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I am delighted to share my poem January Shivers with you that was published on MasitcatoresUsa yesterday, thanks to Barbara Leonard and her team for their faith in me and constant support. This was a light hearted poem of memories meant to be savored and bring us joy in tough and trying times. I hope you enjoy it!

January shivers,

cry rivers of reflection.

A bun dance: 

Gratitude of past highlights, 

rejection and future projection.

The freeze stops us in our tracks with clarity to stand still.

I would be honored if you would for here and read the rest of my poem.

Thank you so much for reading and to Barbara and team once again. Please remember to show them some love with a like. We are most grateful they publish all of us and reminding you to submit your wonderful work. They await your submissions.

As a reminder, I am nominated for Publication of the Year on Spillwords Press, New York and tomorrow is the last day to vote. Thank you so much for those of you who have already voted for me. I am humbled and honored. Every vote matters and I would be most appreciative if you would go here to vote for me and my poem Memories of You. I’m in the second row, 3rd down (Publication of the Year (Poetic).

So sorry to those that couldn’t use the link above to vote, unfortunately it wasn’t working earlier but it’s working now so please try again and vote for the poem. Thank you so much!

A note from Spillwords: If anyone is having problems logging in or with new registration have them contact us via email at admin@spillwords.com or via our contact form on the site.

Blessings of Appreciation and Abundance in all you do!



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My Rollercoaster Journey
27 days ago

Great poem, Cindy!

Stuart Danker
24 days ago

Congrats on the nomination, Cindy! How did it turn out?

“Icicles invite warm fires, hot cider…”

This was a nice image indeed. I don’t have much experience with cold weather, but I can imagine that hot cider would go very well with the January shivers 😀

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