through,
we must keep the ho ho ho and be jolly.
Tomorrow everyone can take a tub or a shower,
I’m taking the first plane and going to Bali.

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All Rights Reserved

Construction Madness

I’m not really going to Bali but it does sound wonderful around now. Enjoy your holiday and peace out to all of you!

Big hugs, love and always laughter! I’ll be spotty here but catching up when I can.



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10 months ago

I’m late to reading this—so far behind! What a fun poem. I hope your holidays were peaceful and I wish we could all go to Bali!

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