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Happy Weekending Everyone!

By now, it’s Friday night for some of you and Saturday for others, but when I get 2 phone calls from my kids out of the blue, I stop everything and catch up since it might be another month until I hear from them. It truly is one of my highlights to chat with them. My son in particular was so sweet and said “mom, I have no idea how you take care of so much and told me how much he loves me. Tears stream my cheeks as I share this with you. The love of a child is one of the gifts that touches my heart deeper than anything I’ve ever known.

So on to the weather:

The storms of today
are bridges of tomorrows
nature’s gifts surprise!

Thanks for all of your comments and reaching out the last few days.The power outage in our surrounding areas seem to be being restored slowly.The damage goes with the territory sadly, but we need the rain.

Weather patterns are changing and we weren’t prepared because when you’ve been living in the “desert”, you aren’t prepared with so many years of drought. The rain won’t absorb what’s dry as a bone. Never would you expect it in our area. Earthquake’s, now that a different story, and we are long overdue; But spare us please, at least for now. It seems we should be turning a corner soon and there is calm due at the end of the storm, after next week. I’ve stopped turning on the news, so you probably have a better update than I do.

Yesterday, we had a clear day for the most part and I woke up to this gorgeous sky and a chance to get some errands done:

Sunday night I hobbled (see below) up the hill and “rescued” my 88 year old dad from the power outage and after 20 minutes of banging on the door at 5:30 p.m. “broke into his house” and figured out how to open this funky lock box, after another 20 minutes. I near gave him a heart attack when I found him sleeping in bed with a beanie cap and a coat.

He and his 92 year old girlfriend refuse to get off the hill, which makes my blood boil, since trees and power outages are most likely to happen and of course have been happening a lot right now. Plus, he’s near blind with macular degeneration, glaucoma, a bad heart, hips and back, which breaks my heart.

I made him eat some soup and tucked him back into bed with my walking stick… ha..🤣 and yelled at him “YOU HAVE GOT TO MOVE DOWN THE HILL” to which he replied “Yes, I have to get down the hill”. Elder abuse or loving kindness behind the words of a frustrated daughter, trying to beat the rain before the floods hit again and wash me over the hill? This is a subject for another time. Of course the next day, he wouldn’t dream of leaving. 🧐

We ordered a sump pump, to mitigate more water damage to the tiki bar which is small potatoes, compared to what so many are experiencing and it’s working at the moment. The great news is the new construction is without leaks and our drainage seems to be working well, with no leaks inside the house. A big YAY to that.

I’ve had a little set-back taking sweet Hunter for a walk who ended up in a fight with a lab down the street. One or both of them rammed into my knee on the same side of my healing hip. Ugh! Add insult to injury!

I was on the way to bring dinner for my mom and I texted her and said “mom I can’t come in, so come out and get it”. She wouldn’t hear of it and argued with me, until I finally succumbed with the promise of an ice bag, a glass of water, and a bit of soup so I could take my 3 Advil. I don’t take Advil normally, but when I have an injury this bad, I stay on it every 6 hours until the inflammation goes down.

I put my leg up and started icing (ALWAYS REMEMBER RICE after an injury; Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate), and she brings me the biggest glass of wine and soup. I just looked at her and said “Mom, Advil is hard on the liver, I need water. I can’t tell you how happy she was to visit and chat (it’s not like I don’t talk to her almost everyday with weekly visits). Again, like me, she loves her kids. We had a lovely visit.

Finally, I drank the water and said to myself “what the hey”, and drank the wine too. 🤪 I hobbled home and iced 20 on and 20 off all through the night and next day. I managed to see clients all week and iced, used a hand held LED light for healing, took Advil, used topicals, started some rehab exercises and don’t need the walking stick anymore.. a double YAY!


Goals and aspirations ripe
Don’t give up, begin again

So how is your year starting out? Did you set intentions or set any goals? Have you been derailed in any way? Life continues to give us opportunities to begin again and regroup and reassess. Look at what you have done to align yourself to your purpose this year, not at what you haven’t done.

