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Here’s the voice memo I mentioned in my last post Goodbye 2022 Hello 2023. I thought it best to send it separately since I had so much going on in my last post Feel free to listen or read. I hope you enjoy it❣️ Have a beautiful day or evening❣️

The gift of Loving, Is the gift of giving.

Open your heart, reach beyond your preconceived ideas,

of what you think makes a difference,

And be the difference.

Be that person that reaches your hand out, to hold someones heart, that needs it.

Be that person that holds your heart at the same time,

and never abandon yourself for someone else.

Loving means listening with your whole being and your senses.

Rooting in to the earths crust and anchoring into the heavens, 

where the divine light connects you to those spheres.

That is who we are, that is who we all are, underneath the facade, the ego, and the pretense 

that we are more important than anyone else.  

We are all vital important beings, people, of the universe.

No one better than the other.  Take a moment to pause this new year to reflect on what it taught you.

What gifts arrived and what state you were in when you received them.  Take a look at the many ways in which you fooled yourself, thinking you were in

your higher self verses your ego self, to get somewhere. 

Look and feel what that did to you. Was it satisfying, was it enriching? What ladder are you climbing to get to the top wherever you think that top might be. 

Can you surrender to what the lessons have brought you?  The teachers in your path have taught you?  Namely, you being your biggest teacher.

So with gratitude be thankful for these many people that showed up who may have even been a PIA;  Pain In the Ass, at the time and thank them for

those gifts.  

Look at how you want to show up in the world this year.  And don’t forget, being full of grace in gratitude and love is what will take you to what your biggest

journey is.  . 



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4 months ago

So much can be learned from your words Cindy. I need to work on listening better.

4 months ago

Cindy, I love your beautiful message. And you have a lovely, soothing, reading voice. <3

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
4 months ago

Lol, so not surprised! 🙂 xx

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
4 months ago

Lol 🙂 x

M Jay Dixit
4 months ago

I loved your voice, heard it after a long time. A powerful and inspirational message. Lots of love, dear friend. <3

4 months ago

It’s so refreshing and beautiful 😍 to just listen to your voice. Your words are so soothing to the heart ❤. I hope you had a wonderful new year experience ✨
Sending lots of love to your and family.

4 months ago

What a gift to hear your voice! I love this so much. Thank you for these beautiful guiding words.

Miriam Costa
Miriam Costa
4 months ago

That’s nice. Happy new year.

3 months ago


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