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Good Morning and Happy Fun Fri-Yay to you All❣️

The picture is of all of our Spiritual Rap sisters making their morning altars when we were together. Aren’t they gorgeous. I highly encourage you all to take time in your garden collecting items from nature and making one yourself. It’s so much fun to see everyone’s unique creativity here.

Everyday moments sweep by our face if we are still enough to listen.

One comes in and one goes out with the promise of a new day, a new beginning for all.

Stay open to the whispers of the calling through birds, music, friends, family.

Let go and let love into you
r heart where transformation occurs.


It was such an honor to lead the Qui Gong section on Monday with 37 woman attending The Star Retreat honoring The Child and Family Institute in Menlo Park. The Child & Family Institue creates and conducts family programs that nurture the growth of strong, loving communication families. They celebrate their wholeness and uniqueness and are designed for children and families to come together for growth, play and love.

I had the privilege to attend classes 35 years ago and I learned so much in how to parent in a loving, constructive way with boundaries and joy. I am forever grateful to Kris and Josetta for their love, insight and founding the institute.

As you might remember, I have been healing from a knee injury after Hunter and the neighbor dog rammed into my knee 19 days ago. I didn’t tell you the extent of it but I have been using a walking stick and suffering immensely and it seemed my RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate ) with ibuprofen wasn’t touching the surface, nor was the P.T. I was doing. I got an ortho appointment as soon as possible which wasn’t for 3 weeks. Ugh! I did a lot of Reiki (hands on healing) and qigong to prepare for leading the day which is very gentle.

I was growing frustrated as a big portion of my business is movement. I kept turning it over to a higher power, doing what I physically needed to do, along with keeping the image of walking effortlessly and pain free in my head.

I woke up that morning to teach my Zoom portion of the retreat and I was PAIN FREE. 16 days later, I experienced no pain, I kid you not. I know it sounds like some kind of advertisement or get rich quick scheme right?! Seriously, right before I taught I could move like my old self and am continuing to feel great and adding on to my walking distance slowly each day. Yay!!!

It could have just been time but when you work with energy, you open the blockages and restore healing. The quick explanation of how it works is this The simplest definition is that a meridian is an energetic highway in the human body. Meridians allow for the flow of energy, known as Qi (pronounced “chee”), to circulate throughout the body.

Meridian blockage can be caused externally by excessive cold, wind, dampness, dryness, fire (heat) or injury. It also can be caused by emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, stress or depression, as well as an organ deficiency or malfunction.

It’s not quite time for our first Move It Monday but since it’s just a few days away, I thought I’d share the video that I was going to share on Monday, here today. Besides, I have a published poem coming out Sunday on MasticadoresUsa Sunday that I’m excited to share with you on Monday instead. I do love how the universe opens when we listen to our messages.

Needless to say, I am elated and grateful to be feeling back to my old self again. “Shit happens” as they say, but when we slow down and stay mindful to what our bodies and spirit needs, healing is always available. I tend to run fast as you know, so in slowing down, I am able to harness my inner wisdom and my body does not need to create roadblocks for rest. I actually got a massage yesterday instead of giving one. Whoo hoo! It was just what the doctor ordered. We need to take care of ourselves as we are taking care of others which is easier said than done at times.

In going back to the beginning of my quote: We have beginning’s and endings, all of which touch the depths of our souls and hearts. Today, one of my daughter’s is celebrating her birthday (Happy Birthday Bhlat❣️) and my Aunt is transitioning to the heavens as my cousin shared with me last night. She was one of the angels in my life and will live in my heart forever.

Keep sharing and shining your light and if there is someone you want to talk with, pick up the phone, write a card, and share what’s in your heart, while you can. A funny side note: My dad told us at dinner the other night that he got an email from a friend about a month ago that went out to all of their friends, letting them know one of his best friends had died. He decided to call the number 3 days ago and low and behold, he answered the phone, alive and well 🙀🤣. Imagine that hearing, “oh I heard you were dead”. 😜 This is another good reason to stay in touch, if someone pops in to your heart, CALL them, don’t wait.

We sang this together at the end of our retreat. Turn up the volume, sing and move your arms with the images as you let your light shine❣️


Stars of reflection each one of us,

casting our light,

shimmering on the ocean waves. 

We are the stars in the cosmos of life radiating our stardust and beauty, ebbing and flowing wherever we go!

Shine, be bright, be you!

From Stardust we came to stardust we go! 

Our heart lights glow with joy as we share our love abundantly!

Reminding you also that voting is still open at Spillwords Press where I have been nominated for Publication of the Year. Thanks to all of you for this honor and those of you who have already voted. I am deeply touch. Here is the vote here. I know it’s hard to access at times. Feel free to email them at admin@spillwords.com if that is easier.

My poem Memories of you, is in the second column , and is the 3rd down. If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it here.

Have a fun Fri-yay and weekending and find laughter which is one of the best medicines of all!

Blessings of Love and Appreciation,



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8 months ago

Yeah.you are right.we should always prepare to welcome the new one or all.this is the secret of life.great post,dear Cindy❤️🥰❤️

8 months ago

What a lovely post, as usual. Love the altars and I’m so glad you are feeling like yourself again. Keep spreading your warmth and love!

Pooja G
8 months ago

Qui gong sounds so much fun!

Pooja G
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
8 months ago

Yassss 😊

Stuart Danker
8 months ago

Whoa, you give massages too? Sounds healing. And great that you’re feeling better now. Looks evident in the video you posted. I’ve been experimenting with eating less sugar and carbs, and I have to say that the nagging pains I had seems to be fading. Or that could be placebo, lol.

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