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I am thrilled to have two pieces showcased in this anthology, Hidden In Childhood and to be amongst so many of my friends’ beautiful works as well as all the other powerful voices in this book. It is a tremendous undertaking by Gabriela Maria Milton.

A Dog With a Bone is one of the pieces that I submitted that wasn’t accepted but a vivid memory for me that I wanted to share with you today.

A dog with a bone,

A Dog With A Bone
In the heat of the chilled night.|
On foot, in flight,|
nobody’s home. 

I walk in the fog,
tether me to the moon.
It lives with the stars, 
It’s the Milky Way.

I eat them at night tucked under my covers.
The caramel drips down my chin, the chocolate sweetens the bitterness.  
I pray as my mom sings “Sheppard show me how to go”.
We’re lost, hanging on every word.

Where is this God I’ve heard about when your prayers come up empty?
My mother’s tears, tucked behind fears, bathes me in lies. 
She does her best to comfort me in the chill of the night.

My father roams the streets,
in the heat of the night,
with the other dogs, 
trying to get lucky.

We shiver,  
pretending we’re alright. 
40 years later,
we drink coffee, eat toffee and throw him a bone. 

Copyright © 2022 Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved

It was awesome to know that within hours it was a #1 release!! Here’s what Gabriela emailed us –

We are thrilled to let you know that Hidden in Childhood: A Poetry Anthology published by Literary Revelations, is now a #1 Amazon bestseller. This book was made possible by the gorgeous poems you, poets from around the world, sent us. Thank you for trusting Literary Revelations with your poetry. Congratulations! You are now #1 Amazon bestselling poets.

To me, this book is a labor of love not only by Gabriela Maria Milton, but also by the authors, that shared their stories so bravely. Some haunting, which took so much courage to share, and others light hearted and fun. As you read the poems, you will cry, and laugh at times and most likely relate, and remember stories from your own childhood that can be a cathartic and healing experience. It is a gift to humanity in all walks of life and a beautiful gift to share with friends and colleagues which is exactly why I bought 4 of them.

Amazon Description

From authors featured on NPR, BBC, and the New York Times, and from emerging poets, comes a monumental anthology in which every poem sends shivers down your spine. Childhood’s joy and trauma expressed – with stunning talent and sincerity – by over 150 poets in more than 280 poems. Childhood spaces magnified by the human memory, populated by good and bad, by trips to hell and heaven, in an almost Hieronymus Bosch type of atmosphere. Over 150 voices call you to read this book. Read it. You will learn that childhood never goes away. You will be reminded of the beauty of the seraphim and the need to protect children from any form of abuse. 150 voices knock on your door. Open the door. A chorus of childhoods will tell you that our children need love.

I’m loving all of the poetry I’ve r
ad from so many of you already which stirs so much. Mostly, I am left with the feeling of love and connection and am so grateful to be included. A big Congratulations Gabriela, we are in awe of your work and support! ❣️

Blessings of Love,



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Smitha V
10 months ago

Cindy, this sounds like a soul-stirring book. Thank you once again for sharing a review that allows the reader to know what to expect. Congratulations to you and all the writers in this anthology.

Lebogang Shazzygal Malatji
9 months ago

Hidden In Pathology❤❤

My Rollercoaster Journey
9 months ago

Love the poem you shared, and congrats on being included in the anthology

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