My word of the year is Balance and I might be teetering on a thin rope but I don’t give up easily and I do heed the messages. We teach what we need to learn most. And wouldn’t you know that my book coming out is all about Living the Life You Envisioned.

I’ve decided to start the New Year on Chinese New Year starting January 24th-February 9th. I’ll start Feb 1rst since I like round numbers and besides I never believe in setting yourself up for failure when the holiday bleeds into January 1st.


When we choose too many things, we might start strong for a week and flounder terribly after that which sets up failure right away. I’ve found with myself and clients, by focusing on one thing at a time, lasting results are attainable.

With that said, I have made some strides. I usually don’t drink any alcohol in January … OOPS so much for that. So, you know the drill, begin again.

I have however taken my vitamins everyday, eaten 3 times a day to maintain my blood sugar levels, am sleeping more, eating more fiber and veggies, drinking more water and my workouts were awesome until this but hey. my arms still work. (See our friend Devang from Fat Guy Workout who is doing an awesome series that’s very basic and understandable on the importance of fiber and carbohydrates and more).

So, when your legs don’t work, focus on a different body part that does. I’m doing tricep dips at my computer and started on the stationary bike. Triple YAY. I’ve been meditating more and doing my Qui Gong ( I’m excited to lead a segment coming soon at our Spiritual Rap Star Retreat at the end of January).

And a big one for me is I got a mani pedi after my toe-nails were digging through my shoes and my nails were snagging things. Luckily none of my clients felt it! Why is it so hard to take care of ourselves on those fundamental levels? Do you find this as well?

Raindrops are falling on my toes.. Ignore the bunions and crazy twisted toes and focus on the red hot polish! ❤️

For me, I think it’s because as a mother / caregiver we get so used to taking care of everyone else’s needs, we drop ourselves out, which is the last thing we should be doing. It becomes ingrained but it’s essential to eradicate this as soon as you notice it. We know this cognitively but we have to make a point to check in with ourselves often and give ourselves what we need on a deep level to fill our own reservoir, so we can in fact be there for others. That should be parenting 101 but we are told it’s selfish to care for our souls when in fact, people get the very best of us, when we do.

So be the storm, stand in your power and remember you need to open your wells of acceptance to yourself and take care of you on the deepest level first.

So, on a fun note, we’re 10 days out from truly finishing phase 2 of the 3 part remodel and I’ll send you a video after it’s all done. In the meantime here is a recent video of the Jack and Jill bathroom. Just add shower glass, coming next week and we’re actually done.

I need your help. The question is what do you think I should do above the door, tile or put a sign?

See your choices below

I asked our brilliant artist, photographer friend Phil Perkins from Phil Perkins Photography if he could format some images for me of some words I might like to use.

Now, it’s your turn to vote:

Here’s the first one:

And the second:

So, what do you think?

I’m always up for a good laugh as you know. My family quickly vetoed the first one and after all it is community bathing for the “kids” and with grandkids no doubt in the future, NOT a good idea.

I loved Dream Believe Achieve but I don’t know about you, but I just want to chill when I’m bathing.

Another would be, wash your worries away but I think Phil’s 2nd image and these words are exactly what I would want affirm when I’m bathing or showering. Unless you have any better ideas?

Thanks so much Phil for putting the Yay in my Day and getting this image set up for me to buy.

Have a great weekend and remember to take time to dream, be kind to yourself and have some laughs along the way. Thanks to all of you for always putting the Yay in my day and being here.



The photo on the featured image is An atmospheric storm, known as a Pineapple Express, is 500 miles off the coast of California. It is expected to hit the Pacific Northwest on Wednesday

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deborah w. farris
9 months ago

I just love the stories about your mom and dad. They are so similar to the memories I have of mine. My mom always offered a glass of wine when I was exhausted after work but managed to swing by before heading home. I often declined, being so spent and all. But I can now see her sparkling brown eyes, hear her voice, and if I had the chance today I would say, ‘Yay!’ relax and soak in the love. Thanks for the memory.
So sorry about the injury. Just today a lab came chasing up to me in the park with my dog Fannie following. I literally turned and tucked!
Since you do Chinese New Year I’m only a month and a day behind. But I’m here! Sending love,

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