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Snow dances as it kisses my face in childlike wonder.
Diamond dust shimmers across the horizon.
Angel Arms build snowballs of love,
waking me to the moment, before it slips away.

Crystal prisms capture radiance,
opening me, to crisp new ideas,
melting the encapsulated frozen state of numbness,
to fresh states of being.

Mini snowball army build a weaponry of love,
dropping the armor of destruction,
showering us in playful snow fights, in peaceful protection.

Snowflakes, no two alike, each glisten insight;
a reflection of our own DNA.
Catch it if you can as you flow, to the ever changing sea of life.
Angel Arms build snowballs of love.

Copyright © 2022 Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved

Happy Fun Fri-Yay My Friends,

It’s a fun day in Cali with snow!

The top picture is of our dear friend’s son (also a dear friend), who is building “mini snowball army” as he says. I love how radiant and happy he is, having fun in the snow. They live down the street from my dad and are angels to us, checking in on my dad and his girlfriend, during the power outage and otherwise. They have been without power up the hill for a few days now AGAIN! I just talked to him and he’s now stuck on the hill trying to drive his son to school and they just closed the roads.

It’s fun for a few days, unlike for some of you who deal with this all winter long.

Here’s a picture of my dads house below.

Have a wonderful fun Fri-Yay and weekending. I’ve plenty of fun to report to you soon, so y’all come back now next week ya hear. Thanks so much for all of your patience in my return visits. I’m digging out slowly.

Lots of Love and Blessings in whatever you are facing. Stay warm, hopeful and go with the flow!



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Pooja G
26 days ago

Love the poem! He looks so happy in the snow!

25 days ago

Most lovely poem with amazing photo,dear Cindy❤🙏🌹💞

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
25 days ago

Most welcome,dear Cindy!!❣️🥰❣️

23 days ago

Truely a fun friday!!
Loved the peom
and this definitely looks fun!

22 days ago

Beautiful poem, Cindy! I’m ready for spring here…a bit tired of WI ice and snow already! 💞💞💞

My Rollercoaster Journey
22 days ago

Lovely poem. Thank you for sharing this. Children’s happiness is unadulterated and their smiles are genuine.

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