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Leap forward
Leap backward
Just leap

Leap sideways 
Leap diagonally
Just leap 

Leap up
Leap down
Just leap 


Stages of garden growth 

            Not much different than you and me.

Leap frog
lizard leaps
Bunnies leap
Ballerinas leap
Babies Leap
Fish Leap
Leaps of faith

Growing leaps and bounds!

How did March come so soon?!

Leap today
Leap tomorrow 
Forever Leap 
Leap Year …..

                        Next Year……..

                                            Last year of sweet 16……..

My birthday comes every 4 years so this year I’m sleeping and leaping right through!

I’m a Pisces, that’s what we do after we take off the rose colored glasses.

Happy Un-Birthday to Me!

Too much to do, to much to hear, too much coming down the pipe all at one time,

So i’ll just shut down for a much needed sleep until next year. 


So far the year has started out with a bang.  Life is all or nothing and when it rains it pours. 

I have been laying low, recovering from a little bug which gave me time to regroup. I’ve been showered with love and blessings which I’m so grateful for. 
I’m back and taking it slow. 

Going out with my Dad and then stop and see my Father In Law in his new facility.  He’s really weak and he’s not thrilled with it but it takes time to adjust. Tomorrow my mom is having us for dinner with 2 of our girls so I’ll be duly celebrated.  

I can feel the love and hear all of your sweet wishes in my head as I type these words, so thank you so much! I truly appreciate you! It’s like having friends who understand I can just not answer the phone and not everyone gets that. 🙏🏼💗

Happy Fun-Fri-Yay to you and have a wonderful week as we leap into March!

My gift to us is one less blog to respond to-:) with comments off. I know you love me and that’s the best gift of all and I love all of you!

Blessings of Love Always,



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Image by Gerhard from Pixabay


Every year gives us new opportunities to move with where we are and hold sacred the memories of yesterday. I love the energy of Van Halen and his band members in this song and my days when I danced on Broadway, did the spilts and moved fluidly in my body, no holds bar. If you are dreaming of something you want to do, do it now. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and enjoyed to the max but do remember you have to live in those bodies later too, so there’s that!

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